Movies Theatres in Hyderabad

Movies Theatres in Hyderabad

Nothing’s gonna come close to the feeling you get walking into a movie theatre in Hyderabad. And life post-COVID has definitely taught you that. You’ve taken the buttery popcorn for granted for too long. No home theatre system can beat the Dolby surround sound of a proper movie theatre. And no 52 inch LCD TV can beat the big screen. You’ve waited too long for a chance to finally hit the movie theatres again. And the top Hyderabad theatres are waiting for you.

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Best Movie Theatres in Hyderabad

The top 12 movie theatres in Hyderabad in 2022 are:

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Sai Ranga, Madhava Nagar Colony

If you’re gonna watch movies in Hyderabad, you should prolly book tickets in the Sai Ranga cinema hall. The legend says no movie runs for more than a week in this theatre. So even the likes of Sholay and DDLJ have to bow down to the will of Sai Ranga.

Sandhya Sudarshan, Chikkadpally

While Sandhya is the name of the 70mm screen, Sudarshan is what the 35mm screen is called by the folks at this movie theatre. Seems like the people who run this theatre are pretty serious film people. No wonder even big celebrities come to experience the crowd reaction. Now if the film stars think this is the best movie theatre in Hyderabad, it’s definitely one for us film buffs.

Aradhana, Tarnaka

Aradhana may be one of the oldest cinema halls in Hyderabad, but it definitely manages to keep up with the changing times. And what makes it even more appealing is the screen, which is said to be the biggest in the city. So unlike some so-called new-age cinema halls in shopping malls, you won’t feel like you’re watching a movie on a slightly buffed-up version of your cousin’s 65 inch TV.

INOX, Banjara Halls

Every city has got to have an awesome INOX, doesn’t it? Yes. In Hyderabad’s case, it’s located in Banjara Hills. So don’t worry even if the movie you paid for couldn’t live up to your expectations, cuz you can casually walk out of the hall and chill out in the many cafes at Banjara Hills. Cuz sometimes, all you need is a good mocktail to drown your sorrows, curse the director and write a long post on Instagram criticizing the movie.

Mallikarjuna Bhramaramba Jai, Bharat Nagar

One of the best twin theatres in Kukatpally, Hyderabad is Mallikarjuna Bhramaramba. Sure, they might sound like characters from epic mythology, but when it comes to the cinema-going experience, they are pretty darn modern. But if you like a throwback experience, this is one of the two-floor cinema halls with a balcony where you go with your family and a section below where you go with your loud hostel gang.

Prasads, IMAX Road

Prasads is said to be South India’s first IMAX theatre and the city’s first multiplex. And it happens to be located in one of the best shopping malls in Hyderabad too. Also, Prasads is solid evidence of the fact that people from South India are crazy fans of cinema. Why do you think the entire road where it’s located was renamed as IMAX Road’?

Ramakrishna, Troop Bazaar

Ramakrishna is another 70mm screen located in Troops Bazaar. Both exteriors and interiors of the movie hall will remind you of the architecture from the 90s. And just like their visual appeal, their ticket prices will remind you of a different age too. Like where else will you find movie tickets starting from just 80 rupees?

Vimal, Ashok Nagar

Although it’s a non-ac theatre, Vimal is still housefull during new releases. Yes, half of the reason might just be nostalgia, but the other half is basically the people who don’t wanna just sit still and watch a movie. It’s one of those theatres where masala movies are enjoyed best. But thankfully, with no Ajay Devgan pan masalas ads here. Promise.

AMB Cinemas, Kothaguda

Moving away from the old school, we’ve got AMB Cinemas, one of the plushest movie theatres in Hyderabad. They’ve got super comfy recliners and efficient customer service that can match any 5-star hotel out there. Basically, this is not one of those movie halls where you come out in the interval to fetch popcorn, and you miss out on the precious first few minutes of the second half. All thanks to some slow-moving staff on the counter.

PVR Cinemas, Banjara Halls

The best thing about PVR cinemas is their lip-smacking popcorn. No doubt about that. Though, that’s not the only thing that makes it one of the best Hyderabad theaters. They’ve got super efficient COVID-19 protocols in place to avoid contamination too. Like their doorknobs are covered with COVID-resistant films. So watching a horror movie here might scare the *** out of you. But your well-placed paranoia will be kept in check.

Sree Ramana, Amberpet

Sree Ramana is perhaps the best movie theatre in Hyderabad. It can give any PVR or INOX in the city a run for their money. And mostly due to their mind-boggling recliner sofas and high-end picture quality along with a Dolby 7.1 sound system. Yep, this is one of the perfect places to watch your most-anticipated movies. So marvel fans, think no more. Put a reminder up on your Google calendar to visit Sree Ramana right away.

Asian Cinesquare, Warangal Road

Another Sureshot member of this list is the Asian Cinesquare multiplex. Apart from screening the top releases from Hollywood and Bollywood, it also showcases some of the best Telugu movies too. So if you’re someone who’s caught the latest wave of Telugu movies like Pushpa and PSV Garuda Vega on OTT, then book your tickets at the Asian Cinesquare to translate your newfound love onto the big screen.

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FAQs on Movie Theatres in Hyderabad

Which are the Best Movie Theatres in Hyderabad?

Well, these are easily the best movie theatres in Hyderabad:

  • INOX, Banjara Hills
  • Sree Ramana, Amberpet
  • Asian Cinesquare

What is the Average Ticket Price of a Movie Ticket in Hyderabad?

The ticket prices may vary depending on the type of seats and the movies you’d like to watch. So here’s a table listing the average ticket prices according to the type of seats:

Type of Seats

Average price of tickets (INR) without taxes

Front Row Seats

₹49/- – ₹150/-

Regular Seats

₹100/- – ₹350/-

Exclusive Seats

₹160/- – ₹600/-

Is it Safe to Visit Movie Theatres in Hyderabad?

Yes, it’s pretty much safe to visit the theatres in Hyderabad. They practice regular temperature checks, ensure all their staff are fully vaccinated and sanitize their premises after each screening. Plus, some of the halls like PVR have also put anti-COVID materials on their doorknobs to avoid contamination. So you’re good to go back to the movies with a bottle of sanitizer in your pocket and a mask on your face.

How Many Movie Theatres are There in Hyderabad?

Believe it or not, there are over 60-70 movie theatres in Hyderabad alone. So no matter where you live or work, you’ll always find a movie hall nearby to watch the latest flicks.

Are there any Good Cafes to Visit after Watching a Movie in Banjara Hills?

Yes, of course. Banjara Hills is actually a hotspot of some of the best cafes in Hyderabad. Here are a few of them:

  • Roastery Coffee House
  • The Gallery Cafe
  • Cafe Graffiti

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