June 26, 2021

Things To Do In Pune With Your Flatmates

Even with so many things to do in Pune, you seem to keep going to those same three places every time. When you’re getting ready, only the famous things in Pune cross your mind. You can’t seem to remember all those other places that your friends, or friends of friends, had recommended. So what can you do, which are the things to see in Pune on those days? Well, we have the answer.

It’s our list of things to do in Pune. You can pick whichever you’re feeling like, based on your current mood and step out of your PG for an amazing day. And if you’re not feeling like it, you can of course stay in your home or Stanza Living residences in Pune and spend the day chilling. Maybe stream a feel-good movie (no buffering, thanks to our wifi), play a video game with your roomies (in the common area) or order yourself some snacks (from our cafe menu). We want to make sure you have a good time, both inside and outside your residence. While we take care of the first part, here are some suggestions for things to do in Pune today that’ll take care of the second.

Best Things to do in Pune

15 fun things to do in Pune:

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Try Pune’s Famous Tandoori Chai at Kharadi

Among all the famous things in Pune, we feel like Tandoori Chai is still quite underrated. This particular type of tea served in kulhads is unique to Pune. In fact, you’ll only see them in the streets of Kharadi, and nowhere else in the city. This dish has two of your favourite things in one – chai and tandoor. So there’s no way you won’t like it.

Relax at Osho Ashram Koregaon Park

If you’re looking for relaxing things to do in Pune today, the best way to de-stress would be to visit Osho Ashram for the weekend. It is an ashram cum meditation resort, packed with world-class facilities, and flocked by tourists from all over the world. Spend some time walking by the lake, listening to birds and you’ll forget all about your hectic job and horrible boss. Even if it’s for two days.

Trek To Sinhagad Fort

If you’re looking for some active things to do near Pune, definitely try this trek out. Sinhagad Fort is one of the oldest forts in Pune and is located at quite a high altitude. Trek up the mountains with your friends while you sip on coconut water and take #athletic pictures. Adrenaline junkies, this one’s for you.

Picnic At Pashan Lake

Any time you feel like you’re running out of things to do in Pune, forget the clubs, cafes and malls for a while. And consider going for a picnic with your partner, roomie or even your family. Pashan Lake is situated near the suburbs of Pune, and although it was made to provide water to locals, it has now become a popular picnic spot too. You can even make a fancy charcuterie board and deliver those Pinterest vibes all over the gram.

Shopping At FC Road

Fergusson College Road aka FC Road is a great shopping hub, and students of Fergusson know it well. It’s the perfect place for broke college students who love wearing fashionable outfits to college every day. Pick a bunch of clothes, some accessories and jewellery, a pair of shoes, maybe even a sling bag, all under Rs 2000. Basically, 1/5th of what you’d have spent at the mall.

Light and Sound Show Shaniwar Wada Palace

Shaniwar Wada Palace is one of the most famous things in Pune, thanks to its rich history associated with the Peshwas. A fine Maratha structure, this place is heaven for all future architects and artists. But that’s not all it offers, you can enjoy the 2-hour long sound and light show here, showcasing the history of the Maratha kingdom. Or if that’s not your thing, simply sit by the fountain or read a book in the gardens.

Treats at German Bakery

Although the German Bakery in Pune was destroyed in the 2010 bomb blasts in Pune, loyal customers of this cafe made sure it rose to business as soon as it reopened. Their most popular dishes are – fish n chips, keema pao and cold coffee – all of which you must definitely try. Seeing how it has been the city’s favourite cafe for years, maybe they should consider renaming it to Pune Bakery.

Camping near Pawna Lake

In case you haven’t seen the clear sky in a long time (thanks, tall Pune buildings), head over to Pawna lake near the city. Start the day by going on a boat ride or kayaking with your partner and end it with setting up a tent and some bonfire. Trust us, with this kind of romantic date under the stars, there will be no fault in your stars.

Enjoy the greenery at Empress Garden

Can you believe this beautiful garden and children’s park is almost 200 hundred years old? This 39-acre garden, named after Empress Victoria, has several smaller gardens dedicated to exotic plants. It’s the perfect place to take evening strolls or organise cute picnics. Or jump in a game of football with your buddies, old-school style.

Explore Old Pune

Kasba Peth is Pune’s oldest residential locality, as old as the 5th-century! This historic township is a great way to appreciate the culture of the city and some amazing street art. Like a history lesson coming to life.

Eat at Kayani Bakery

Each city has its iconic bakery and Kayani Bakery is Pune’s. It might look like a small shop but people queue outside this age-old bakery from the moment it opens in the morning, even today. You should definitely try their Shrewsbury biscuits and mawa cakes. And don’t forget to pack some soft, fresh bread for breakfast the next day.

Saree shopping in Laxmi Road

If your mother or relatives are in town and wondering about things to do in Pune, take them to Laxmi Road. Trust us on this, you won’t regret it. They can shop for the original Poona silk saree here, be it for themselves or as a gift. There are shops selling Paithani and Narayanpet sarees as well, apart from the famous Banarasi sarees. If your mom loves sarees, this could be the best gift you can give her.

Spend the day at Della Adventure Park Lonavala

Della Adventure Park is the best place to visit near Pune if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush. Be it bike riding, racing, zipping or any of their 80 activities to choose from – you’re bound to have a exciting time here, as both your legs and heart race to beat your frenemies.

Go on a Pune Cuisine Tour

The city organises a Pune Cuisine tour that starts with homemade local goodies and later takes you to nearby food markets. There’ll be a tour guide who will show you the local food and how it’s made. Maybe even give a tip or two on the best restaurants in the city. Foodies, hop on this tour and thank us later.

Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Safari

Name a more romantic thing to do near Pune than going on a hot air balloon safari. The ride is from Pune to Lonavala and could be a beautiful idea for a date with someone special. If you propose your partner up in the air, is there a chance they’ll say no? (well, make sure they’re ready, or it’ll be really embarrassing)

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FAQs on Things to do in Pune

What are the top attractions to visit in Pune?

The top places to visit in Pune for tourists are:

  • Shaniwar Wada
  • Sinhagad Fort
  • National Defence Academy

What are some adventure things to do in Pune?

Pune has a host of different adventure sports for all the thrill-seekers:

  • Rappelling
  • Bungee Jumping
  • ATV Rides
  • Trekking

What are some of the Best Cafes in Pune to Visit with Friends?

Some of the best cafes in Pune are:

  • German Bakery
  • Pagdandi – Books Chai Cafe
  • Cafe Paashh
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