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What Are IT Companies In Q City Looking For In Their Hires?

What Are IT Companies In Q City Looking For In Their Hires?

Sep 29, 2020

Here’s some good news – you don’t need to be the next Bill Gates to get a job in an IT company. In fact, you don’t even need to be an ace at coding.

What IT companies look for in a new recruit are skills and qualities that you don’t necessarily gain inside a computer lab. That’s why they hire engineers from all sorts of backgrounds – mechanical, chemical, civil, you name it – and train them on the job.

And companies in an IT Park like Q-City, Hyderabad, are no different.

Here’s what you’ll be judged on if you ever give an interview to one of these companies.

1. Aptitude For Problem-Solving

As an IT professional, you’ll come up against tech-related problems for which you’ll need to think of a solution. While interviewers won’t ask you to solve some complex coding problem, they will want to test how efficiently you come up with a solution when faced with a roadblock. The questions they’ll pose to you might not have anything to do with information technology but will have everything to do with problem-solving.

2. Attitude

So we’ve established that problem-solving is a critical skill that recruiters are looking for. But they also know that you won’t be able to solve 100% of the problems that you face. And what you do when you’re up against such challenges shows your attitude. Do you let the fear of future failures weigh you down? Or do you learn from the situation and hit the next obstacle with more determination?

3. Application Of Knowledge

Mugging up questions and answers will get you the score you need in a college exam. But out there in the real world, it won’t get you too far. It’s not as essential to know formulas and equations as it is to understand how to apply them. Truth is, there is no “answer-guide” or “cheat sheet” for real life. Every problem is unique, and only new, innovative solutions will work.

4. Communication Skills

So communication skills in an IT firm do not mean using the most difficult words from the Oxford dictionary (unabridged). In fact, the fewer the words, the better. You just need to communicate your thoughts and ideas efficiently and simply. In other words, don’t read out the whole novel, when they are only looking for a summary.

5. Honesty

When an interviewer asks you a question that stumps you, an honest “Sorry, I don’t know the answer, I’ll remember to find out.” is better than saying a random answer with confidence. You see, the people across the table got to that position because they can tell when someone is taking them from a ride. So it doesn’t matter if an interviewee receives all the other questions right, dishonesty in answer even one puts a big question mark on them. 

6. Confidence

The flip side to saying the wrong answer with confidence is getting nervous even when you don’t know the answer. Being self-assured is a sign that you will not shy away from responsibilities at work. So while companies will hand-hold you during the initial training process, they expect you to take charge eventually and carve out your own growth path in the company. Even helping recruits that join after you, in the process. 

Overall, IT companies, like those in Q-city, are looking for someone who has a bit of everything on this list. 

If you’re about to apply to any of those companies, brush up those skills you think you lack and have confidence in those that are your strength. And you’ll seriously up your chances to have one of those big IT names on your resume soon.