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April 25, 2022

5 Things to Look for in a Rental Listing

Whether you’re looking for rental flats in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, or any other city, the things you must hunt for in a rental listing are pretty much the same. Also, it’s better to put your own mind while house-hunting. Rather than depending on a broker who’d pressure you into renting a make-do apartment. But don’t worry, all you need to be a little careful and consider just these 5 things to make sure you’re not duped.

But why should you believe us, if not your broker? Because we, at Stanza Living, are all about providing a second home to young folks like you who are moving into a new city. In fact, we’ve created the largest managed accommodation ecosystem in the country. We’ve got 80,000+ residents living in our co-living spaces and our decked up Stanza Living managed apartments. And each of our apartments is all about freeing up your time. It’s why we provide professional housekeeping and plenty of other amenities like a seamless wifi connection. Plus, our flats are fully furnished with fully loaded kitchens. So they’re always ready to move in. Also, they’re conveniently located near top colleges and corporate hotspots so you won’t even have to spend long hours commuting. Basically speaking, we’re well aware of the most important things one should look for in a rental property. And we’ve mentioned them all in our list below for you. So while moving out of your comfort zone (your hometown), you can prepare for a smooth landing in another (in your first solo apartment).

Things You Need to Look for in a Rental Listing

5 things you need to look for in a rental listing in 2022 are:

Looking for a flat that ticks all the boxes? Just check out our Stanza Living managed apartments.


It matters, especially when it comes to rental listings created by folks who like to project an apartment better than what it actually is. For example, if it says that the property is well-connected to a metro station (like in Delhi), then make sure to verify that. Otherwise, you’ll end up changing two tempos and taking another 10-minute walk to the station. So don’t forget to read the listing as carefully as your dad read your 6th standard report card.

Rental Policy

Even if you’ve found yourself a perfect apartment, then make sure you read the policies and ask a million questions to the landlord. Because your security deposit may never come back to you if your landlord considers just putting a nail in the wall as ‘property damage’. So when you see ‘T&C apply’ written in a microscopic size on those dodgy ad pamphlets, then make it a point to ask what those T’s and C’s are.

High-quality Photos

When some random guy said ‘a picture is worth a thousand words, they must have learned that lesson after getting duped by a dicey rental listing. In simpler words, always make sure to look for high-quality pictures of the entire space before you make a decision. Or better still, a video tour. Because sometimes, the description may promise a balcony, but can a balcony be called a balcony if it’s at less than a one-hand distance from the door?


Let’s be honest, an apartment is as good as the amenities it offers. Sure, your new bathroom might look super posh, but it’s no good if the water supply comes in a few uneven installments. Also, when it comes to amenities, the more the merrier. Exactly like our Stanza Living managed apartments which come with daily housekeeping and a high-speed internet connection too. Just sayin’.

Cost Breakdown

After moving into a new apartment, nothing puts you off more than discovering a gazillion hidden costs. Because you might have moved into a less expensive area to cut down on your monthly rent. Though, what if your landlord asks an extra few thousand bucks for ‘maintenance’? Or conveniently decides not to tell you that your electricity meter is actually a commercial meter? To avoid these cases, make sure you ask or look for a cost breakdown. Like how your mum does after you come back home after fetching groceries.

FAQs on Things to Look for in a Rental Listing

Which are the Things I Should Look for in a Rental Listing?

There might be a lot of things, but these are the 5 things you absolutely – we mean ABSOLUTELY – have to look out for in a rental listing:

  • Location
  • Rental Policy
  • High-Quality Photos
  • Amenities
  • Cost Breakdown

What is the Average Rent of 1bhk Apartments in India?

Although the rent may vary depending on a variety of factors (primarily on the city where it’s located), we’ve listed down the average rent in tier-1 cities for y’all:

Size of Apartment

Rent Per Month

1 bedroom apt. in City Centre


1 bedroom apt. Outside of Centre


3 bedrooms apt. in City Centre


3 bedrooms apt. Outside of Centre


Which are the Best Rentals Near Me?

First things first, we have no idea where you live. But to give you genuine info, our Stanza Living managed apartments are probably the best options you’ve got in the 24+ cities that we operate in currently. Coz again, where else do you get fully-furnished apartments at prime locations with a jaw-dropping list of amenities?

Which are the Best Areas to Get Budget-friendly Rental Rooms in Pune?

Living in budget friendly areas which are also located near your office always helps in cutting down your monthly expenses. So here are those areas in Pune listed below:

  • Hinjewadi
  • Wakad
  • Viman Nagar

Which are the Best Areas to Get Accommodation Rentals in Hyderabad?

For the best areas to live in Pune, look no further than

  • Kukatpally
  • Begumpet
  • Kondapur

What is the Average Rent of Chennai Rental Apartments?

The average rent of apartments in Chennai is listed down below:

Rentals in Chennai

Price Range


Rs. 7,700 /- to Rs. 13,400/-


Rs. 9000 /- to Rs. 23,000/-


Rs. 19,000/- to Rs. 34,000/-

PG (Paying Guest)

Rs. 8,900/- to Rs. 13,000/-

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