Tattoo Shops in Mumbai

Tattoo Shops in Mumbai

If you want to find the best tattoo artist in Mumbai, googling ‘Mumbai best tattoo artist’ is probably not the best idea. Because we did it too. And the results were pretty jumbled up and confusing like the keywords we entered. But don’t worry, we went a step further and interrogated tattooed folks about which tattoo shop in Mumbai they trusted the most. So whether you’re looking to get your favorite quote printed on your arms or one of those trending couple tattoos, the best tattoo parlors in Mumbai have got your backs, your arms, or any other part of your body you’d like to get inked.

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Best Tattoo Shops in Mumbai to Get Inked

Top 10 tattoo shops in Mumbai all lined up for you:

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Aliens Tattoo Studio Aram Nagar

Aliens Tattoo Studio is considered the best tattoo shop in Mumbai by many. And no, they’re not just people who are UFO fanatics and alien conspiracy theorists. In fact, they have done all kinds of tattoos for all kinds of people over the years. Even people who like to get memes printed on their forearms. Yup, we’ve heard that’s a thing now.

Inks and Needles Andheri West

Inks and Needles is a decade-old tattoo shop in Mumbai. They specialize in line art and sharp designs using calligraphy. So if you’re someone who’d like to get something simple yet meaningful inked on your body, you can trust Inks and Needles to get the job done to perfection. Coz you know what? Despite what most people might tell you when it comes to tattoos, sometimes less is more, folks, less is more.

Body Canvas Studio Ram Krishna Nagar

When it comes to tattoo studios in Bombay, the Body Canvas Studio is counted among the elites. And why not? Their stellar client list includes the likes of PC and even Aamir Khan. But oh wait, we don’t think Aamir Khan has any permanent tattoos on his body. So maybe they’re talking about the ones in Ghajini? But whatevs, we’re sure they can do a lot more than just tattooing Google reminders on your torso.

Tattooism Churchgate

Getting a permanent tattoo done on your body might often mean becoming a part of a subculture. And that’s certainly what the folks at Tattooism believe in. So if you’re someone who’s in two minds about getting one for the first time, then just visit Tattooism, and they’ll help ease you into it. And anyway, out of all the ‘isms’ out there, tattooism is definitely not the worst ideology to have. So there’s that too.

Bens Tattoo Lounge Lower Parel

Few tattoo parlors in Mumbai are as versatile as Ben’s Tattoo Lounge. They offer custom designs in multiple tattoo styles, be it classic Americana, Japanese, or blackwork. Also, you can be assured that they practice all the safety measures to make sure your dream tattoo doesn’t turn into your worst nightmare.

Witch Art Tattoo Studio Navi Mumbai

Another contender for the ‘best tattoo studio in Mumbai’ title is Witch Art Tattoo Studio. Mostly due to the highly experienced tattoo artists they’ve got stationed in their booths. Also, they have a cool name, don’t they? Like if there was an HP spinoff where Hermione Granger was a grunge metal fan with septum piercings and hardcore full-body tattoos, then the Witch Art Tattoo Studio would be like her second home.

ALs Studio Tattoo Studio Bandra

The best thing about AL’s Studio Tattoo Studio (well apart from their portfolio) is their expertise in cover-up tattoos. Trust us, the rad artists at this place can even pick up the trickiest of cases and do something really, really creative with them. Perfect for people who have been wearing long sleeves to hide the name of their long-gone ex.

Naughty Needles Tattoo Studio Goregaon West

The founding artists behind the Naughty Needles Tattoo Studio are Akshay Raja and Vijay Shah. They’re two of the most experienced in the city. Perhaps even more experienced than those peeps on Linkedin whose work experience tab goes back to the time of Alexander the Great. But jokes aside, Vijay and Akshay are as legit as they come. Just look at their portfolio for proof.

Tattoo Culture Studio Wadala West

Speaking of experience, the brilliant team at Tattoo Culture Studio has spent many a year inking some jaw-dropping designs. Besides having years of practice with the tattoo machine, what also sets them apart is having one of the coolest-looking studios in Mumbai. The kind that’ll remind you of watching Miami Ink that used to air on TLC back in the day. So just visiting the studio will give you confidence in their sense of design.

Tattoo Star Collective Bandra West

If you’ve got a tattoo idea that you haven’t been able to brush off from your mind, then look no further than the Tattoo Star Collective to bring it to reality. Even if the idea is to get your full body tattooed. Coz they do that too. So if you wanna get more tattoos inked in your body than an 80’s punk rock band frontman, then think no more. Book an Uber to the Tattoo Star Collective asap.

FAQs on Tattoo Shops in Mumbai

Can you Name the Best Tattoo Shop in Mumbai with Price?

There are loads and loads of good tattoo studios in Mumbai. But in our opinion, these are the top 3:

  • Aliens Tattoo Studio
  • Inks and Needles
  • Body Canvas Studio

as for their prices, it all depends on the complexity of the design, the size, and the hours of work that go into making it. So you can reach out to them to get an estimated quote on your desired tattoo.

What is the Average Cost of a Tattoo in Mumbai?

The cost of getting a tattoo done in Mumbai can vary from ₹300 to ₹3,00,000/-. However, if we were to come down to an average, a medium-size tattoo may cost you around ₹3,000. But pro tip: a tattoo is going to live with you for the rest of your life, so don’t cheap out.

Is it Safe to Get a Tattoo?

Yes, it’s completely safe to get a tattoo. But only and only if all the required safety measures are followed. Also, make sure you’re honest about any medical conditions that you may have to your tattoo artist.

Does Getting a Tattoo Hurt?

Yes, getting a tattoo does hurt for sure. And the amount of pain varies depending on the part of your body on which you’ve decided to get the tattoo done. The more boney the body part, the more it hurts.

Is it Possible to Remove a Permanent Tattoo?

Well, it’s possible to remove a permanent tattoo. Laser surgery is considered to be the most effective and safest way to do it. Though, it does come with a lot of pain and a hefty bill. So it’s better to give a lot of thought before you decide to get yourself inked.

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