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June 02, 2021

7 Best Workout Tips for Hostel Students

We need to talk about exercise tips because your health is your best friend. It’s really important to take breaks between work, even if it’s for a quick set of burpees or just some plain stretching. Now the problem is that most hostel students stay in tiny rooms. Like, how do you fit in fancy fitness equipment in a 10X10 bro, right? But know what? You shouldn’t feel that that’s an excuse to ignore your fitness goals. And neither do we. That’s why we at Stanza Living have workout zones in our residences. Because the only body part you exercise shouldn’t be your thumbs as you play a game of COD on your phone. Instead, you can spend half an hour in the gym getting a full-body workout in.

Now, we know, not everyone lives in Stanza Living PGs. And very few will have workout zones in the premises. But no need to worry. With the help of some of these best workout tips, your hostel room will turn into your home gym. Even if it’s 10X10 bro.

Top Exercise Tips for Home Workouts

7 effective workout tips if you’re a hostel student or living in a small room:

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All you need to do yoga is a yoga mat. Actually, not even that. You can easily use an old bed sheet too. Place it on the floor and try out some asanas and Surya namaskar. Yoga focuses on your core body strength without the need for a fancy rowing machine. So channel your inner Yoga Guru and start working out.


Did you know that jumping burns about 20% more calories than jogging? Yep. It is one of the best workout tips for hostel students and is almost as effective as running. Jumping in the same place for one minute straight will keep your heart 2x healthier. You can do this multiple times every day. Just make sure that you don’t disturb the people on the floor below you when they’re sleeping.

Use your Bed

If you need to step up your game from doing regular push-ups, here’s a workout tip for you – use your bed. All you have to do is place your feet on the edge of the bed and your palms on the floor. Now, drop your chest to an inch or two off the floor and push yourself up. Continue this till you tricep and chest muscles burn. Well, who knew your bed could also be used to stay active, instead of sleeping and lazing in.

Squatting with your Chair

You must have a chair in your room, right? Great, now use that to your benefit. You can use it as a guide for your squats by holding your hands behind your head and then lowering your body in a sitting position. Basically, think of it as trying to sit on the chair and pushing yourself back up to the standing position. It may sound simple but your muscle cramps will be proof that it’s not.

Mountain Climbing

Hold on. You don’t need an actual mountain for this exercise. Just a little space in your hostel room will do. To get started, position yourself into a plank on the floor. Then slowly bring one of your knees up to your chest. Keep switching between your knees, as though you’re climbing up a steep hill. You’ll burn some calories really quickly. Without the pain of doing burpees. Or going on a hike.

Use your Books

Remember those big fat books you bought at the beginning of the year and haven’t touched since? Yup, they can finally be of use to you. Stuff them in your bag and use them as makeshift weights instead. Hold them up as you do your squats. Wear them while doing your lunges. Put a stick through its straps and use it as a barbell for your barbell curls. Yes, those books and their complex theories that made you sweat on exam night, will now make you sweat for a different reason.

Take the Stairs

Climbing stairs is the easiest thing you can do to shed the extra pounds. And it’s basically free. You can even take two stairs at a time to amp things up (you don’t have to do that only when you’re late for class). Taking the stairs not just works as cardio, but also helps tone your leg muscles. And that too, without spending thousands at the gym.

FAQs on Workout Tips

What are Some of the Most Effective Exercises?

Strength training. Strength training. Strength training. To lose weight, spike your metabolism and increase strength, nothing works out better.

What Exercises Should I do every day?

You can put on a youtube video and do some basic yoga. Or if you’re into HIIT, we suggest lunges, pushups, squats, and burpees.

How to Manage your Diet in a Hostel or PG?

Change your snacks to healthier variants. Instead of chocolates, munch on fruits. Instead of potato chips, opt for the ragi or soya versions. Also, more proteins and fibers for bigger meals.

How can I Stay Fit without going to a Gym?

A few simple steps could totally up to your fitness game – using the stairs, drinking 3 liters of water every day, avoiding processed sugar. And of course, working out inside your room as much as possible.

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