Ways to Find Flat for Summer Internship

Ways to Find Flat for Summer Internship

Looking for an apartment for your summer internship? Well, believe it or not, more people have been in your shoes than you realise. And all of them found this hard too because most landlords prefer long term tenants over the short term. So we definitely get why you’re scrambling for a place to sleep. But don’t panic. We’ve got some hacks for you to find a place to call home during your short stay.

Coz here’s the thing, we’ve been in your shoes too. We know exactly what it’s like to move to a city and search for places to rent stay. And that’s only how we could create the leading managed living ecosystem in the country. As we speak, our Stanza Living managed apartment is housing hundreds and hundreds of young folks like you. And if you happen to talk to them, we’re sure they’ll sing our praises. And why not? Our managed apartments are not like your typical apartments. They come with loads of amenities like daily professional cleaning, a high-speed internet connection and tech-enabled app-based assistance. Plus, our apartments are fully-furnished. So you don’t have to worry about not having a dedicated workstation to work on during your summer internship. But that’s not all, during your short stay in the new city, we help you with suggestions for you to explore it too. Like pointing out the best places to visit in the city near your apartment. Or help you find houses for rent you’ll be living in, in the first place. So please bookmark this page and note down these names. Or you’ll just end up spending all your monies on hotels and expensive rentals. That way, even your paid internship (well we hope it’s paid!) will start feeling like one of those unpaid ones.

Best Ways to Find Apartment for Summer Internship

We got you! These are the ways with which you can find an apartment for your summer internship for sure:

Looking for a furnished flat with loads of amenities near your office?

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Ask your Employer or a Colleague

Yep, the first thing you should do whenever you look for summer housing is to request your company to arrange for it. Sure, they might straight up say NO. But if not free accommodation, the least you could get is references and suggestions for finding an affordable apartment. Also, there may be other interns that are looking for the same thing as you are. So you could just reach out to them and figure something out. That way, you could come back home together to crib about your horrible manager making you lot fetch coffee as a ‘learning experience’.

Phone a Friend or Spread the Word on Social Media

Reaching out to friends and friends’ friends can always turn out to be superbly helpful. If they’ve got some extra space in their house or if one of their roomies is not in town, you could just make an arrangement with them. And that may include taking over the household chores or simply paying some part of their rent. Though in case, you don’t have any friends in the new city, you could put up a story on Instagram too. Trust us, you never know how sweet some folks turn out to be. Like the people who always carry a pack of Parle G in case they come across a stray pup on the street.

Just Choose a convenient Neighbourhood and go Looking

If you’ve tried the above and have not been able to find any positive leads, then simply take the matter into your own hands. You can either stay in a hotel for a week or go apartment hunting. Or you could take the help of rental websites and scout a few monthly rentals before you land in the new city. But before you do all that, make sure you choose the right neighbourhood that’s safe and near your office. Otherwise, the cost of commuting might just exceed whatever monies your internship’s paying. And that’s a financial blunder that even those loud finance gurus on Instagram won’t be eager to solve.

Move into a Co-living Space

We promise you, moving into a co-living space (like Stanza Living) during your summer internship is the best possible arrangement you can make for yourself. First because you won’t have to take care of any household chores. Second, you’d get to make new friends and hopefully explore new places with them. And third, you don’t have to waste money on buying household items and furniture just to get by during your short stay. Instead, you could spend all those savings on those ‘I love [city name]’ t-shirts. Which you’ll prolly never wear again, so may as well just save that money.

FAQs on Searching for Apartments During Summer Internships

Q. What are the Ways to Search for an Apartment during my Summer Internship?

Well, you’ve got to try these ways to get apartments during your summer internship:

  • Ask your employer or a colleague
  • Phone a friend or spread the word on social media
  • Just choose a convenient neighbourhood and go looking
  • Move into a co-living space

Q. What Are the things I should look for in a Rental Listing?

Well, these are the things you should look for in a rental listing:

  • Location
  • Rental Policy
  • High-quality Photos
  • Amenities
  • Cost Breakdown

Q. What are Common Apartment Hunting Myths?

These are the most common apartment hunting myths:

  • You Just Get to Choose One – Price or Quality
  • Apartments in Good Areas are Always Better
  • You can’t rent an Apartment with a Bad Credit Score
  • You Must Look for An Apartment in Person
  • Moving in With a Roommate is Always a Hassle

Q. What are the Best Life Hacks for Moving into a City in Summer?

Here are the best life hacks for moving into a city in summer:

  • Time Your Move
  • Pick Summer Clothes and Sunscreen
  • Move Into a Co-living Space
  • Set Up Your AC Beforehand
  • Make Sure to Carry a Bottle of Water

Q. What are the Things I Should Carry for My First Week Living Solo?

No worries. Your first week living alone will go pretty smoothly if you could just carry these items for your new apartment:

  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Tool kit
  • Toiletries
  • Extension Cords
  • First Aid Kit

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