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July 23, 2021

Places to Visit in Greater Noida with Friends

Places to visit in Greater Noida? Seems like a joke, right? Wrong. Becauseoz if you thought it’s a place for only corporates and business parks, you couldn’t be more of the mark! Yes, it was established as an industrial township. But the town has taken bits and pieces from the personalities of its migrants, to create its unique appeal. And the best places to visit in Greater Noida are proof of that.

Speaking of migrants, we understand that Greater Noida can seem larger than life at first because of its fast pace. Hence, we, at Stanza Living, offer residences that let you settle down at your own pace. And we do this by taking care of you – homely meals, cleaning and security services are a few of the affairs that we maintain at our residences. So the only thing you have to think of is exploring the spots on our list of the places to visit in Greater Noida. So, repeat after us – never say “nada!” to Noida!

Best Places to Visit in Greater Noida

The 20 best places to visit in Greater Noida:

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Buddh International Circuit Sector 25

Did you know- the Buddh International Circuit is one of the fastest F1 circuits in the word? It was designed by the German, Hermann Tilke in 2011. If you’re an automotive enthusiast or even if you’re not- the circuit is a great sight to behold! So head there with your date and tell them how your heart ‘races’ everytime you look at them? (sorry, we’re not ashamed of being cheesy!)

The Great Venice Hall Pari Chowk

You might not make it to Venice because of travel restrictions but you can go to Pari Chowk, right? The Great Venice Hall is an Italian themed mall with two canals offering gondola rides for shoppers. You will also find life-like replicas of roman statues and Venetian architecture. This alone makes it one of the best places to visit in Greater Noida for couples.

India Exposition Mart Knowledge Pak ll

If you’re enthusiastic about any product, be it cars, textile or gadgets – this place will be your mecca! The India Exposition Mart is a state-of-the-art project that is equipped with infrastructure to host the biggest conferences and trade shows in India. So you can check their calendar and plan a day out to the expo!

City Park Alpha 2

If you’re dying for some greenery, you should plan a picnic at City Park with your roomies. The park is synonymous with people living in Greater Noida because of the lush surroundings and inclusive atmosphere. Moreover, the residential areas around City Park are the best places to live in Greater Noida. Also, the park hosts a flower show every March. So maybe you could put on your floral dress and ‘park’ your sights on your lover?

Surajpur Bird Sanctuary Surajpur

The Surajpur Bird Sanctuary comprises wetlands and natural forests. It is an urban habitat located on the banks of the Yamuna river basin. There are hundreds of migratory birds visiting this sanctuary every year. If you want to detox after a hectic week of tests and assignments, visit this serene sanctuary and you’ll feel as free as a ‘bird’!

Stellar Children’s Museum Knowledge Park II

The Stellar Children’s Museum is a must-visit place in Greater Noida. If your younger siblings are visiting from your hometown, you can take them here for a fun yet learning experience. It features installations and programs that help children nurture skills such as problem solving, sensory awareness and analytical thinking.

Noida Stadium Jaypee Greens

The Noida Stadium is a state-of-the-art sports facility with cricket ground, indoor swimming pool, skating ring and more. If you want to keep playing the sport you’ve always loved while juggling your academics, this is the place for you. They offer professional coaches and training facilities. Also, they have a brilliant football ground. So don’t keep one ‘foot’ out of the door, just go out and play!

MSX Mall Sector 18

MSX Mall is one of the romantic places in Greater Noida. Simply because of its INOX movie theatre. And if you’re reading this- you are already looking for the last row seats, aren’t you? (And we all know why!) Moreover, the mall has an exciting collection of stores. Also, after you’re done with your movie (that you were too busy to understand), grab some mouth watering snacks from Haldiram’s.

Ansal Plaza Pari Chowk

Ansal Plaza is one of the oldest malls in Greater Noida. From internationally acclaimed brands to Indian giants, it features a wide collection of stores. Moreover, they have a movie theatre as well. So maybe book your tickets for the weekend and watch the movie you have been waiting for a year?

