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April 30, 2021

Engineering Colleges in Ahmedabad

Top engineering colleges in Ahmedabad may not be the talk of the town yet, but they are catching up to the other premier institutes of the city. Students from the city, and even other parts of Gujarat, are showing more and more interest in the top engineering colleges in Ahmedabad as the years pass.

These colleges of engineering in Ahmedabad might be relatively new, provide you with the best faculty and latest technology so you can move forward with your projects, research, or bag the best jobs at some of the top IT companies in Ahmedabad. And they have a place for everyone – whether you’re a coder, future app-developer, or simply a The Big Bang Theory lover.

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Top Engineering Colleges in Ahmedabad

Here are the top engineering colleges in Ahmedabad:

List of Top Engineering College in Ahmedabad According to NIRF


Institute Name

NIRF Ranking


Nirma University



Gujarat Technological University



Institute Of Infrastructure Technology Research And Management (IITRAM)



SAL Institute Of Technology & Engineering Research



Vishwakarma Government Engineering College Chandkheda

Nirma University

This university with a familiar name is known for many reasons. The first private university of Gujarat. The biggest auditorium among all colleges in Ahmedabad. Nirma Champions League – a 25-day event of different sports tournaments. Also, it’s among the top 10 engineering colleges in Ahmedabad. See, Nirma is more than just a washing powder.

Gujarat Technological University

Gujarat Technological University is popular primarily because of its successful robotics club. But it is also known a fair bit for its architecture. It looks like a heritage site and is mentioned as one of the top touristy places to visit in Ahmedabad on a lot of websites. And even better than visiting, will be studying in one of the best engineering colleges in Ahmedabad. Especially if your Pinterest mood board has the 1800s vibe to it.

Institute Of Infrastructure Technology Research And Management IITRAM

IITRAM stands out from other b-tech colleges in Ahmedabad in the sense that it supports its students 100% financially in their research projects. Thanks to this, many students hold patents and research papers, even from the undergraduate level. They also have a start-up incubation centre for all the young Zuckerbergs who dream of starting their own empires from their hostel rooms.

SAL Institute Of Technology & Engineering Research

A common name in every list of engineering colleges in Ahmedabad, SAL claims that they have a 100% placement rate in their mechanical and CSE departments. The highest package received by a few students in a year is around 21 Lakhs (*jaw-drops*). To be honest, it’s not unbelievable, with companies like Amazon and TCS coming to the campus every year. Whoever said, “go for engineering, and your life will be set”, probably meant studying in a college like SAL.

Vishwakarma Government Engineering College Chandkheda

VGEC conducts a unique survey to get a list of students who plan to pursue further studies, especially abroad. If you have a friend (or your neighbour’s son) appearing for GRE/CAT/IELTS, they won’t be considered to sit for placements by the college. This is done so that people who really want or need to do a job after college aren’t deprived of the opportunity. If you are planning to work right after you complete your BTech, there’s a 96% chance that you’ll be recruited by one of the companies that do mass recruitment. And maybe even get a better CTC than your neighbourhood Sharmaji ka beta.

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FAQs on Engineering Colleges in Ahmedabad

Which are the 5 Best Engineering Colleges in Ahmedabad According to NIRF?

NIRF has graded only one of these colleges – Nirma University – on their list, but we have mentioned the other participating colleges as well, which are some of the top choices for BTech courses in Ahmedabad.

Which is the Best Government College of Engineering Ahmedabad?

Vishwakarma Government Engineering College is most likely the best govt college of engineering in Ahmedabad. But this answer might differ if you’re looking for a particular specialisation.

What is the Procedure to Get Admission to an Engineering College in Ahmedabad?

You must clear the GUJCET (Gujarat Common Entrance Test) conducted by the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Education to get admission to b-tech colleges in Ahmedabad.

What is the Average Fee of Engineering Colleges in Ahmedabad?

The average fee of engineering colleges in Ahmedabad is similar to other engineering colleges in India. Around Rs. 2.50 lakhs.

What are the Specialisations offered by Engineering Colleges in Ahmedabad?

Like most engineering colleges in the country, the ones in Ahmedabad also have various departments in BTech. The most popular ones being Computer Science and IT. All thanks to their high placement rates.

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