Weekend Getaway in Delhi

Weekend Getaway in Delhi

Weekend getaways near Delhi are as big a part of life as the city itself, for every Delhiite. Coz honestly, we don’t live in Delhi JUST to live in it. We love the fact that it’s close to cool places. We love it that they’re all just a bus, train or car ride away. And we love it that, when life in Delhi gets a bit too much to handle, these getaways near Delhi provide a much-needed escape.

In some ways, we at Stanza Living have a few things in common with these places near Delhi for weekend trips. Because the reason we exist is also to give you an escape. When you come back to one of our residences in Delhi after a hard day, you come back to neat and tidy rooms, washed rooms and hot, delicious meals. As well as game nights, movie screenings, and other awesome community events. Yes, you could say that both Stanza Living, and all the names on our list of the 10 must-visit weekend getaways near Delhi will always have your back (and your backpack too).

10 Unique Must-Visit Weekend Getaways in Delhi

These are the 10 most unique must-visit weekend getaways in Delhi:

Make sure the thrill is always on- even when you’re not traveling. Check out our residences in Delhi!

Neemrana (129 KM)

Neemrana is a great getaway near Delhi. And it’s mostly famous for its 15th century Neemrana Fort Palace – now converted into a luxury hotel. And since it’s in Rajasthan, you know it’s gonna be royal (Alexa, play Padharo Mhare Desh).

Alwar (164 KM)

Alwar is one of the most unique weekend getaways near Delhi. This is where the infamous Bhangarh Fort is located – the most haunted place in India. Even the authorities have put up multiple signs asking people not to stay after sunset. If that isn’t a major red flag, we don’t know what is!

Mathura (180 KM)

Mathura is known to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. And even if you are not religious, your tastebuds will definitely become devotees of Mathura’s special mithai. Especially the famous Mathura Pera. That’s the closest you’ll get to heaven on earth, you know.

Sariska Tiger Reserve (195 KM)

Life can get quite monotonous in a city. That’s exactly why you need to do something wild every once in a while. Or be in a wild place. Like the Sariska Tiger Reserve. And even if you don’t catch a glimpse of the big cat, you’ll surely run into a sambar deer, dear. 

Bharatpur (220 KM)

If you’re not into tigers (whatever that means), you can go bird watching in Bharatpur. Moreover, it’s home to rustic forts that’ll tempt you to push your insta game. If not anything, the street musicians will wow you with their sarangi tunes. Major Coke Studio vibes, you know.

Agra (233 KM)

Here’s news – there are other things to explore in Agra other than the Taj Mahal. Like the shoe market. Did you know Agra is the largest exporter of shoes after China? Well, neither did we. That’s exactly why you should get off the right ‘foot’. And buy a pair of leather boots you can boast in front of your dilliwale friends.

Rishikesh (241 KM)

Rishikesh is the zen capital of the world. Like it’s so zen that even The Beatles came to meditate here. So if you’re thinking of any other getaways near Delhi, then “Let it be”. And catch the next bus to Rishikesh now.

Dehradun (255 KM)

Dehradun is one of the most romantic places near Delhi for weekend getaways. And it’s even called the ‘city of love’. So hey, no surprises there!

Jaipur (278 KM)

Jaipur is great for weekend trips from Delhi. Moreover, it’s famous for the Jaipur Literary Festival. So you can tell your parents you’re going on an ‘educational trip’. And they’d never know!

Mussoorie (289 KM)

Mussoorie is a lovely hill station near Delhi. You can reach there via the Jolly Grant airport. Like, come on. If the name of the airport itself sounds like a music festival, you can imagine how fun the actual place would be.

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FAQs on Weekend Getaways in Delhi

Which are the Best Weekend Getaways in Delhi?

We’re sure, these are the best weekend getaways in Delhi:

  • Alwar
  • Dehradun
  • Rishikesh

Where Should I Go for a 1 Day Trip Near Delhi?

For starters, you can head to these 3 places near Delhi:

  • Murthal
  • Neemrana 
  • Mathura and Vrindavan

Which are the Best Getaways for Couples near Delhi?

These are some of the most romantic getaways near Delhi:

  • Dehradun
  • Mussoorie
  • Neemrana

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