Rent Furniture in Bangalore

Rent Furniture in Bangalore

Nobody cuts down your hassles like the best startups for rental furniture in Bangalore. Because you not only get top-of-the-line furniture at affordable rents, but they also deliver them to your doorstep, assemble the pieces, and provide insurance too. Sure, you can call your friend to help you out with the unpacking and arranging of your room. But ummm, well, the last-minute ditches are a major bummer and happen too often, don’t they? Yep. So in order to deck up your new apartment, these new-age startups (and their delivery personnel) are the best options you’ve got to rent furniture online in Bangalore.

And hey, don’t think we’d leave you with just that piece of information. Given your hectic schedules and fast-paced life, we thought we’d spare you the trouble and compiled a well-researched list of the best places in Bangalore to rent furniture online. Oh, and this is just one of the things we do for young folks like you at our Stanza Living Residences. We provide you with daily professional housekeeping, take care of your laundry, and cook yum, homely meals for you every day. Plus, we also have an in-house gym facility, a seamless internet connection, and plenty more. And on top of that, all our house-renting formalities can be done via our app. So you don’t have to worry about talking to annoying landlords on a daily basis. Now we also understand that some of y’all are already living in your own apartments. For y’all, we’ve got our list of the best places to rent furniture in Bangalore below. Just bookmark the page and write down the names. Simple instructions, no? Simpler than unpacking and arranging your room for sure.

Best Places to Rent Furniture in Bangalore

Top 5 places to rent furniture in Bangalore in 2022 are:

Looking for places with daily housekeeping and yum, homely meals? Check out our residences in Bangalore.


Rentomojo is perhaps the best place to rent furniture in Bangalore. They have a hassle-free rental process with everything being laid out in a transparent way. Also, they’ve got a collection of IKEA furniture too. So Bangaloreans, no more feeling jealous of Hyderabad because they’ve got an IKEA store and you don’t.


Furlenco has quickly become the most trusted name when it comes to filling up your home with top-notch furniture. And that includes some plush recliners with footrests too. So you might be living in a cramped up apartment with low amenities to cut down your monthly expenses. Though, when you watch your favorite sitcom (like Friends) every night sitting in that plush recliner, your apartment might just feel as cozy and comfy as the one you watch on your TV screen (like Monica’s).


Shifting to a new city might often mean not having any budget left for furniture after a hefty security deposit. But not when you’ve got CityFurnish. They offer amazing combos where you can set up your room without spending too many monies. Basically speaking, you won’t have to sleep on the mattress on the floor while you save up to buy a bed.


For those who are into home decor, you might have already spent hours scrolling through PepperFry’s collection. But here’s the good news, some of their pieces are also available for rent. So when your mum decides to visit your very bachelor-ish pad for the first time, you can make her super duper happy by renting a Bayley-wing dressing table from PepperFry. In fact, that’s the only way you’re gonna be able to avoid her criticism regarding mismanaging your house. Yup, we’ve all been there.


If you type ‘furniture near me on the Google search bar, then Rentzy’s name would pop up for sure. And for good reason. They rent out furniture along with electronic appliances like refrigerators and even washing machines. And that’s perfect when you work for a 6-day working office and always end up procrastinating on your washing duties till Sunday. So thanks to Rentzy, you can now free up your weekends just to watch that guilty flick your bestie has been blabbering about.

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FAQs on Furniture Rentals in Bangalore

Which are the Best Furniture Rentals in Bangalore?

Look! We’ve got the best furniture rentals in Bangalore all listed for you:

  • Rentomojo
  • Furlenco
  • CityFurnish
  • PepperFry
  • Rentzy

Will I get Electronic Appliances Like Fridges and Air-conditioners for Rent in Bangalore?

Yes, you can rent refrigerators and air-conditioners in Bangalore for sure. Our personal recommendation would be to subscribe to Furlenco and Rentzy.

Do I get Insurance Cover on the Items That I Rent from Furniture Rentals in Bangalore?

Most of the furniture rentals in Bangalore do provide insurance cover on the items during your rental tenure. However, it’s always good to read through the terms and conditions before you place your order.

Do Furniture Rentals in Bangalore Provide Combo Packages for 1 bhk Apartments?

Yup, almost all of the furniture rentals that we’ve mentioned in our list offer combo deals for your rental house. Whether it be a 1 bhk, 2 bhk or a full-fledged penthouse. Not kidding.

Which are the Best Packers and Movers in Bangalore?

There are plenty of options, but these are some of the best packers and movers in Bangalore:

  • Alfa Packers and Movers
  • Shivam International Packers and Movers
  • Ganesh Packers and Movers

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