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DU Cut-off Madness – How to Survive It?

DU Cut-off Madness – How to Survive It?

Sep 29, 2020

If the stress on a DU aspirant is X.

P is their percentage in the board exams.

The cut-off for the college of their choice is C from last year.

And T is the time remaining before the cut-off is announced.


X = {(P – C) / T } X 10,000

Doesn’t make sense? Well, neither do the rising DU cut-offs. Last year, the first cut-off was 98.75% for B.A. (Honours) Economics at SRCC. In Hindu College, it went as high as 98.5%. 

Once every year, stress levels of about every just-out-of-school Delhi University aspirant hit the roof. And with the cut-off marks breaking records every year, can you really blame them?

A few days ago, the folks at Delhi University told us about the upcoming date of this year’s the first cut-off list. And with that, the panic button in the minds of many students has been switched on. A side note – that in the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the panic mode was kinda already on.

And the thing is, it’s going to last a while. But we’re here to tell you how to best navigate this phase.

The First Cut-off List – 12th October 2020

For a lucky few, the first cut-off will be low enough for them to get admission in their favored course and college. To get admission, they have to visit the Teacher-in-charge at the college premises and get the following documents verified.

  • 10th and 12th Board Marksheet
  • Class 12th provisional or original certificate
  • Two passport size self-attested photographs
  • Transfer and Migration certificate
  • Category certificate (if applicable)
  • Class 10th board examination certificate 

For many, however, the first cut-off list will bring disappointment. And if you’re one of them, don’t give up all hope just yet. Opt for the best option available to you on or before 16th October (the last date for payment of fees) and keep your fingers crossed. Because after the first, comes…

The second cut-off list – 19th October 2020

Almost all colleges, even the most coveted ones, release a second cut-off list. The scores needed for admission drop by a few percentages and a lot of students who think their world has ended suddenly see a new ray of sunshine. The same admission process applies, and you can pay your fees by 23rd October. 

Okay, now we’re going to go slightly off track. Of course, everyone wants to get into the top colleges. But if you miss out on the institute you have your eyes on, you have to remember – it’s not the end of the world. In fact, your world is just beginning. It’s just not starting from the point you had imagined and hoped for. So what? There’s not only one road to reach Rome. Is it? Wherever you begin your college journey from, you can reach your final destination form there too, wherever that may be. 

But if getting into the right college (trust us, there are many “right” colleges) is of paramount importance to you, there’s still hope. In the form of…

The third cut-off list – 26th October 2020 (fees payment by 30th October)

The fourth cut-off-list – 2nd November 2020 (fees payment by 6th November)

and the fifth cut-off list – 9th November 2020 (fees payment by 13th November)

Just keep an eye on the announcements from DU. Who knows where any opportunity for you might open up? And of course, we shall be there as well, to keep you updated.