Resorts in Mumbai

Resorts in Mumbai

Searching for the top resorts near Mumbai? All our sympathies for you, bro. Because we know how desperate you are for space. An extra few thousand square feet where you won’t have to move from your bedroom to the living room holding onto walls in your cramped Bombay apartments. And we know that going out for a weekend getaway in the best resorts near Mumbai will help you catch a much-needed breather. And with an added bonus of getting that elusive figurative personal space too.

But hey, you also need a bit of research into which of the resorts in Mumbai are the best and which ones are definitely not worth spending your precious weekend on. Though don’t you worry, we’ve got your backs. We’ve already done the research and compiled a list of the best resorts in Mumbai for a weekend getaway with your friends. And no need to thank us though. Helping out young folks like you is kinda our life-long purpose at our Stanza Living managed spaces. Just take our managed apartments for proof. They’ve been designed and curated to suit young working professionals and students looking for conveniently located accommodations near top schools, colleges, and business parks. Plus, they’re not just empty apartments where you have to build a ‘home’ from scratch. Our apartments are fully furnished, tech-enabled and come with tons of amenities (like a super speedy internet connection and professional housekeeping). And on top of that, all our house-renting formalities are done via our Stanza Living – Resident App. So you can say goodbye to running around on the whims of annoying brokers or landowners. Also, we’re always ready to assist you with whatever you need. Like pointing you to the best resort in Mumbai on this page. Now, please bookmark it and note down these names. So you don’t go bumping into any more walls trying to search for this page later.

Best Resorts in Mumbai

Top 12 resorts in Mumbai in 2022 are:

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U Tropicana Beach Resort

U Tropicana Beach Resort is one of the best beach resorts near Mumbai. You can reach the famous Alibaug beach in just 20 minutes from here. Plus, if you wanna make this experience a bit more exciting, then you can reach the resort by taking a ferry from the Gateway of India too. Now, that’s one of the most Mumbai-ish experiences you can do. Other than maybe waiting outside SRK’s house or throwing channa into the sea sitting from Marine Drive.

Location: Chondi Naka, Mapgaon, Alibaug, Maharashtra 402201.

Tariff per night: ₹ 4000/- – ₹ 12000/-

Della Resorts

It is an upscale resort in Lonavala. The resort is so lavish and elaborately designed that the living quarters look less like cottages and more like mega-size mansions. It’ll basically make anyone who spends day and night reading articles about billionaires’ lifestyles for motivation go bonkers. To them, let’s just say, booking a night at the Della Resorts and Villas is just ‘warm-up’ before they reach a net worth of a small country’s entire GDP.

Location: Kunegaon, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410401.

Tariff per night: ₹ 15000/- – ₹ 21000/-

Dune Barr House

Dune Barrr House is a heritage resort built in the 19th century. The old-school architecture and decor of this place are equipped with all the modern amenities to make your stay comfortable and uber-luxurious. And nope, despite its name, you won’t see a super hawt Timothee Chalamet greeting you here. Just an equally breathtaking view of Charlotte lake. Ok, not equally, but pretty darn close tho.

Location: Charlotte Lake Road, Matheran, Maharashtra 410102.

Tariff per night: ₹ 8,500/-

Fariyas Resort

If you’re looking for a happening staycation in Lonavala, then look no further than the 5-star Fariyas Resort. They happen to offer a refreshing spa experience, an awesome poolside bar, and of course, an entire fully operational waterpark. Basically, the Fariyas resort has got everything that you crave in summers. Except maybe a sugarcane wala. But then again, they’re found everywhere in Mumbai, so just have a glass after you’re back

Location: Frichley Hill Road, Frichley Hills, Tungarli, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410401.

Tariff per night: ₹ 6,000/-

Cloud 9 Hills Resort

The Cloud 9 Hills Resort is located at an altitude of 1,500 ft. above sea level. That means, it’s incredibly chilly and stays covered with mist during most months of the year. Probably why it’s so high on every Delhite’s weekend getaway list who’s currently residing in Mumbai and hates being hundreds of miles away from the hills.

Location: Frichley Hill Road, Frichley Hills, Tungarli, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410401.

Tariff per night: ₹ 6,000/- – ₹15,000/-

Zaras Resort

It’s a pretty little cozy resort in Khandala. It’s located on top of a hillock surrounded by betel nut trees and landscaped with several flower beds. Actually, it looks much less like a resort and more like that distant aunt’s pretty house in the hills. Where a family vacation feels like everything but a family vacation.

