Weekend Getaways in Chennai

Weekend Getaways in Chennai

Desperate for a weekend getaway in Chennai? Just confess already. We know you’re desperate to step outside your four walls and catch a breather. And we don’t blame you. We know you’re probably tired out from trying to crack that one big entrance test. Or your dream job, unfortunately, has come along with a lot of bummers. And sometimes, a walk in the local park just doesn’t help. What might actually help, though, is a walk through the French colony in Pondicherry. Or a bit of soul-searching in Mahabalipuram. Basically, any of the top weekend getaways from Chennai.

But hey, don’t think we’re pushing you too much. We’re only trying to nudge you towards getting out of your (dis)comfort zone and try new avenues for your monthly de-stress. Also, we’re not just not all talk and no show. We’ve put some effort from our end too, like compiling this list of the best getaways from Chennai. So that it becomes way easier for you to decide on this change of scenery without having to add another task of researching about it amidst your hectic routines. Cuz we really care about young folks like you enjoying the best years of your lives. And that’s exactly why we’ve curated our Stanza Living residences to ensure 24×7 fun for y’all. Our residences have a fun entertainment zone with wide-screen televisions, gaming consoles, and plenty of pool tables. Plus, we get really hyped up during festivals and organize big parties for our residents with tons of games, activities, and of course, plenty of lip-smacking food. And on top of that, we’re always available to help you out with whatever you need. Like compiling this list of awesome getaways for you. So all you have to do is bookmark this page and write down these names. Trust us, it’ll be a walk in the park after that.

Best Weekend Getaways in Chennai

Top 9 weekend getaways in Chennai in 2022 are:

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The most fascinating thing in Mahabalipuram is the giant boulder (Lord Krishna’s butterball) that’s placed on a steep slope. It refuses to slide down and is known for going against the law of gravity. So there are plenty of mind-boggling things to witness in Mahabalipuram, including the dirt-cheap entry fee of just 10 bucks to enter these historical sites.

Distance from Chennai:56 km.

Best time to visit:November to February.

Ideal Weekend duration: 2 Days.

Type of Destination: Holy Place.

Places to visit: Shore Temple, Pancha Rathas, Krishna’s Butter Ball.

Activities for a weekend holiday: Surfing, Boat Rides, Turtle Walks.


So what’s not there to explore in Pondicherry? There are the French colonies, the million Instagram post-worthy corners, and of course, Auroville. No matter where you go in the Union Territory, you’ll find plenty of peace and quiet. Unless you come across loud tourists who can’t live a day without playing AP Dhillon on even louder Bluetooth speakers.

Distance from Chennai:152 km.

Best time to visit:October to March.

Ideal Weekend duration: 3 days.

Type of Destination: Scenic Beach town.

Places to visit: Paradise Beach, Seaside Promenade.

Activities for a weekend holiday:Yoga and meditation sessions at Aurobindo Ashram or Auroville, water sports, sailing.

Kolli Hills

One of the best weekend getaways near Chennai, the Kolli Hills are mostly famous for their iconic serpentine roads that lead to the top. Though that’s not the only thing worth visiting here, you should be ready to be bamboozled by the Agaya-Gangai falls near the Arappaleeswarar temple too. It’s no surprise that some people say that heading to Kolli hills feels like getting as far as possible from civilization. A civilization that includes attending your work check-in meetings and completing 10,000 mock tests in a week. So bring it on, no?

Distance from Chennai:400 km.

Best time to visit:March to June.

Ideal Weekend duration: 1 Day.

Type of Destination: Scenic Natural Area.

Places to visit: Siddhar Cave, Agaya Gangai Waterfalls.

Activities for a weekend holiday: Trekking, camping.


When it comes to visiting Mysore, you can’t drive back without making your way to the Mysore Palace. The architecture of the palace is kinda mind-blowing, to say the least. On the scale of mind-blowing-ness, the Doll’s pavilion (Gombe Thotti) that it houses also scores well. It features medieval dolls and a few wooden elephants with more than 84 kgs of pure gold. Now, that’s so much gold, that it’s even gonna put an average mumble rapper’s music video to shame.

Distance from Chennai:482 km.

Best time to visit:October to February.

Ideal Weekend duration: 2 days.

Type of Destination: Historical Place.

Places to visit: Mysore Palace, Brindavan Gardens.

Activities for a weekend holiday: Sightseeing, Shopping.


For those who’ve grown tired of the concrete jungle of the cities, Coorg is the perfect getaway to reconnect with nature and, well, witness some real jungles. We recommend visiting the Nagarhole National park which comes under Project Tiger. And nope, it doesn’t have to do anything with Salmon bhai. Just a much-needed conservation project for severely endangered Indian Tigers.

