Tattoo Artists and Shops in Pune

Tattoo Artists and Shops in Pune

If you’re on a mission to find the best tattoo shop in Pune, then we’ve got to say, you’re in for a tough one. Because let’s be honest, getting a permanent tattoo is a high-stakes affair. So it’s important to have a good recon before you decide to get inked in any random tattoo shop out there. So in order to ensure your first tattoo doesn’t bring you a ton of regret, we’re here to be your perfect wingman. And point you towards only the best tattoo parlors in Pune.

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Best Tattoo Artists and Shops in Pune

Top 12 tattoo shops in Pune in 2022 are:

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Inklab Tattoo Studio (Anand Chandwick)

Inklab Tattoo Studio offers all kinds of tattoos, cover-ups, touch-ups, and even tattoo extensions. Courtesy of their brilliant founding artist, Anand Chandwick. Sure, his name might sound like a parody username who’s active on a weird subreddit. But bro, when you’re perhaps the best tattoo artist in Pune, we guess you get to call yourself anything that you’d want.

Guns Artwork Studio (Hitesh and Michael)

If you’re looking for an experienced tattoo shop that’s been doing it for years, then look no further than the Guns Artwork Studio. And they don’t just do tattoos, but also deal in piercings and dreadlocks. As for the tattoos, they’re known for their style of tattoos that involve optical illusions. In short, the Guns Artwork Studio is where you go if you want a new party trick up your sleeve, literally.

Kits Studio Tattoo (Ankit Malik)

Ankit Malik’s Kit’s Studio Tattoo has been around in Pune for longer than you can imagine. So needless to say, they’re pretty well-versed in their craft of inking. Also, Ankit happens to be great at interpreting clients’ ideas and then adding his own signature style to them. Basically, when you get a tattoo done from Kit’s Studio tattoo, people can just tell. It’s like wearing that limited-edition sneaker and getting a look of appreciation from another sneakerhead that you come across on the street. Like a secret little nod saying ‘bro, you’re a man of culture too!’.

Kraayonz Tattoo Studio (Sameer Patenge)

Kraayonz’s founder Sameer Patenge worked as a solo artist for years until he created his own tattoo studio in 2007. Since then, the studio has built a solid portfolio and reputation throughout the country. And yes, he did name the studio after crayons that he used to play within his childhood. You see, maybe letting your child repaint your newly painted wall with crayons isn’t so bad after all.

Sabbys Tattoo Studio (Saurabh Pardesi)

Sabby’s Tattoo Studio is one of the oldest tattoo parlors in India, not just in Pune. So imagine the amount of experience that its founder, Saurabh Pardesi, has got behind his name. Basically speaking, when kids your age were still pretending to be cool with those body stickers that came with Uncle Chips, this guy was already pioneering the tattoo scene in Pune.

Iron Hand Tattoo (Studio Deekay VJ)

The best thing about the Iron Hand Tattoo Studio is that they not only get you inked but offer appointment-based consultations to answer all your queries regarding tattooing. Deekay VJ, who’s the man behind this well-oiled machine of a studio is acquainted with all forms of tattoo styles. And even though he named his studio Iron Hand, when it comes to detailing, his hand acts as light as a feather.

King Tattooz (Swapnil)

Another one of the top tattoo studios in Pune is King Tattooz. They’re actually pretty well-known for their rad graffiti-style tattoos. You know, the ones that make even your initials appear dope. In a nutshell, King Tattooz is kinda like West Coast Customz (of the Pimp My Ride fame), but instead of cars, they make your personality buffed up with the coolest art.

Tattoos 1960 (Amit Kotle)

The Tattoos’ 1960s name has been inspired by the history of tattoos. 1960 is when electrical tattoo machines first gained popularity and changed public perception of tattooing forever. Now, we don’t know what’s the idea for your first tattoo, but if you want to get it done in a place that makes it even more special, then you know where to go.

Aliens Tattoo Studio (Sunny Bhanushali and Sameer Qureshi)

Aliens Tattoo Studio is one of the most respected names in the tattoo industry. From first-time tattooers to seasoned A-list celebrities, both Sunny Bhanushali and Sameer Qureshi have built their portfolio creating memorable designs. Also, if you’ve got the budget for it, Mr. Sunny will unleash all his imaginative skills and draw a tattoo that’s as grand as you can imagine. But with anybody having ‘Bhanushali’ as their last name, it’s not very surprising, is it?

Inksignia Tattoo Studio & Training Institute

For those interested in learning the art of inking, Insignia happens to be one of the best centers to learn the craft. The tattoo parlor cum institute has a full-fledged course catering to all types of aspiring artists from beginners to already experienced ones. Sure, this is one institute whose flyer you won’t find being distributed outside exam centers. Though, when you’re dead tired of your corporate life, maybe you’d find yourself filling up their form to learn a new thing for a change.

Bulls Tattoo Studio

Bull’s Tattoo Studio’s signature tattoo styles include black and grey tattoos, 3D designs, mythology, and mandalas. So it’s perfect for people who are interested in getting themselves inked with a meaningful pattern, especially mandalas. In fact, Bull’s Tattoo Studio’s portfolio has more mandalas than an average homestay in Goa or Manali. So imagine.

The Body Map Tattoo Studio

Founded by sought-after tattoo artist, Tripti Dhiwar, the Body Map studio is one of the most trusted names in the business. And why not? With each client that they get, they believe in coming up with more and more innovative designs. Basically, when it comes to the craft of making someone’s skin look like an art deco museum, the Body Map Tattoo Studio is definitely pushing the needle. Pun intended.

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FAQs on Tattoo Shops and Artists in Pune

Which are the Best Tattoo Shops in Pune?

We’ve asked serial tattooers about it, and these are the top 3 names they recommended:

  • Aliens Tattoo Studio
  • The Body Map Tattoo Studio
  • Kraayonz Tattoo Studio

Which are the Top Tattoo Artists in Pune?

Here you go! These are the most popular, the most respected, and the most trusted tattoo artists in Pune:

  • Tripti Dhiwar
  • Sameer Patenge
  • Anand Chandwick

What is the Average Cost of a Tattoo in Pune?

The cost of a tattoo varies according to a ton of factors. That may include the complexity of the design, the size of the tattoo, and the number of hours spent working on it. But to give you a rough estimate, a medium-size tattoo in Pune will cost you around Rs 700 to Rs 2000.

Are Tattoos Removable?

Yep, despite them being called ‘permanent’ tattoos, they can be removed. But fair warning, removing a tattoo by laser surgery will cost you a fortune with the added bonus of going through the pain of the operation. So think wisely whenever you decide to get a tattoo.

Can I Donate Blood After Getting a Tattoo?

Sure, you can. We know it’s a popular myth, but there is no law preventing you from donating blood after getting inked. However, it’s usually recommended to wait for at least 6 months to ensure you don’t develop any side effects from it and can transfer blood safely.

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