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3 apartments waiting to be yours in Aundh


3 BHK Flat for Rent in Aundh

Usually, you run around to search for 3 BHK flats for rent in Aundh. Because you don't just look for a 3 BHK in Aundh. but also for the furniture and appliances inside it. As well as the wifi, food, and more. If all this talk of running around is making you sweat, then worry not. We have a solution. You can pack your bags and walk into a fully furnished serviced Studio...Read more

FAQs on 3 BHK for Rent in Aundh
Are 3 BHK Rental Flats in Aundh Easly Available?
A bed, table, and chair. If that's enough to be a 'furnished' 3 BHK rental flat, then yes, those are available. Not as easy to find, though, is a place like Studio 21, where all your furniture needs are met. So that your books and shoes don't compete for the same rack.
What Amenities do 3 BHK House for Rent in Aundh Offer?
Amenities offered by fully-furnished 3 BHK house for rent in Aundh are not many, unfortunately. There's good news though. There is a place offering housekeeping, laundry, and all other essential amenities. A place by the name of Studio 21.

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How Safe is 3 BHK Rental Apartments in Aundh for Students?
At best, the rental flat will have a CCTV camera outside it. At worst, a simple lock on the door. But we at Studio 21 believe that unless you're protected by our tech-enabled security system, then you're not safe enough.

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How Much Will a Furnished 3 BHK Apartment in Aundh Cost?
If you live in a usual fully-furnished 3 BHK apartment in Aundh, it's about 12-15K per month, at minimum. But the real cost will be missing out on a hassle-free stay at a fully-furnished, serviced apartment by Stanza Living, for the same amount.

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What Should I Check While Renting a 3 BHK Flat in Aundh?
Check whether the rent for that 3 BHK flat/house in Aundh covers anything more than just the flat - like furniture, amenities, and more. An even simpler way would be to check if it's a Studio 21 apartment. Then essential services like housekeeping and more would be part of the rent.
How to Search for a 3 BHK Rental Flat Near Me?
Well, you're pretty close to finding one. Just search through the many flats by Studio 21 (3 BHK or more) The rents are more than affordable. And the hassle-free living experience? That's priceless.