Location: Near D. C. High School, Pune Mumbai Road, Khandala, Maharashtra 410301.

Tariff per night: ₹ 3,180/-

The Machan Resort

The coolest thing about the Machan Resort is its three luxurious suites that are raised like a tower to give you a treehouse effect. Now, we know most of you wanted to live in a treehouse ever since you were a kid. But thanks to apartment living, that just never happened, right? That’s no big deal tho, you can still make some pending dreams come true in the Machan Resort, one of the most luxury resorts in Mumbai.

Location: Private Road, Atvan, Maharashtra 401401.

Tariff per night: ₹ 15,600/-

Upper Deck

The Upper Deck Resort is located on the highest point of Lonavala in the Tungarli Hills. It offers awe-inspiring views of the Valvan Dam and the surrounding hills. Plus, it also features an awesome swimming pool (non-heated) on its deck. Though given the weather, we can’t think of anybody who’d dive in that. So it’s kinda like that salad art in wedding functions, you can’t really eat it, but it makes everything else look good.

Location: 13/15, Pangloli Village, Thakurwadi, Off. Tungarli Lake, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410401.

Tariff per night: ₹ 20000/-

Prakruti Resort

The Prakruti Resort is situated in a coastal village near Alibaug. And yup, it’s a sea-facing resort with the beach just a stone’s throw away. Also, the resort is a 100-acre property with lush coconut trees covering it all around. In short, the resort looks like one of those perfect photos they put up on travel agencies to convince customers that they’re spending their money on a really good deal. Though, unlike others, the Prakruti resort is as real as it is photogenic.

Location: Murud-Janjira Road, District Raigad, Kashid, Maharashtra 402401.

Tariff per night: ₹ 30,000/-

Anandvan Resort

The Anandvan Resort is a spa retreat in Bhandardara. The resort is pretty well known for its traditional Ayurveda treatments offered by its experienced team. Sure, spa therapy might not put away all your mental stress about your upcoming work week. But it’s definitely gonna prepare your sore back to take all of it like a champ. Sounds like a good deal no, corporate slaves?

Location: Ghatghar Road, Bhandardara, Shendi, Maharashtra 414601.

Tariff per night: ₹ 21,456/-

Beyond by Sula Vineyards

The boutique resort designed by Sula overlooks one of their gorgeous vineyards. You can stay in their comfy cottages. Or rent out a tent in their night camping area. Perfect place for people who’d always like camping to go hand-in-hand with their weekend plans. Or for the ones who have a habit of collecting Sula bottles and shoving fairy lights into them.

Location: Gat 36/2, Govardhan, Gangapur-Savargaon Road, Nashik, Maharashtra 422222.

Tariff per night: ₹ 9,000/-

Fort Jadhavgadh

Fort Jadhavgadh is perhaps the best heritage resort in Mumbai. And for good reason. It’s a 300-year-old property that offers a martial art show, bullock cart rides, and treks around the area. Also, the interiors are incredibly lavish and speak plenty about the excesses of the Maratha period. Enough for even Sanjay Leela Bhansali to be scandalized.

Location: Hadapsar Saswad Road, Jadhavwadi, Pune, Maharashtra 412301.

Tariff per night: ₹ 10,000/-

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FAQs on Resorts Near Mumbai

Which are the Best Luxury Resorts Near Mumbai?

Luxury, fancy, premium. Whatever you call them, these are the best luxury resorts near Mumbai:

  • Fort Jadhavgadh
  • The Machan Resort
  • Dun Barr House

Which are the Best Resorts Near Mumbai for Family Outings?

The best resorts for family outings near Mumbai are the ones with water parks and tons of other fun activities. And these resorts tick all those boxes:

  • Fariyas Resort
  • The Machan Resort
  • U Tropicana Beach Resort

What is the Average Tariff Per Night of the Top Resorts in Mumbai?

The average tariff of the top resorts in Mumbai is around 7,000 INR per night.

Are there any Go Karting Places Near Me in Mumbai?

Given the notorious Mumbai traffic, no place is near you. But these are definitely the top go-karting places in Mumbai you should head to

  • Smaaash
  • Hakone Powai Plaza
  • Ajmera Indikarting

Which are the Best Places to Visit in Mumbai?

We’ve asked multiple trip advisors and travel enthusiasts, and as per them, these are the top places to visit in Mumbai:

  • Elephanta Caves
  • Prince of Wales Museum
  • Powai Lake

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