April 18, 2021

Engineering Colleges In Bangalore

Top engineering colleges in Bangalore are a one-way ticket for many students to have a successful career in the future. Because after 4 years of exams, practicals, projects, and more, most of them are picked up by some of the hot tech startups in Bangalore. And is that even a surprise? They know how to work the most modern tools, have a sense of team spirit, and are quite well-accustomed to the city itself. This is true not just for locals, but even for the students who come from different parts of the country to study in the engineering colleges in Bangalore. We guess spending four years in some of the top ranking engineering colleges in Bangalore, is also a lesson in becoming a true-blue Bangalorean.

Top Engineering Colleges in Bangalore

The 7 Best Engineering Colleges in Bangalore are given below:

List of Top Ranking Engineering Colleges in Bangalore According to NIRF


Institute Name

NIRF Ranking


Ramaiah Institute of Technology



International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore



R. V. College of Engineering



B.M.S. College of Engineering



PES University



Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering



Alliance University


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Ramaiah Institute of Technology

Despite being an engineering institute, Ramaiah is the only college in Bangalore to have a separate department for cultural activities. They have taken this initiative to support the arts and social sciences. In fact, they focus on the amalgamation of science and social causes so much that they use drones to publicise the blood donation camp in the college corridors. Man, they really put the science in social science.

International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore

IIIT, Bangalore is a private college of engineering in Bangalore with a really good placement rate. And that’s despite the fact that Infosys, one of the biggest employers of freshers in this country, does not come to their placement week. Why, Infosys, why? 

R V College of Engineering

When talking about placements, RVCE boasts of a close to 100% rate, especially in its ISE and CS departments. If that reason wasn’t enough to enroll in this b-tech college in Bangalore, their college fest is also quite famous among other engineering colleges in Bangalore. Fun fact: It is nicknamed “8th Mile” because the campus is 8 miles from the city centre (no reference to any movie about a rapper).

BMS College of Engineering

Another one among the top 10 engineering colleges in Bangalore is BMS. Students flock over here since the chances of being placed in a top MNC are around 85% on average. Guess those folks who say, “Get into the right college, and your life is set”, are probably talking about B.M.S. College of Engineering.

PES University

Although you’ll find PES University’s name in every list of engineering colleges in Bangalore, it is quite different from the others. It has the most modern infra and sports facilities, but it’s really strict with its rules. We mean, what’s the point when they fine their students for playing on the college ground?! And oh, if you’re thinking of complaining about it over video call to your friends or parents, good luck to you – they don’t have internet in the hostel rooms.

Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering

We hate to break it to you, but the ‘Sagar’ in Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering, does not mean it’s situated near the sea. But it is built on a hill and has a stunning natural view from all the classrooms and labs. We’re sure that more than makes up for the missing ocean view.

Alliance University

The reasons Alliance is one of the top engineering colleges in Bangalore are the good placements and faculty to student ratio. Plus, the white buildings of the campus literally look like Birla temples shown in Bollywood movies from the 2000s. If you’re as passionate about photography as you are about engineering, you’ll love this place for the aesthetics.

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FAQs on Engineering Colleges in Bangalore

Which are the 5 Best Engineering Colleges in Bangalore According to NIRF?

The top 5 Engineering Colleges in Bangalore according to NIRF are M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore, R. V. College of Engineering, B.M.S. College of Engineering, PES University.

Which is the Best Government College of Engineering Bangalore?

Although most engineering colleges in Bangalore are autonomous and private, IISC Bangalore is a prestigious institution when it comes to government colleges.

What is the Procedure to Get Admission to an Engineering College in Bangalore?

Candidates who want to pursue B-Tech colleges in Bangalore can either appear in the JEE Main entrance exam or the Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET) organised by the Karnataka Examinations Authority.

What is the Average Fee of Engineering Colleges in Bangalore?

The average fee for BTech is higher in Bangalore than in other cities, ranging from 2-4 lakhs per year.

What are the specializations offered by Engineering Colleges in Bangalore?

Apart from the usual specialisations offered in most engineering colleges in India, the ones in Bangalore also offer courses in Chemical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering.

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