April 30, 2021

Engineering Colleges in Chennai

Engineering Colleges in Chennai are many, many, many. Both private and public colleges claim to have the best facilities and good placement. But how do you judge when there are so many factors to consider, and with so many mixed reviews on the internet? So we’re here to help you out with NIRF’s list of the best engineering colleges in Chennai. Their scores are transparent and trustworthy, and you can check it yourself – faculty to student ratio, infra and placement opportunities.

Whether you’re looking to pursue an MTech or work in some of the best startup companies in Chennai, choosing the right college for your BTech first, can give you a lot of advantages over lots of other engineers. And trust us, when you’re in Chennai, that’s a LOTs of other engineers.

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Top Engineering Colleges in Chennai

The best engineering colleges in Chennai, according to NIRF are:

List of Top Engineering College in Chennai According to NIRF


Institute Name

NIRF Ranking


Indian Institute of Technology Madras



Anna University



S. R. M. Institute of Science and Technology



Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology



Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R & D Institute of Science and Technology



Rajalakshmi Engineering College


Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Apart from being no. 1 in NIRF’s list of engineering colleges in Chennai, IIT Madras is also a topper when it comes to eco-friendliness. Students aren’t allowed any motorized vehicles on campus so they use bicycles. Ironic but also encouraging to see that the campus with the fastest supercomputing facility in India promotes slow and sustainable living. IIT Madras is not just the bookish guy, it’s an all-rounder who deserves to be on the top.

Anna University

This BTech college in Chennai is the perfect balance between technology and nature. Whether we’re talking about the recycled water used in fountains and gardens. Or the monkeys that frequently visit the college. In fact, they are like the permanent seniors on campus, snatching chips and juice from any student they see. Unlike you, they don’t even fear the strictest of professors.

S R M Institute of Science and Technology

SRM is another well-known name among the top 10 engineering colleges in Chennai. If you slog during your four years here, maintain decent attendance, and (of course) good grades, you can be one of those students who earn the highest placement packages (and have their faces on posters and the college website). But even if you don’t, you can still get a not-so-high-paying BPO job. SRM has a 100% placement rate, so you start earning right after college. That means your parents will be happier than the parents of probably 99% of college kids in the country.

Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology

While we’re still on the topic of placement, Sathyabama University has a less than 100% but still pretty amazing placement rate. 91% to be precise. The lowest salary package offered is 5 LPA and the highest can go up to 41 LPA, which sounds like a fake WhatsApp story, but it’s true. And to be honest, even their lowest package sounds way better than working for hours at an unpaid internship fetching coffee for your seniors.

Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr Sagunthala R & D Institute of Science and Technology

While the Veltech campus is small and the library is said to be under-equipped, it still ranks high on the list of top engineering colleges in Chennai. It’s not surprising since their faculty is really helpful and focuses on teaching more practically than what’s in the book. Final-year students also receive pretty decent packages from any of the 140 recruiters that come to the college every year. All in all, studying here is a complete “package” of fun, learning and some usual complaints of college kids.

Rajalakshmi Engineering College

Something that sets REC apart from the other top engineering colleges in Chennai is their employability training camp. For around ten days before placements begin, all eligible students have to stay in the hostel. They are given training in fitness, aptitude, English and group discussion. At the end of the camp, tests and mock interviews are taken so students can go to the actual interviews with 100% confidence. It’s a lot like your best friend prepping you up for a date. But your best friend is your college, and your date is your dream to get a job in top IT companies in Chennai.

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FAQs on Engineering Colleges in Chennai

Which are the 5 Best Engineering Colleges in Chennai According to NIRF?

Every year, NIRF judges the colleges of the country on some factors. And the colleges fight for the top positions. The top 5 winners of engineering colleges in Chennai (of 2020) are – IIT Madras, Anna University, S. R. M. Institute of Science and Technology, Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology, and Vel Tech.

Which is the Best Government College of Engineering Chennai?

Definitely IIT Madras. It is not just the best college of engineering in Chennai but in the entire country.

What is the Procedure to Get Admission to an Engineering College in Chennai?

If you’re planning to pursue BTech, you should be in the 12th grade or pass the 12th board exam with Physics, Maths, and Chemistry/Biology/Biotechnology. Only then you can sit for JEE Main and once you qualify, come to the college of your dreams.

What is the Average Fee of Engineering Colleges in Chennai?

It is honestly difficult to calculate an average because b-tech colleges in Chennai have a huge window when it comes to their fees. Depending on whether it’s a govt or private college, the fee can be anywhere from Rs 82000 – 9 Lakhs.

What are the specializations offered by Engineering Colleges in Chennai?

If you have a specialisation in mind, there’s a 90% chance that your engineering college in Chennai is offering that course. Be it Computer Science, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Civil or Electronics, and Communication Engineering. Even rare ones like Marine engineering.

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