October 26, 2020

Trekking Destination near Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the best cities to stay in for people who love outdoor activities. Especially this pleasant weather keeps you motivated, to get out and do so much in and around Bangalore. There are various hills nearby for trekking and it has become one of the most loved outdoor activities for people living in Bangalore. There are various places nearby for your inner trekking enthusiast looking for a relaxing weekend away from the hectic work.

Best Places for Trekking near Bangalore

The top 5 places for trekking near Bangalore are:

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Nandi Hills

Though it has a few spots where you’ll have to hop from one boulder to another, Nandi One is a fairly easy trek. If you still need a break, there are lots of patches with thick vegetation that are great to just lie down on. When you eventually reach the peak at 4,841ft – breaks or no breaks – you’ll be rewarded with a mesmerising view of thin roads slicing through farms below.

Halu Chilume Ganga Temple

It’s fondly called the ‘Thorn Trek’ by some, because of the thorny bushes that dot this lesser-known trail. Besides those thorns, the five kilometres of this trek have many rocky stretches to navigate and large boulders to climb over.

We know, this doesn’t sound like a trek that will make life easy for you. But this is supposed to be a trek that will leave me a little short of breath. And when you do reach the top, the view of Gundamagere Lake will take away what’s left of it.

Bilikal Betta

If you’re willing to go just 60 kilometers out of Bangalore on Kanakapura Road and to make the 1500m climb, you’ll be wowed by the white rocks at the top of the Bilikal Betta. That’s where the hill gets its name. “Bili” is Kannada for white, while “Kallu” is stone.

But though ‘White Stone’ is what it’s known as, that’s not all it’s known for. The trek has a mix of smooth winding trails and some adventurous stretches. You might even come across some wildlife.

Yettina Bhuja

In Kannada, ‘Yettu’ means an ox. And ‘Bhuja’ means ‘hump’. That’s what the top of Yettina Bhuja looks like – an ox’s hump. The hill touches 1300 meters, which in trekking terms, is not much. But the last stretch has a very steep gradient, which can be a bit challenging. 

The rest of the trek, however, is fairly easy. And the entire distance can be covered in 3-4 hours. There is a lot of thick vegetation that can cover large parts of the trail. So while tiredness is not a risk, going off track is.


The last one-day trek on our list is not actually a one “day” trek. It’s one of the few spots outside Bangalore that’s recommended for a “night trek”. You can reach Makalidurga by train (the railway junction is just 3 km from the starting point). The night-time treks are often organized by hiking groups and begin at one in the morning.

But if adventure is in your blood, you can go by yourself as well. The trail is gradually ascending, so you don’t always need an expert to guide you. We even recommend completing the trek leisurely. So that when you reach the summit, you are greeted by the rising sun. And the accompanying shades of golden and pink shades in the sky.

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