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June 11, 2021

10 Easy Snack Recipes to Make in Your Hostel Room

Who doesn’t like easy recipes for bachelors or students to make while staying at a PG? Or you know, those quick recipes for breakfast on the go? What we’re saying is, that you shouldn’t have to spend the day eating a packet of Nachos (or four cups of coffee) even when you’re having a packed day. Or a day when you’re just feeling a bit too lazy.

Now, if you live in a PG or hostel where you don’t need to worry about your meals, then that’s different. For example, if you’re living in one of our Stanza Living residences, you don’t have to worry about recipes for easy food for bachelor when your hunger pangs hit you the hardest. Instead, you can just pick up our cafe menu and order whatever you’re feeling like. Sandwich, aloo paratha, Maggi – we got you covered. But for the ones who are not, we still wanted to go ahead and suggest some easy snacks – including nongas cooking recipes – to make in 5 minutes. Because Stanzen or not, your hunger is our enemy too. And we want to help you fight it.

Best Easiest Snack Recipes To Try In Your PG Or Hostel Room

Top 10 easiest snack recipes to make in your PG or hostel room:

You won’t even need these easy snack recipes if you live in a Stanza Living residence. Because our cafe menu is there to save the day!


Omelet is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about easy recipes for bachelors. Now, everyone makes omelets their way, but here’s one of the easiest – heat your pan, crack two eggs into a bowl, and beat them with salt and pepper. And once the pan is hot, add butter or oil and add the beaten eggs. Then pull out your phone. Laugh at a few memes for a couple of minutes. Flip the omelet. Look at some more memes. And then go back to your pan – voila! Omelet is done.

Nutella Toast

Another quick recipe for an easy evening snack is Nutella Toast. And it’ll take you 2-3 mins tops. Just toast some bread and spread some Nutella on it. It tastes as heavenly as how simple it is to make it. Tip: If you’re in for the no-sugar life, just replace it with unsweetened peanut butter and add some sliced banana. But trust us, it’s just not possible that a dish that has Nutella in its name will not make you happy.


Although it definitely takes more than 2-mins to cook, Maggi is still one of the fast recipes you can whip up at any minute, any day. The good thing is, if you’re bored of the normal masala Maggi, you can always spice it up a bit. Literally. Just add some Green Chillies if you’re one of those people who can eat spicy food without tears coming out of their eyes. And if you’re not, just lessen the amount of the masala and add some butter and garlic for a more continental style. Gym bros can also replace it with atta noodles and add loads of veggies to trick themselves into believing it’s healthy.

Mug Cake

Did someone says they’re looking for easy sweet recipes? Well, we heard you. And we have two words for you – mug cake. You’ll need a microwave for this one and they can be made in less than 2 mins. Just get a pre-mix from the supermarket, pour it into a microwave-safe mug, add water, and put it to bake. These are small, yummy, and perfect for emergencies or midnight cravings. And way better than baking a huge cake. Of course, if you’re diet-conscious, you can make your own mix by using whole wheat as the base. But it’ll taste so good, you’ll probably have a second helping. So if you have to ruin your diet plans, the mug cake is the best way to do it.


Popcorn is the no. 1 easy snack recipe. And it suits every occasion too. Like when you just want something to munch on while studying. Or when you’re having a movie night with your roommates. Just pour the ingredients of an instant pack into a pressure cooker, and wait for the kernels to pop. And you’re done. You can even add some butter, chocolate, or cheese, according to your mood. And there you have it, PVR popcorn, right in your PG. The kind that’s actually easier to make than ordering it during intervals. When one friend is in the queue, and the other’s standing near the entrance to signal if the movie’s already started.


One of the easiest and most quick snack recipes on this list would be pancakes. Especially since you get ready-to-make Pancake Mixes. All you need to do is add water, make a smooth batter and mix till there are no lumps. And then pour them onto a greased and heated pan. Just remember not to over-mix since it’ll make your pancakes heavy and flat. And we don’t want that. We want fluffy. Oh, and if you mess up the batter by adding more water, just make some fancy French crepes.

French Toast

Another fast recipe for early mornings is French Toast. Just mix milk, spices, and eggs. And dip your bread in the mixture. Then cook them in a frying pan until golden brown. You can either put some powdered sugar or honey if you like your toast sweet. If not, then ketchup is your bestie. Oh, and did you know, French Toast has nothing to do with France? It’s the Americans who gave the dish its name. Just like French fries.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Nothing says an easy evening snack like a grilled cheese sandwich. It is super simple to make, fills you up for a good time, and is so light on the pocket. And you need just two ingredients, bread, and cheese. Just put a slice of cheese inside two pieces of bread, butter up your pan or toaster a little, and put the sandwich on it. In 2 mins, you’ll see the gooey melted cheese oozing out of the sides. Or if you’re looking for non-gas cooking ideas, just remove the ‘grilled part’. And add diced cheese along with some veggies. Pour some spice if you’d like, and you’ll be so happy to see it, you’ll be smiling without anyone prompting you to “Say Cheese”.

Peanut Butter Banana Honey Roll-Ups

We’re sure there are leftover Rotis that go to waste the next day, simply because you don’t know what to eat them with. Let us tell you what you can do – use an easy sweet recipe to transform it. Just heat up the roti a little, spread some peanut butter, add some bananas (or whatever fruit you prefer), and drizzle some honey on top. You’re free to skip the last step if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Eat it like a roll or cut it into smaller portions. And the next time someone says you need Dal or Sabzi to eat roti, just show them how you’ve upped your game of roll-ups.

Paneer Panini

TBH, this simple paneer recipe is just our fancy way of saying you can make a yummy sandwich using paneer. Yes, it’s an excellent source of protein and you can easily replace eggs or even meat with these soft, white cubes. And since paneer doesn’t have a distinct taste of its own, it can be easily molded into whatever variety of food you’re making – Indian, Chinese, salad – you name it. And if you like puns, we’re sure you’ll love any dish of pun-eer even more. Ok, sorry for that.

FAQs on Easiest Snack Recipes

What is the Easiest Food to Make?

Sandwiches have really easy recipes for bachelors to make. Whether it’s a classic BLT or a PBJ, there’s nothing that can go wrong with your favorite ingredients inside two pieces of bread. Unless you put peanut butter and ketchup together. Please don’t do that.

What can I Cook for Dinner in a Hostel?

You can eat some classic Indian khichdi with lots of veggies. Or if you’re feeling lazy, some oats with chopped-up veggies. Or simply with milk.

How to Eat Healthy in a Hostel?

Simple. Replace white bread with the whole wheat kind, fruits instead of chocolates, and green tea in place of soft drinks.

Which are the Healthy Indian Recipes for Hostel Students?

Sabudana Khichdi, sprouts, idli – all of these are easy-to-cook snacks ad healthy at the same time.

Which are Some Tasty Maggi Recipes that I Can Cook While Staying in a PG?

For the tastiest and easiest Maggi recipes, look no further than these:

  • Maggi Bhel
  • Chill Cheese Maggi
  • Deep-fried Maggi
  • Maggi Sandwich
  • Chicken Maggi
  • Maggi Salad
  • Chinese Maggi
  • Egg Maggi
  • Vegetable Maggi
  • Maggi Soupy Noodle
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