Distance from Chennai:575 km.

Best time to visit:October to March.

Ideal Weekend duration: 2 days.

Type of Destination: Hill Station.

Places to visit: Tadiandamol Peak, Iruppu Falls.

Activities for a weekend holiday:Visits to coffee plantations, river rafting, trekking, camping, jungle safari, bird-watching.


Pulicat is a scenic beach town located in the Thiruvallur district. Most tourists visit Pulicat during their annual Flamingo Festival where lakhs and lakhs of flamingos arrive during the winter. Now, we’ve got no idea if you’d be interested in seeing flamingos, but one look at the sight of pink flock and the bright blue sky, and you’d wonder why you haven’t picked flamingoes as your spirit animal or your patronus charm yet.

Distance from Chennai:55 km.

Best time to visit:October to March.

Ideal Weekend duration: 2 days.

Type of Destination: Beach Town.

Places to visit: Fort Geldria, Dutch Cemetery.

Activities for a weekend holiday: Bird-watching, exploring quaint churches and fort, attending the Flamingo Festival.


Think Yelagiri and the many pristines lakes like the Punganoor lake will pop up in your mind. This is where you get to enjoy the best boat ride of your life amidst the lush greens and clean, soothing waters. Also, if you go out on this weekend’s getaway in Chennai with your friends, your mum won’t be there to stop you from getting on a boat. Because we all know how every brown mum gets whenever their kid gets even within a 100-meter radius of a water body.

Distance from Chennai:227 km.

Best time to visit:All through the year.

Ideal Weekend duration: 1 day.

Type of Destination: Scenic Natural Area.

Places to visit: Punganoor Lake Park, Jalagamparai Waterfalls.

Activities for a weekend holiday:Trekking, rock climbing, and paragliding

Horsley Hills

It’s a chain of hills tucked together at a distance of about 260 km from Chennai. Everything about this place is calm and soul-warming. And that includes its many tiny cafes too. In fact, these cafes are so eye-pleasing, you wouldn’t even want to visit Pinterest ever again after a couple of hours sitting here with a cup of South Indian coffee.

Distance from Chennai:278 km.

Best time to visit: December-March.

Ideal Weekend duration: 2 days.

Type of Destination: Hill Station.

Places to visit: Lake Gangotri, Gaalibanda, Environmental Park, and Horsley Museum. Other outdoor activities include trekking, zorbing, and rappelling.

Activities for a weekend holiday: Hiking, Ziplining, Camping.


Kanchipuram is a heritage city in Tamil Nadu. The place is famous for its history, its culture, and mostly due to its Kanchipuram sarees. Basically, visiting here wouldn’t just be one of the most fulfilling weekend trips from Chennai, it’ll also offer you the opportunity of purchasing an authentic Kanchipuram saree as a much-needed bribe to your mum. You know, for letting you go out with your friends on a trip in the first place lol.

Distance from Chennai:72 km.

Best time to visit:September to March.

Ideal Weekend duration: 1 day.

Type of Destination: Heritage town.

Places to visit:Ekambareswarar, Kamakshi Amman, Devarajaswami, and Kailasanathar Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary, another must-visit sight is KanchiKudil.

Activities for a weekend holiday: Sightseeing, Shopping.

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FAQs on Weekend Getaways in Chennai

Which are the Best Weekend Getaways in Chennai?

For weekend trips near Chennai, look no further than

  • Mahabalipuram.
  • Pondicherry.
  • Coorg.

How do I get to Pondicherry from Chennai?

To get to Pondhicherry, you’ll find a lot of local taxis that’ll make you reach the place in less than 3.5 hours. However, if a road trip is not in your mind, then you can get to Pondicherry by air or by train too. Also, the average cab fare from Chennai to Pondhicherry is around 1800 rupees. Though, when you travel by air or train, the fare would be around 1250 rupees on the train and around 3,500 rupees on average.

Which are the Best Hill Stations Near Chennai?

Well, these are the best hill stations near Chennai for sure:

  • Yelagiri.
  • Horsley Hills.
  • Kolli Hills.

What is the Cost of Living in Chennai?

Take a look at this table which might help you understand your overall cost of living in Chennai:



1 BHK for rent

₹7,700/- – ₹13,400/-

2BHK for rent

₹9000/- – ₹23,000/-

Monthly bus pass


Electricity Bill



₹300/- – ₹1,000/-

Meal for two


Groceries (Monthly)



₹1,500/- – ₹2,000/-

Which are the Best Places to Visit Near Me in Chennai?

While weekend getaways can only be done during weekends or holidays, the best places to visit in Chennai can be done any day of the week. Here are a few of the top touristy spots in Chennai:

  • Marina Beach.
  • Guindy National Park.
  • MGR Film City.

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