weekend getaways in pune

weekend getaways in pune

So you’re looking for weekend getaways near Pune? Good. So if anyone says “Goa!” again – just shut them up. Because honestly, you need to know more about the misty hill stations, the serene lakes and the peace-loving beaches (not the crowded Goan ones) near Pune.

But it takes a lot of time to plan a short trip near Pune or anywhere else. You have to match your friend’s schedule. Save up money. And convince your parents to let you travel. But hey, we at Stanza Living are all about making your life easier. At our residence. We save a lot of your time. We cook for you, take care of your laundry, clean up your mess (we’re talking about your room only). So you have enough time on your hands to plan your trips. And look, we even compiled a list of 25 weekend getaways from Pune. What more do y’all want?

Top 15 Weekend Getaways to visit with your friends

The list of the top 15 weekend getaways to visit with your friends:

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Kashid is a white sand beach known for its clear water. Its local Konakani food. And its surfing experience. The waves can get as high as 6 feet. So when you’re close to the water, hide behind that tall friend of yours. Or learn surfing within 2 seconds. Whichever works for you.

Distance From Pune: 192 km


Diveeager is a scenic beach town. And there’s a Ganesha temple with an interesting story. Apparently, a local farmer there found a copper box containing a golden idol while ploughing her field. But while you’re on the beach, don’t start digging. You’ll only find sandals, plastic bottles and other not-so-precious items.

Distance From Pune: 160 km


Malshej Ghat is one of the best getaways near Pune. It’s got thick forests, age-old forts and several waterfalls. Also, you can do waterfall rappelling here. Don’t know what waterfall rappelling is? Neither do we. But when it’s just a few hours away, might as well give it a try.

Distance From Pune: 120 km


Kamshet is a hill station and one of the best weekend getaways in Pune. It houses a lot of ancient caves and medieval fortresses. This place will give you major Game of Thrones vibes. So take your friends along with you on this trip. But just sure you have a better climax than the last season of GOT.

Distance From Pune: 47.8 km


Lohagad is perfect for short trips near Pune. And perfect-est for trekking trips. It’s famous for the Lohagad fort which was occupied by great dynasties like the Nizams, Marathas, Mughals, and now a group of backbenchers – you and your friends!

Distance From Pune: 74.8 km


Lonavala is one of the most popular places around Pune for weekends. The hill station has awe-inspiring viewpoints like Echo Point. And yes, you can scream I-love-yous and the mountains will say it back. Unlike your long time crush. Sorry, not sorry.

Distance From Pune: 65.1 km 


This one is of the romantic getaways near Pune that will make you super duper relaxed on the weekends. Don’t expect to be greeted by Amir Khan saying ‘aati kya khandala?’ when you visit this place. You’ll be welcomed by cloud-covered mountains and waterfalls though.

Distance From Pune: 68.8 km


This is the place that pops up on most travel influencers’ reels. And why not? It served as the summer capital of the British. So you’ll be sure to find colonial architecture throughout the town. And a good cup of tea.

Distance From Pune: 120.5 km


Igatpuri is home to the Vipassana International Academy. It offers a 10-day meditation course. But if you’re not the meditative kind, you can go for a 2 day trek amidst Igatpuri’s misty mountains, gushing waterfalls and majestic forts. Something for everyone, right?

Distance From Pune: 226.7 km


Ganpatipule is another beach town which attracts a lot of devotees for its famous Ganesha temple. Moreover, the town is famous for its ports like the Malgund and Tivari port. So plan your trip soon before the ship has sailed. Or else, you and your flatmates will be stuck in the city.

Distance From Pune: 326 km


Sinhagad is a hilltop fort. It means you have to climb up around the hill to reach the main fort. And don’t worry, you’ll not even flinch for a second given the breathtaking view from this tiring trek. But if you have an annoying friend with you, then we’re not so sure!

Distance From Pune: 30 km

Pawna Lake

If you’re looking for a getaway for a picnic, Pawna Lake is a sure shot option. It’s great if you want to rent a tent with your roomies and cook your own food (for a change) under a starry night. Or if you’re just broke college students who can’t afford a hotel room. Ouch.

Distance From Pune: 52 km


Panchgani is one of the best places near Pune for weekend. It’s situated on a huge volcanic plateau and houses wonderful viewpoints like the Parsi point. And Sydney Point. So yes, there might be a few tourists calling you ‘mate!’ when you visit Panchgani.

Distance From Pune: 100 km


Do you want to check off ‘kayaking’ from your bucket list? Then here you go, the hill station offers kayaking and loads of other adventurous activities. Moreover, you can bring your partner to stargaze under the night sky. So ‘wai’ wait?

Distance From Pune: 88 km


If you’re searching for more peaceful getaways near Pune, then pack your bags for Junnar. It’s a village where you can experience farming, traditional games and a nice little tour. But make sure you don’t throw trash here and there. So it means your roomie should keep their mouths shut. Lol.

Distance From Pune: 91 km

FAQs on Weekend Getaways from Pune

Which are the Best Weekend Getaways from Pune?

The best getaways near Pune are:

  • Panchgani
  • Lonavala
  • Khandala

Where can I go for a long drive in Pune

You can hit the road for a long drive to these places:

  • Khandala
  • Mulshi
  • Kamshet

Which are the Best Beach Destinations near Pune?

The best beach near Pune are:

  • Ganpatipule Beach
  • Kashid Beach
  • Diveagar Beach

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