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March 23, 2022

Resorts Near Pune

Looking for the best resorts near Pune? Well, we get it, homies. You’ve probably figured you can’t get far given the impossible routine of your coaching classes. Or you may have just received another big ‘NO’ when you asked for a paid leave period from your horrible, horrible boss. Either way, a long vacation is out of the question. And a weekend escape is the only way to curb your overloading stress, right? So the best resorts in Pune will act as the perfect wingman for you to catch a much-needed break.

But much as daydreaming about weekend getaways is tempting, it almost never turns into reality. The pending assignments and work targets make you feel like you never have time to spare. But it’s not the end of the world, bro. In fact, planning out a weekend trip can increase overall productivity. And we’re so desperate for you to help you chill out… ahem… we mean to boost your productivity, that we already did some research and compiled a list of the best resorts near Pune for you. Coz we, at Stanza Living residences, happen to know a thing, or two, about the importance of taking a chill pill. Just take our co-living spaces for proof. We have a fun entertainment zone with extra-large bean bags for you to lay down and play your favorite video games on our gaming consoles. Or binge that exciting new series on the streaming apps that are available on our wide-screen TVs. Or maybe just choose from our collection of board games and relax your neurons by playing with your roomies. But we’re just not all play and no work. At our residences, we provide you with regular meals, professional housekeeping, and on-call laundry services too. So you can use your spare time to catch a break. Maybe a break which means booking a room in these top resorts on a Saturday night. Now, all we need you to do is bookmark this page, and note down these names. Aaaaaaand watch your boss grow envious from the glowing new look you got without even going on a long, long trip.

Best Resorts Near Pune

The top 8 resorts near Pune in 2022 are:

Looking for a place with fun indoor games and 24×7 on-call amenities? Just check out our residences in Pune.

The Corinthians Undri

The best thing about booking a room in The Corinthians resort is that you won’t have to get out of the city. But even though it’s located within Pune, the resort area is pretty much cut off from any unnecessary noise. Besides peace and quiet, they have other luxuries on offer as well. So the amount of money you’ll save on booking a rental car and petrol refills can directly be used for booking a professional spa at The Corinthians resort in Pune.

Location: Corinthians Club Internal Rd, Nyati County, Undri, Pune, Maharashtra 411060

Tariff: ₹5,500/- per night onwards

Sentosa Resort Ravet

The Sentosa Resort is a resort, a wellness retreat, and a waterpark, all wrapped into one. Basically, this is not one of those water park experiences where you have to travel all the way home feeling like you’re covered in you-know-what, from top to bottom. At the Sentos resort, you could just walk your way to your king-size suit, and take a long bath with expensive bath oils in an even more expensive bathtub. Sounds fancy, innit?

Location: Mumbai Pune expressway

Tariff: ₹3,500/- per night

Ambrosia Resort Bavdhan

Located amidst the lush greenery of Bavdhan, Ambrosia Resort holds its own when it comes to booking full rooms on a daily basis. And why not? The bungalows on offer provide quite the experience. And the food they serve at their restaurant is worth every last penny of your monthly savings. So corporate slaves, think no more. Book a ride to the Ambrosia resort asap.

Location: Ambrosia Resorts, Pune, Maharashtra, India 411021

Tariff: ₹3,000/- per night onwards

Rutugandh Resort Panshet Road

The Rutugandh Resort has got the dopest of the dope locations on this list. It happens to be located beside Khadakwasla Lake. And the view is best enjoyed from the luxurious bungalows of this resort. Something that’ll remind you of those million-dollar mansions used as background images for half-baked motivational quotes on Instagram.

Location: Gorhe Khurd, Off Donje Phata Taluka Haveli Dist Pune On Donje, Panshet Rd, Phata, Pune, Maharashtra 411025

Tariff: ₹1250/- per night onwards

Camp Temgarh Resort Watunde

Camp Temgarh is another one of the best resorts near Pune for weekend getaways. You can either book one of their homely cottages or set up a camp in their beautiful open area. Also, they’ll light up a bonfire on your request too. So you know they really haven’t used the word ‘camp’ carelessly. Basically, Temgarh resort includes all the best parts about camping minus the annoying parts like lying at the mercy of nature to take a ***.

Location: Lavasa road, mulshi, taluka, Watunde, Maharashtra 411032

Tariff: ₹3,000/- per night

Malhar Machi Mulshi

Malhar Machi is a lakeside resort in Mulshi. And like all other lakeside resorts, all of their cottages are entirely made of wood along with some super cool bespoke bamboo furniture. Though what sets them apart from other resorts is their wide range of activities including tractor riding. And nope, you won’t find Sunny Deol driving those tractors. Only enthusiastic locals who’ll walk you through the scenic areas around the resort.

Location: Post Valne, Taluka, Mulshi, Maharashtra 412108

Tariff: ₹6,500/- per night

Fort Jadhavgadh Jadhavwadi

Fort Jadhavgadh is a heritage resort that aims towards providing a royal Maratha-style experience for weekend tourists. The entire architecture is inspired by the 300-year-old wadas from the Maratha dynasties. So needless to say, Fort Jadhavgadh is the perfect resort near Pune for couples. After all, it’s the closest you can come to playing Ranveer and Deepika in Bajirao Mastani.

Location: Hadapsar – Saswad – Jejuri Road, Jadhavwadi, Maharashtra 412301

Tariff: ₹4,500/- per night onwards

Casa Dios

If you’re looking for an upscale resort near Pune, then look no further than the Casa Dios resort. They feature luxurious villas with a gorgeous swimming pool for all guests. Sure, their name might sound like one of those shady bungalows housing a warlord guy called Pedro or Pablo, but when it comes to their five-star service, they’re pretty much as clean as they come. Both literally and figuratively.

Location: Plot No. 18, Hill Stone Park, Kunegaum, Khandala, Maharashtra 410401

Tariff: ₹31,000/- per night

FAQs on Resorts Near Pune

Which are the Best Resorts Near Pune?

For weekend getaways near Pune, don’t think twice before booking a weekend in these top resorts:

  • The Corinthians
  • Fort Jadhavgadh
  • Sentosa Resort

Which are the Best Resorts Near Pune for Family Trips?

Well, we’ve got the perfect resorts for family trips listed right below:

  • The Sentosa Resort
  • Camp Temgarh Resort
  • Ambrosia Resort

What is the Average Tariff- per Night in the Top Resorts Near Pune?

The booking cost in the top resorts near Pune can range anywhere between ₹1000 to ₹10,000 per night depending on the range of facilities available and the kind of suits they offer. But if it were to come down to an average, the tariff per night would be somewhere around ₹4,000 per night.

Are there any Heritage Resorts Near Pune?

Yup, take a look at these top heritage properties near Pune:

  • Fort Jadhavgadh
  • Dhepe Wada Resort
  • Dune Barr House

Which are the Best Places to Visit in Pune?

We get it. Even when you get a long weekend away from the office, you’d rather spend most of the time resting on your bed and maybe go out to a touristy place without having to travel out of the city. So here are the best place to visit in Pune for you:

  • Aga Khan Palace
  • Shaniwar Wada Palace
  • Osho Garden
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