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1BHK for rent in Venkatadri Apartment, Marathahalli

850 sq.ft, 1st Floor
Sold Out
Venkatadri Apartment 106, Venkatadri Apartment 4 and 5, Vidya Vikas School Rd, New Kaverappa Layout, Kadubeesanahalli, Bengaluru, 560103View Location
Sold Out
starting from
Apartment facilities
Attached Washroom
Ceiling Fans
Hot Water Supply
Sliding Window
Amenities and Services
High-Speed WIFI
Professional Housekeeping
Entire Flat
17,099 /mo *
*Denotes starting price, inclusive of all taxes.
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1BHK for rent in Venkatadri Apartment, Marathahalli
More about 1BHK in Venkatadri Apartment

If you're looking for a 1BHK for rent in Venkatadri Apartment 1BHK - Flat 3, Marathahalli, then you're probably in your twenties. You spend most of your day busy with all sorts of things. And unfortunately, that gives you no time at all to manage all the hassles that come with living in an apartment. So here's some advice: the 1BHK you choose to rent, should not be your typical 1BHK. Basically, we mean that when you pay your rent, you should also get amenities like housekeeping, laundry, internet, and more in return. What you need, basically, is a fully furnished, serviced Studio 21 apartment by Stanza Living.

Okay, so here's what usually happens: First, you go through multiple 1BHK houses in Venkatadri Apartment 1BHK - Flat 3, Marathahalli before finding the right one. Then there's endless scrolling and running around looking for furniture to fill it up. And after that, the wifi connection, the gas connection, the TV, the AC, all are still left. In one sentence, you'd be spending a lot of time turning that 1BHK house into a home. But good news. At Studio 21 1BHK, you'll find all of this already in place. Basically, you move into a ready-made home.

Why Stanza Living's 1BHK Flat in Venkatadri Apartment 1BHK - Flat 3, Marathahalli is Ideal for You?

If you'd like to pay all your monthly bills with just one payment. If you don't want to spend hours in the sun, doing furniture shopping. If you don't want to break your lower back mopping the floor of your flat. Basically, if you want to live in a flat, but want someone else to handle all the hassles that come with it. Then, you're in luck. Stanza Living's 1BHK flat in Venkatadri Apartment 1BHK - Flat 3 is just the right 1BHK flat for you.

How is Stanza Living's 1BHK in Venkatadri Apartment 1BHK - Flat 3 Different from Other 1BHKs in Marathahalli?

Compared to other 1BHKs in Marathahalli, a Stanza Living 1BHK is very different. And here's why. When don't consider our job to be over once we hand over the keys to your house? It continues as we try to make your life inside it as easy as possible. To achieve that, we're ready to go into the tiniest details. Even something like the number of spoons you'll need in the kitchen. That should also give you an idea of our attitude towards more crucial things like housekeeping, laundry, internet and more. And when you compare that to other 1BHKs in Marathahalli, you'll realize what a world of difference it makes. You see, our job is not just to get you a place to live in. It's to make sure you live in there comfortably. For that to be so, we're ready to pay attention to the smallest things. Even if it's getting a toaster so you can make yourself a sandwich while watching late-night midweek football matches. Now you can imagine our professionalism towards arranging the more important things. Things like laundry, like the internet connection, like housekeeping. Now, that's different. So different to other 1BHKs in Marathahalli, you could say we put them apart in apartments.

FAQs on Stanza Living's 1BHK Property in Venkatadri Apartment 1BHK - Flat 3

Are the Stanza Living's Flats Safe?

From the meal selection to feedback, everything at Stanza Living is tech-driven. And so is safety. It's why every Stanza Living flat is equipped with our standard tech-based security system.

What Protocols are Undertaken to Ensure Covid Safety?

As soon as got word of the coronavirus, we've implemented our COVID-19 Combat-Ready Framework (social distancing, regular sanitization, and other measures) in each one of our properties. Believe us. We might welcome everyone with open arms. But for COVID-19, we have a strict No-entry policy.

How Can I Book a Flat With Stanza Living?

Well, you're already here. So, guess it's already job half-done. Simply visit our page with all our flats, then visit the flats that you like. Then we'll help you make one of those flats become your new home.

How is Stanza Living Different from Other Rented Flats?

You see, with other rented flats, the relationship is limited to you paying the rent at the beginning of every month. But it's only at Stanza Living where, with housekeeping, laundry and other services, life is rewarding for all the days of the week, month, and year.

Are there any Entry-Exit restrictions in Stanza Living Residences?

Of course, you have to be back home before dark. Lol, we're kidding, dude. You're a grown-up. If you want to come back at 2 am or leave at 4, it's your call.

Best-in-class Safety and Hygiene Certified by Equinox Labs
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Entire Flat
17,099 /mo *
*Denotes starting price, inclusive of all taxes.
Starting from
Entire Flat
17,099 /mo *
*Denotes starting price, inclusive of all taxes.