Rocksport Greater Noida Yamuna Expy

The Rocksport is a nature adventure camp in Greater Noida. If you’re planning to go for a picnic with your flatmates, this is the place for you. They serve nutritious meals to their campers and offer various fun activities such as rock climbing, zipline, zorbing, and rope courses. And at the end of your adventure activities, they organise bonfires & barbeques!

Omaxe Connaught Place Beta ll

The Omaxe Connaught Place has some of the best food joints in Greater Noida. You can spend a good 6-8 hours in the mall exploring their clothing stores, electronics stores, home decor outlets or watching a movie in their Box Office.

Worlds of Wonder Sector 38

The World of Wonders is an amusement park located in Greater Noida. It was built by the same people who built the nostalgic ‘appu ghar’. Some of the rides you should definitely try at this place are rocking roller, chart smashers and hippo hopp. Also, this is one of the best places to visit in Greater Noida for couples who want to make up for lost time (coz life can sometimes be a ‘roller coaster’, no?).

DLF mall of India Sector 18

You might have heard of DLF as the IPL (Indian Premier League) sponsor as a young cricket fan. What you might not be aware of is the fact that DLF owns and manages some of the best malls in India. The DLF Mall of India is a premium shopping complex that houses all of your most-desired brands. Hence, if you’re in the mood for a shopping spree, hurry up and go!

Brahmaputra Market Sector 29

Stuck in your PG for too long? Dying to eat street? Well, the Brahmaputra market is famous for its street food joints and the scrumptious delicacies that conquer your taste buds. Also, the market features shops and stores that offer furniture, household essentials, stationeries and electronic repairs.

Sector 18 Market Sector 18

We understand if you’re living in a PG, you need cheap places to buy your household items from. Sector 18 provides exactly that! From groceries to clothes, from buckets to cutleries- the market has everything you need in one place. So you and your roomies can buy your monthly groceries and essentials together at one go.

Ice Cube Club Sector 38

You’ve been wanting to go clubbing in Greater Noida? Well, not all places will suit your place but the Ice Cube Club most certainly will! They have an amazing menu with some of the best collection of bottles. So bring out that party look and hop onto the Ice Cube Cub!

The Gaming Vegas Sector 32

Just binged-watched Stranger Things on Netflix? Fascinated by the arcade games and american bowling alleys? Well, the Gaming Vegas is a wonderful indoor theme park which includes a bowling alley and a variety of arcade games. Also, this is a great place to plan your birthday parties!

Akshardham Temple Noida Mor

The Akshardham temple is located on the Noida border. It is a Hindu temple that was completed in 2005. The wonderful piece of architecture which was worked on by over 11,000 artisans, attracts tourists from all over the country. You may visit this temple for some peace and quiet.

Hike to Himalayas Sector 78

This is actually not a place to visit but an experience you’ll find in Greater Noida. Hike to Himalayas is a travel company with its base in Noida. They offer professional guides, equipment and trekking experiences to small groups who sign up for the package. As you ‘climb’ in your academics, maybe you could take a weekend off and make your way to the mountains!

Taj Mahal Agra

The Taj Mahal might not be very near to Greater Noida but you can definitely plan a one day trip with your flatmates. The Taj Mahal was built by emperor Shah Jahan for his favorite wife- Mumtaz Mahal. It’s one of the most majestic sights in the world and attracts thousands of international tourists every year. But we warn you, it might be a little too much if you bring your crush here on your first date!

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FAQs on Places to visit in Greater Noida

What is Greater Noida famous for?

The township is famous for its business parks, temples and malls. Some of the best places to visit in Greater Noida are:

  • Buddh International Circuit
  • City Park
  • The Great Venice Hall

Which are the Best Places to Visit in Greater Noida for Couples?

The best places to visit for couples are:

  • The Great Venice Hall
  • DLF Malls of India
  • City Park

Is Greater Noida Good for Living?

Yes, Greater Noida has emerged as one of the most liveable places in India.

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