May 09, 2022

List of Best Movie Theatres in Chennai

Listen, we need to talk about the movie theatres in Chennai. Because they’ve started to reopen. So we’re desperate just like you are. We’re dead tired of binge-watching Netflix. Or repeating Friends again and again and again. Like no disrespect to Joey and the gang, but we just miss the feeling of going out to the movies. Plus, you need an escape from your daily routine. And for you, going out to the movies in Chennai is the best way to do that.

Nope, we do not mind readers. We just know what it’s like to be in your shoes. Young people like you need breaks. Because you do lead a hectic life despite what your parents might tell you. It’s why you’ll love staying at our Stanza Living residences in Chennai. Coz even when you’re indoors, there’s plenty of ways to chill. We have an entertainment zone with high-speed wifi, gaming consoles, and loads of board games. And what’s more? We even invite your favourite standup comics and artists to perform for you. But even after all this, we encourage you to go out too. Because making a routine out of anything is never fun. So take a look at our list of top 10 movie theatres in Chennai. and you can plan your weekends ahead!

Best Movie Theatres in Chennai

10 best movie theatres in Chennai are:

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Sathyam Cinemas, Peters Colony

Sathyam Cinemas is one of the oldest theatres in Chennai. Probably why a lot of premieres still take place here. You might catch a glimpse of your favourite Tamil superstars promoting their films. And maybe even the Thalaivar – the man, the myth, and the legend Rajnikanth. If you’re lucky enough, that is. We’ve heard he’s hard to see for the naked eye since he moves at the speed of light.

Luxe Cinemas, Velachary

Luxe Cinemas happens to be a pioneer of movie screenings in Chennai. First, it introduced the IMAX screen. Second, it brought an HFT 3D projector and Dolby Atmos Speakers. Don’t know what those are? Well, neither do we. But we’ve heard they make Spiderman seem like he’d grab your popcorn at any second.

Escape Multiplex, Royapettah

Escape Multiplex is a trend-setter. Why? Because it was the first to introduce the concept of ‘Blind movie dates’. Yup, this is where you buy a ticket without knowing what movie is gonna be screened. Sounds all sexy and cool until you have to sit and watch ‘Himmatwala’ for 2 hours. Nope, we’re just kidding. They always screen brilliant cinema. Always.

INOX Chennai, Mylapore

Located in the art and cultural hub of Chennai, it features regional and Hollywood films equally. Moreover, the area around is bustling with loads of bars and cafes. So it’s one movie theatre you can dress up like it’s the #MetGala (without anyone batting an eye). Just not the Kim Kardashian look. Please. No.

PVR Cinemas, Nelson Manickam Road

PVR Cinemas in Chennai is a regular choice for movie-goers. And why not? Cinema halls are not just about the movie. It’s also about the decor, the comfy seats and most importantly – the popcorn. There’s the classic salted popcorn, the buttered popcorn, the salted caramel popcorn and of course the cheese popcorn, which complements a cheesy K-Jo flick very well.

Mayajaal Cinemas, ECR

Mayajaal Cinemas is the largest multiplex in India with a total of 16 screens. And not to mention the huge food court, the huge gaming arcade, and the huge bowling alley. That’s like more than 4000 people at once. Seriously, not even Marina Beach is that ‘housefull’, you know.

Udhayam Cinemas, Indira Colony

Udhayam Cinemas hall was set up in the early 80’s and has been the hotbed for Tamil releases ever since. Everytime there’s a new release, thousands of fans gather with tall cardboard cutouts of their idols. And there’s a lot of dancing involved too. Like imagine the scenes in your family if you cracked the IAS exams. Yup, that kinda vibe.

Palazzo, Vadapalani

Palazzo is located inside the Forum Vijaya Mall. And given it’s one of the top malls in Chennai, this is a must-visit place for sure. So we suggest you plan your #shoppingday when there’s a good movie upcoming. That’s the kind of self care routine we love, don’t we?

Abirami Multiplex, Municipal Colony

If you’re thinking of taking your partner to the movies in Chennai, this is where you go. And exactly why? Coz they’ve got couple-friendly seats called ‘love-bug seats’. Yup, we’re not lying. Now you don’t have to beg strangers to scoot over. In case your seats are not next to each other. See? Modern problems require modern solutions.

Prarthana Beach Drive-in Theatre ECR

If you google ‘drive in theatre Chennai’, Prarthana Beach is the only answer that turns up. It’s an open theatre in Chennai where you can park your car and watch a movie – right there and then. And in case you don’t have a car, you can still watch from their gallery. Or just invite your Uber driver to hangout with you and your buddies. Whichever works for you.

FAQs on Movie Theatres in Chennai

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