Places to Visit in Vijayawada

Places to Visit in Vijayawada

We just can’t stop talking about places to visit in Vijayawada. But wait a minute? Isn’t Vijayawada just any other temple city? Well, we thought so too. But as we dug deeper and found the many places to visit in Vijayawada (and places to visit outside Vijayawada), we realised it’s like a hill station disguised as a city.

When you’re living in such a city, you’re always pulled by the desire to explore it. And we get that. The living experience in Stanza Living residences is designed to make sure there are no dull moments. But even we want you to step out of our walls from time to time. And soak up everything Vijayawada has to offer. That’s why we came up with this list of the best places to visit in Vijayawada. And we promise, once you explore all of them, even you won’t be able to stop talking about the city.

Best Places to Visit in Vijayawada

The 25 best places to visit in Vijayawada are:

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Undavalli Caves, Penumaka

The Undavalli Caves are 1300 year old rock-cut temples. They are made from a single sandstone base and carved by workers with their bare hands. Can you even imagine the level of patience? How can you? You can’t even reply to your Insta inbox in one go.

Mogalaraja Caves, Siddhartha College Road

Another day, another cave! The Mogalaraja caves are 1500 years old. And no, unlike other cave temples, this one isn’t located on the outskirts. So you can often chill at this place with your flatmates. And call it your ‘man-cave’, if you will.

Prakasam Barrage, Prakasam Barrage Road

Vijayawada’s most popular destination isn’t even a place. It’s a beautiful bridge. Moreover, it’s a regular site for photographers. Probably why it looks prettier in the dark. Because of the million camera flashes!

Bhavani Island, Krishna River

A river island right in the middle of the Krishna River. It offers loads of exciting activities such as boating, swimming and fishing. And don’t worry, boating services are open 24 hours so you won’t get stuck on the island. Unless your partner’s with you. Then you get stuck purposely.

Victoria Jubilee Museum, MG Road

Established in 1887, the museum has a profound collection of artifacts to see. Like the marble Buddha statue. But this one’s so hidden, you might as well call it – ‘Victoria’s secret’. Lol.

Kondapalli Fort, Ghat Road

The fort is located in a hilly area within a local village. And this village is famous for its wood-carved ‘Kondapalli dolls’. But no, if you have pedophobia (fear of dolls), you should stay away. Instead, run to any of the other places to visit in Vijayawada.

Gandhi Hill, Tarapet

Gandhi hill is named after its Gandhi Memorial. And after you’ve finished your daily chores, visit this place for a nice adda with your friends and chai. Because – ‘a chai for a chai makes your whole stress say ‘bye’!

Kanaka Durga Temple, Mallikarjunapeta

Like a Taj Mahal for an Agra, the Kanaka Durga Temple is synonymous to Vijayawada. The temple is an elegant tower-ish monument. But please don’t put your finger on the tip of the temple. Like you do with the Taj Mahal pictures. No, seriously. It’s cringe.

Besant Road, Governor Peta

Besant Road is where the action happens. We mean, the locals are crazy about south Indian action movies. And you can buy a ticket for any of the iconic cinema halls there. But make sure it’s a Friday coz you’d want to look at the fanbois in their full glory.

Hazratbal Mosque, Amaravati

The Hazratbal Mosque is a blissful experience when you visit for the first time. And every other time. It holds relics of Prophet Mohammed and is a revered site for Muslim devotees. Whenever you’re free in the evening, visit the mosque and feel the peace that is all around it.

Rajiv Gandhi Park, Krishnalanka

Love the idea of riverside parks? But to make it sound even better, there’s a ferris wheel in the park. So take a ride with your date and revisit your best memories under the bright blue sky. Coz at the end, your relationship will ‘come full circle.

Akkanna Madanna Caves, Mallikarjunapeta

The Akkanna Madanna caves are again, rock cut temples. The cave houses sculptures of Hindu Deities dating back to the 6th century. But be careful of the monkeys who’ll steal your food at any chance. On that note, be careful with your roomie as well. And for the same reason.

Gundadala Shrine, Christurajapuram

The shrine is a place of worship for Christians. But during the annual festival called Lord of Lourdes, one can see people of all faiths participate in the celebrations. Also, they offer delicious plum cakes and bread during it. So free food, here we come!

