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What’s Hot In DU? Bicycles At Vishwavidyalaya

What’s Hot In DU? Bicycles At Vishwavidyalaya

Sep 3, 2020

North Campus, Delhi University, is the campus every other campus wants to be. Old college buildings full of character, wide streets, greenery, legendary banta and bhel puri vendors, and the energy you only get when you put thousands and thousands of college students together. A visit to North Campus is a must (even if you’re not a student).

And though it is synonymous with rickshaw rides, another great way to get around North Campus is on a bicycle rented at the Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station. 

It’s inexpensive, good for your health and eco-friendly. And for college students who have their stamina still intact, it’s the perfect option. 

But once you step out of Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station, and rent your bicycle for the day, where can you ride it to?

1. To And From College

Well, that’s the obvious choice, isn’t it? The day begins with your classes. And a ride in the early morning breeze is a great way to swing your mood in the right direction. Which you’ll need when you have lectures after a lecture to survive. 

2. Bungalow Road, Kamla Nagar

Now when the last lecture of the day is over, the cafes, stores and momo stalls of Bungalow Road beckon. So why not take the short ride to get yourself some coffee with your friends and crib about how boring the day’s lectures were.

3. Majnu Ka Tilla

If you’ve had a lot of Bungalow Road, you might be looking for something off-beat. In that case, you could go for a ride to the Tibetan Colony in Majnu ka Tilla. It’s about 5km away. So yes, your leg muscles might curse you. But your eyes will thank you for all the colourful sights. And your taste buds will forever be grateful for the delicious Tibetan food you get at Tee-dee, Dolma and other restaurants and cafes. 

4. Kamla Nehru Ridge

Post those heavy meals at Bungalow Road and Majnu ka Tilla, you might be stocked up on some calories that need to be burned. A cycle ride on the undulating lanes of the Kamla Nehru Ridge will be a good workout. And the greenery that flanks those lanes is also a treat. Watch out for old couples on their evening walks though. And watch out even more for the gangs of monkeys that habitat the ridge. They are the real bosses. 

5. Go Random

Listen. North Campus is not just a campus. It’s a legit landmark. It has an unmistakable vibe. Stand for five minutes in any spot of the acres upon acres of the campus, and you’ll be hit by stimuli from every direction. So just imagine a cycle ride through the campus will be like. Just hop on that bike and pedal away. 

You’ll thank us later.