Restaurants in Gandhinagar

Restaurants in Gandhinagar

An evening spent at one of the top restaurants in Gandhinagar has been facing competition lately. Thanks to the new food delivery apps entering the scene every now and then. Combine that with friends who are too lazy to get out of their rooms, and you’d think going out for a special meal would be the rarest of rare occurrences. But hey, let’s admit it. Nothing can ever replace the old-school fine-dining experience. And the best restaurants in Gandhinagar offer plenty of that.

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Best Restaurants in Gandhinagar

Top 10 restaurants in Gandhinagar for sure:

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Spices & Herbs, Urjanagar

If you love good food and live music, then you’ll find both in Spices & Herbs. Plus, the Mexican platter has a loyal fanbase of its own. Probably why their online reviews are all about foodies singing praise in uber-cool lingo. Like that friend who can’t stop talking about this “awesome new series” that they’ve discovered on Netflix.

Must-Try: Pan shot, Stuffed Mushrooms, Hot Pot, Sizzlers

Location: Swagat Rainforest 2, Opposite Swaminarayan Dham, Infocity, Gandhinagar

Timings: Mon-Sun: 12noon – 3pm, 7pm – 11pm

Cost for Two: ₹700 INR

Premwati, Akshardham

Premwati is a canteen restaurant located in Akshardham temple. And it’s known for its khichdi. And we know you’re probably saying “Hey, khichdi is a fine-dining experience? Really???”. And we agree. But once you’ve had a serving of their version of everybody’s favourite comfort food, you’ll be saying to yourself, “Yup, this is pretty darn fine khichdi.”

Must Try: Puri Shak, Masala Dosa

Location: Premwati, Akshardham, J Road, Sector 20, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Timings: 10.30 AM-11 PM

Cost for Two: ₹250 INR

Mr and Mrs Idly, Infocity

If you’re looking for restaurants in Gandhinagar that rekindle your lost love for experimentation with food, this is the place to visit. They always cook up a modern twist of traditional south Indian dishes. So after meeting Mr. and Mrs. Idly, you’ll also meet their NRI cousin ‘Pizza Uttapam’, the signature dish of their menu.

Must-Try: Cheese Dosai, Punjabi Idly

Location: Shop 29, Supermall 1, Infocity, Gandhinagar

Timings: 11am – 11pm

Cost for Two: ₹300 INR

The Waterside, Sarkhej

A Punjabi feast beside a waterfront with live music? This might seem the least Gandhinagar thing ever, but it is well and truly a thing. At ‘The Waterside’. The bucket loads of good energy and the sound of gushing waters will also lift your dining experience for sure. Basically, this is the closest thing you get to dining on the beach in Gandhinagar.

Must-Try: Keema Roll, Chicken Curry

Location: Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Timings: 11 AM – 11 PM

Cost for Two: ₹700 INR

Big Bite Restaurant, Info City

The Big Bite restaurant is a great place to try authentic Kerala cuisine. Located in a business hub, their tables are almost always occupied by working professionals in the evening. We’ve heard their Paneer Toofani is so good, it has been known to cut tensions between colleagues even during an appraisal season.

Must-Try: Sp. Dal Bati, Sweet Rajasthani Churma

Location: Shop 28, Radhe Square, Reliance Cross Road, Infocity, Gandhinagar

Timings: 9am – 10pm

Cost for Two: ₹300 INR

Purohit Hotel, Chiloda

One of the oldest catering businesses in Gandhinagar, the Purohit Hotel has been serving delicious food in its outlet for three decades now. Our personal recommendation would be to try their Kaju Curry. It’ll make you worship the food gods in no time. Which is not surprising at all, given their name.

Must-Try: Paneer Lasagna, Purohit Cheez

Location: Near Ranasar Circle, Nana Chiloda, Ring Road, Naroda, Ahmedabad

Timings: 11am – 3pm, 7pm – 11:30pm 

Cost for Two: ₹350 INR

Hungry Puppet, Bhat Circle

Hungry puppet is one of the best restaurants in Gandhinagar without a doubt. And why? First, the menu has a lot of cuisines to offer. And second, they actually organise puppet shows and magic shows every other weekend. Plus, if you see their presentation on their plates, you’ll realise the magic shows are the only magical thing happening in the place.

Must-Try: Crispy Vegetable, Honey Chilli Potato

Location: Near Balaji Agora Mall, Radhe Fortune Complex, Bhat Circle, Airport Gandhinagar Highway, Gandhinagar

Timings: 12noon – 3pm, 7pm – 11pm

Cost for Two: 1000 INR

Orchid, Sector 11

If you’re looking for a piping hot buffet, make your way to the Orchid. Or if you’re an a la carte person, they have a menu for that too. The latter might not be a better deal for your wallet. But if your tummy doesn’t have the appetite of a hippopotamus on that day, then it’s a smart way to eat well and avoid wastage.

Must-Try: Paneer Makhanwala, Kadai Chicken 

Location: Fortune Inn Haveli, Plot 235, Sector 11, Gandhinagar

Timings: 7am – 11pm

Cost for Two: ₹1000 INR

Khana Shana, Infocity

Khana Shana is one of the best non-veg restaurants in Gandhinagar. The menu features mind-boggling Punjabi food, along with a bazillion chutneys that’ll send your taste buds into a tizzy. Pro tip: Try their paneer cheese kulcha. It’s the most mind-blowing crossover since Avengers: Civil War.

Must-Try: Paneer Cheese Kulcha, Paneer Amritsari 

Location: 102 A, Super Mall 1, Infocity, Gandhinagar

Timings: 11:30am – 3:30pm, 7pm – 10pm 

Cost for Two: ₹900 INR

Greens Restaurant, Sargasan Road

Not every place can serve perfect Chinese cuisine like the Greens Restaurant Gandhinagar. That too with beautiful outdoor seating. And staff who are friendly, but know when not to make unnecessary small talk on the spot. Unlike those tech-loving friends who’d bring ‘crypto’ in every freakin’ convo.

Must-Try: Minestrone Soup, Kaju Curry

Location: Near Ved International School, Sargasan Road, Infocity, Gandhinagar

Timings: 11am – 3pm, 7pm – 11pm

Cost for Two: 500 INR

FAQs on Restaurants in Gandhinagar

Which are the Best Restaurants near me in Gandhinagar?

Well, these are the 3 best restaurants in Gandhinagar:

  • Greens restaurant Gandhinagar
  • Spices & Herbs
  • Premwati

Which Food Items are Famous in Gandhinagar?

If you’re in Gandhinagar, don’t write your bucket list without including these famous dishes:

  • Bajra no Rotolo
  • Khandvi
  • Sev Khamani

Which are the Best Cafes in Gandhinagar?

By popular opinion, these are the 3 best cafes in Gandhinagar:

  • Ken’s Koffee Plus Plus
  • Shiva’s Coffee Bar & Snacks
  • Chai Wai

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