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February 04, 2022

Places to Visit in Kochi

Let’s talk about the places to visit in Kochi. Because they’re awesome. Every nook and corner of the coastal city opens up like a feel-good movie. The one where you get to travel, collect photos, buy souvenirs. And soak a little bit of, well, life. Basically, places to visit in Cochin are perfect for folks who wanna get lost in wonder (or just wander).

And yup, we’re looking at you. You’ve got an appetite to explore and loads of free time. We know that already. So we’re not judging. In fact, all we do is free up your time at our Stanza Living residences. By taking care of things like cooking, cleaning up your room, and doing your laundry. So you’ve got nothing on your mind except doing things you love – like covering the list of ‘Kochi tourist places’ that we’ve compiled for you. And while you’re at it, listen to When Chai Met Toast (from Kochi too) for more of those feel-good vibes!

Best Places to Visit in Kochi

The 8 best places to visit in Kochi:

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Mattancherry Palace

Any list of ‘Cochin tourist places’ has to include the Mattancherry Palace. It’s designed like the typical Kerala style mansions – less like a palace and more of a getaway house you’d want after retirement. But for now, you can just retire there for some peace and quiet when you’re in Old Kochi.

Santa Cruz Basilica

Santa Cruz Basilica (constructed in 1505) houses a lot of significant paintings. The Italian painter Antonio Moscheni’s imitation of ‘The Last Supper is a sight to behold. And speaking of supper, you’ll find lots and lots of good eateries close by.

Cherai Beach

The best time to visit Cherai Beach is during golden hour. Most people make it to Cherai Beach to witness the Chinese Fishing nets. Probably why, unlike any other beach, you’re not allowed to swim. Cuz clearly, you don’t want to become the seafood you were meant to try in Kochi. JK.

Marine Drive

Kochi’s Marine Drive can put any promenade to shame. Yeah, even the one in Bombay. It’s a great place to visit in Kochi for a romantic date. On top of that, it has three iconic (and quite scenic) bridges – the Chinese Fishing Net bridge, the Houseboat bridge, and the Rainbow Bridge (not like the one in Asgard, but still pretty mesmerising).

Fort Kochi

Basically, Fort Kochi is the old part of town. This is where you can see the remains of Portuguese, Dutch, and British culture. And we suggest you visit the Kerala Kathakali Centre when you’re there. The dancers would teach you more variations of eye-rolls than even your sassiest friend.

Veeranpuzha Beach

Well, unlike Cherai Beach, you can definitely swim in Veeranpuzha Beach. Or do all the things that you do on a typical beach. Like wearing bright, flowery shirts that you will never wear anywhere else. But don’t worry, the hundreds of other humans doing the same will rid you of your awkwardness.

Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary

If you type ‘Cochin places to visit’ on your search bar, Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary will show up right away. And what’s the best part about this place? You can give a bath to the elephants here. Yes, you heard it right. So if you got your heart melted watching Disney’s Dumbo, this is where you should plan your next day out. *enter cute emojis*

Kerala Folklore Museum

Kerala Folklore Museum pops right up when you Google ‘Kochi places to visit’. So if you’re a history buff, you’ll love this one. Or even if you’re not, you can stroll through the handicrafts market in the area. A good couple of hours, and you’d get enough items to turn your living room into a Pinterest post.

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FAQs on Places to visit in Kochi

Q. Which are the Best Places to Visit in Kochi?

  • Well, it’s very hard to declare the ‘best’. But here are the 3 most popular places to visit in Kochi:
    • Marine Drive
    • Cherai Beach
    • Mattancherry Palace

    Q. What is Famous in Kochi to Buy?

  • Kochi is particularly famous for its gold jewelry, silk sarees, handloom, and handcrafted items. Basically, the local markets are a must-visit when you’re in Kochi.
  • Q. What is Kochi also known as?

  • The coastal city of Kochi is known as the ‘queen of the Arabian Sea’. Mostly because it is one of the finest natural harbours in the world and was once the center of the world spice trade.
  • Q. What Food is Famous in Kochi?

  • If you make it to any of the eateries in Kochi, here’s what you should try:
    • Kerala Puttu Kadala
    • Avial
    • Idiyappam with Curry

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