Best Shopping Markets in Pune 2022

Best Shopping Markets in Pune 2022

Searching for markets in Pune is super important. Whether you need a quick dress for a last-minute house party. Or a ton of fairy lights to decorate your entire PG. And knowing what to buy and where can make all the difference. Between going full broke and living on the edge (of your monthly budget). 

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Which are the Best Shopping Markets in Pune?

Here is the list of top shopping markets in Pune:

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    Hong Kong Lane

    Hong Kong Lane is a great Pune shopping market. You’ll find a hell lot of footwear, sunglasses and wallets here. Also, you’ll get the best watches here at slashed prices. So it’s always a good ‘time’ to shop here. Geddit?

    Mahatma Phule Mandai

    This market has over 530 stalls for various items such as fruits, vegetables, and condiments. Moreover, it houses a lot of pet shops as well. So yeah, for you it just maybe another ‘Pune bazaar. But for your doggo, it’s like they’re going to the movies.

    Fashion Street

    This is a great Pune cloth market. Like the rates are so cheap, you can buy clothes for your entire gang. Or hoard all of it yourself. Just don’t buy it and sell online at higher prices (wannabe thrift stores, we’re looking at you!)

    Tulsi Baug

    Going to Tulis Baug is like diving into a sea of garments like jeans, shirts and other accessories. It’s like Charlie and the Chocolate factory. But for clothes instead of chocolates.

    Bajirao Road

    This market is fantastic for home decor. You can head there for bookshelves, ceramic pieces and windchimes. If obsessively redecorating your house is your drug, Bajirao Road is the best dealer in town. On that note, say ‘no’ to drugs, kids. Unless you get high-hoarding home decorates.

    Juna Bazaar

    This flea market is also known as ‘chor bazaar Pune’. Probably because of the gorgeous antique pieces of furniture and home decor available there. Also, you get vintage typewriters here. Now that’s a good gift for your friend who’s been trying to write a novel but procrastinating. Because that typewriter will probably be left untouched, life your friend’s first draft.

    Fergusson College Road

    This is one of the most happening markets in Pune. The highlight item of this market is phone cases. You’ll find so many quirky phone covers that you can use a different one every day. Because though we might not have the dough to buy a new phone whenever we get bored of our existing one, at least the new cover will give us the right feels.

    Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar

    Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar is a great market for fruits and traditional sweets. So when you visit the market, the smell and freshness will get you high. Or as we like to call it – ‘watermelon sugar high’. Coz ‘fruits’ and ‘sweets’ (No? Ok. Sorry. Bye).

    Clover Centre

    Clover Centre is a great place to shop for jewelry and other small accessories. Earrings, necklaces and pendants – you name it and they will have it. Also, they have a lot of tailor shops to get you customized fittings. So yeah, everything in this market is totally ‘tailor-made’ for you.


    There’s no better paradise in Pune for book lovers like the ABC. You’ll find all kinds of books from poetry to non-fiction. And if you’re struggling with your college syllabus, you’ll find excellent guide books that’ll get you started on the ABC’s of your course for sure.

    Laxmi Road

    The market in Laxmi road is crazy for footwear. Like, you can find the most trending sneaker designs at dirt cheap prices here. If that isn’t literally ‘sneaky’, we don’t know what is!

    MG Road

    M.G Road is perhaps the most famous ‘Pune shopping market’. Moreover, you can head there to get cakes from Kayani Bakery or stock up on a truckload of chips from the famous Budhani Wafers. Basically, if you’re a stress eater, then this market would be a lifesaver for you!

    Koregaon Park

    Koregaon Park has high-end brands on one lane. And street shops selling their ripoffs on the next. Plus, it’s got a number of happening nightclubs. So whether you’re buying originals or first copies, nobody is gonna notice in the dark. And even if they do, who cares!

    Jungli Maharaj Road

    JM Road is a classy experience in the sea of street shoppers. You’ll find chic brands and some of the best fine dine options in town here. So yeah, your wallet’s gonna be light afterward. But your heart will be full and so will your stomach. And sometimes, that’s the most important thing in life.

    Seasons Mall

    If you’re a shopaholic, this is the place for you. Famous for western wear, this street houses over 70 stalls. So yeah, you’ll get your best red carpet look right here. Even if the only red carpet you’ll get to walk in is on our living room floor. Lol.

    FAQs on Best Shopping Markets in Pune

    Which are the Best Shopping Markets in Pune?

    There are plenty of awesome markets in Pune. But these are our top 3:

    • Hong Kong Lane
    • Fashion Street
    • Koregaon Park

    Which is the Best Area to Live in Pune?

    The best areas for living in Pune are:

    • Koregaon Park
    • Kothrud
    • Wadgaon Sheri

    Which Sweet is Famous in Pune?

    The most famous sweet in Pune is probably Jalebi.

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