Scrap Sculpture Park, Governorpet

With climate changing rapidly, it’s important to educate and inspire people about sustainability. This place in Vijayawada does exactly that! It features installations using scrap metal and junk. Also, it’s open 24×7. So there’s no excuse for you to not visit this place. And ‘how dare you?’ to even think of it.

VMC Disney Land, Ajit Nagar

Vijayawada has its own version of Disneyland. The popular waterpark is a crowd puller for people of all ages. And the entry gate welcomes you with a voiceover of Donald Duck. And no, it’s not Farhan Akhtar, we checked. (no offense, we’re big fans tbh!)

Lenin Statue, Governorpeta

Vijayawada was a communist hub not many years ago. The Lenin statue signifies the influence of Vladimir Ulyanov, a popular communist leader in the 80s. Also, the area has some of the oldest bookstores in town. So ‘book lovers of the world, Unite!’

Hinkar Tirtha, Namburu

Hinkar Tirtha is the only Jain temple in Vijayawada. You can seek spirituality in the shade of this beautiful place and absorb the culture of Jainism. Speaking of absorbing, you might want to slurp the tastiest Chuski (Flavoured Ice balls) right outside the complex. Unless you’re wearing a white shirt.

Amaravathi, Guntur

Amaravathi is one of the popular places to visit near Vijayawada within 100kms. It’s a planned city that revels in its Buddhist culture. But the locals don’t like noisy tourists. So you might want to keep your chatter box of a roommate to stay mum. Mission Impossible begins.

Subramanya Swamy Temple, Kothapet

Located on a hillock, the temple is a great sight for tourists and has loads of good hotels nearby. So your family visiting Vijayawada can have a fulfilling stay at Kothapet. And YOU can enjoy the room service without paying a dime. (Cue in victory music!)

Papikondalu Papi, Hills

One of the most scenic places to visit outside Vijayawada, Papilakondu translates to the ‘middle partitioning of a woman’s hair’. Why? Because the Godavari river cuts between the Papi hills creating a natural view unlike any other. So not witnessing would be a sin. Coz Paapi hills? (No? Okay. bye)

Nallamala Hills, Ahobilam

The Nallamala hills were formed by volcanic activities. So you must invite your date to this place. Because they are as hot as ‘lava’, aren’t they?

Lambasingi, Visakhapatnam

Lambasingi is one of the prettiest hills near Vijayawada. The place is almost surreal owing to the chilly air, gigantic waterfalls, and pepper plantations. And if there are any creepy uncles staring at you, you know what to do with all the pepper!

Horsley Hills, Chittoor

If you’re living in Vijayawada, a good road trip is always on the cards. Horsley Hills is a beautiful town that boasts its unique river vistas and spectacular views. Also, it’s home to the world’s oldest Eucalyptus tree and the biggest Banyan tree. We have a feeling ‘Groot’ from Avengers might have been from around here.

Araku Valley, Visakhapatnam

This is the nearest place to Vijayawada where you can go river rafting. Another one of the hill stations near Vijayawada, the town is home to indigenous tribes. Make sure to visit the local museum to absorb the rich history of the place and take your ‘tribe’ along with you.

Rajahmundry East, Godavari

Rajahmundry is a gorgeous little hill station. And here’s where the majority of medicinal plants are found in India. And no, we’re not talking about THOSE medicinal plants. So calm down, okay?

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FAQs on Places to visit in Vijayawada

What is Vijayawada Famous for?

Vijayawada is famous as a sacred place for Hindus. It houses various temples including the holy Kanaka Durga Temple. It is also known for its scenic landscape.

Is Vijayawada a Safe Place?

Vijayawada is safe for everyone including women, students and foreign tourists. In case of emergencies, the police response is quick (under 8 minutes).

What is the Famous Food of Vijayawada?

Vijayawada is famous for its Rava Dosa. Try it at IDlee’s.

Which are the Best Places to Visit in Vijayawada?

The top 3 places in Vijayawada for tourists are:

  • Kanaka Durga Temple
  • Undavalli Caves
  • Bhavani Island

What are the Best Hill Stations near Vijayawada?

The most famous hill stations near Vijayawada are:

  • Nallamala Hills
  • Lambasingi
  • Papikondalu

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