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Tiffin Services in Noida

Tiffin Services in Noida

Mar 22, 2021

Tiffin Service in Noida are becoming the best options for overcoming homesickness when it comes to the feeling of eating delicious and home cooked meals. With so many startups and MNCs in the area, between working sleepless nights and catching quick lunches at the office cafeteria, people rarely have the time or energy to make themselves a full meal. So they are now opting for online tiffin and dabba services in Noida that serve fresh and deliver promptly.

These dabba and tiffin service prices in Noida are student-friendly as well, and offer many healthy options within a budget. Because they know that the way to a person’s heart is not just through their stomach, but also through their wallet.

Best Tiffin Services in Noida

Below are the 7 best tiffin services in Noida for you:

Cost of Tiffin Services in Noida

Tiffin Service

Price Range

Contact Number

Katyayani Annapurna

Rs 45 per meal (onwards)


Balaji Tiffin Services

Rs 90 per meal (onwards)


Mom’s Magic

Rs. 70 per meal


Aggarwal Tiffin Services

Rs 70 per meal (onwards)


Ghar Ka Khana

Rs. 70 per meal


The Granny’s

Rs. 80 per meal


Home Food Factory

Request on-call

97168 86500

Katyayani Annapurna

Katyayani Annapurna is probably the best tiffin service in Noida and undoubtedly the most affordable on this list. A simple meal of four rotis and a veg dish costs as less as a bottle of soft drink. So even when your budget is tight, they make sure you don’t go to work hungry. Annapurna is worshipped as the goddess of food, and for students and working professionals in Noida, Katyayini Annapurna is a blessing from heaven.

Balaji Tiffin Services

Balaji Tiffin Services doesn’t know it itself, but it is a healthy choice when it comes to Dabba services in Noida. Their thalis consisting of Dal, sabzi, roti, chawal, achaar, even a simple salad with freshly cut cucumbers, tomatoes and onions, are super heavy on the tummy. So much that you won’t have any space left to snack on chips and Maggi.

Moms Magic

Mom’s Magic makes the fluffiest rotis, chapatis or phulkas (whatever you call them at home) and your favourite curries, and delivers them right on time to your doorstep. Every. Single. Day (except Sundays, because even moms need to rest). And oh, don’t confuse this tiffin service in Noida with the masala of the same name. While both of them claim to recreate your mom’s recipes, people are a little biased towards this Dabba service in Noida.

Aggarwal Tiffin Services

Aggarwal Tiffin Services offer meals as simple as their name. No frills, just thalis that are filling, with less spice, no grease and lots of nutrition. Whoever said vegetarian food was boring, clearly hasn’t tasted the range of dishes on their thalis every day.

Ghar Ka Khana

If looking at the name itself has made you emotional, their food certainly will. Staying true to their belief of bringing home-cooked and fresh meals to people, they deliver all three meals of the day to students and people working in offices. So even if your dream college or job might have disappointed you, your daily meals won’t.

The Granny’s

What’s better than your mom’s food? Of course, your grandmother’s. We know no one has been able to replicate her chutneys and achars, but trust us and give this place a chance. Owned, managed and cooked by a proud grandmom, this Dabba service in Noida has quickly gained a large customer base, that can only be described as a family of homesick kids.

Home Food Factory

This online tiffin service in Noida is popular because of its customised packs according to both budget and food choices. They say that their chole chawal is to die for, especially on days when the workload is killing you already.

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FAQs on Tiffin Services in Noida

Which are the 5 Best Tiffin Services in Noida?

You asked us for five, we gave you more than that. Depending on which sector you live in and your budget, pick anyone from the list above!

Which Tiffin services in Noida Provide the Healthiest Food?

All the best tiffin services in Noida serve healthy food, but based on reviews, Ghar ka Khana serves meals exactly like the ones at home. Now we know why the name.

Which Tiffin Services in Noida Follow Covid-19 Guidelines?

While it’s high time that all tiffin services in Noida follow COVID-19 guidelines, we can’t speak for them. But we can for the meals served at Stanza Living residences, cooked with 11/10 hygiene (so you don’t need to worry about someone sneezing on your food).

Which are the Top 3 Tiffin Services with Cost-Effective Prices?

All online tiffin services in Noida are affordable, but at Rs 45 per meal, no one even comes close to Katyayani Annapurna.

Which Tiffin Services in Noida Provide Homemade Food?

Mom’s magic, Ghar ka khana, Home food factory – all of these offer homemade food. But – and we say this knowing that nothing can take the place of your mom’s special recipes – the food at Stanza Living probably comes closest.