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September 28, 2020

The Coolest Hangout Spots For Your Gang Near Prestige College

So here’s an open secret. The best times of your college years are not always spent inside the college. Every college student eagerly waits for the day’s lectures to get over so they can head out with their buddies to their favourite spots (some don’t even wait that long, though we don’t encourage that).

And if you’re a student of Prestige College in Indore, we’re sure you relate to this feeling. Even more so because there are so many cool hangout spots near your campus. 

In fact, many of them are just across the street.

Like The Story Cafe

It is appropriately named because just like every student of Prestige College, it’s going to be a part of your story too. Bang opposite the college building, it’s a great place to head to when you want to have a long chat with friends and need to silence the noises your hungry stomach is making. Try their house-special brownies and pizzas, sitting at their beautiful rooftop.   

A few steps away, there’s the Yolo Cafe

They serve the cheesiest cheese fries, the most chocolatey choco shakes, and the browniest brownies. Now, we know that’s not a correct adjective, but that’s how unique Yolo Cafe is. That’s why it’s so popular with students of Prestige College. It’s not only because of just their yummy food but also because of their one-of-a-kind vibe.

If you take a left after Yolo Cafe, you can chill at The Boat Shack Cafe

This place should be high on your list if you’re in the mood for some juice or milkshake. Of course, they have the usual apple, pineapple, banana and mango varieties. But what really catches your eye (and dazzles your taste buds) is the Black Grape Juice, the Anjeer Shake, Nariyal Crush Special, the Dry Fruit Shake and other such delightful treats. You and your friends can grab one of each and share them amongst yourselves in the outdoor seating.

Further away, in the opposite direction, there’s the Bhadaas Cafe

So, you had a bad day at college? Exam stress getting to you? Scored less than you expected in your project? Head over to Bhadaas Cafe, Indore’s very own anger-management cafe, where you can take out your ‘bhadaas’ by smashing chairs, plates, glasses, TVs, and refrigerators. And when you have spent all your energy in letting your frustrations out, you can go chill in the cafe and recharge yourself with its burgers, sandwiches and wraps. 

A short walk away is the IceKraft Cafe

Eleven of the fifteen pages in Icekraft’s menu is dedicated to ice-creams, sundaes, shakes, fudge, and even ice-cream tacos. Of course, they also have fries, burgers and pastas, but desserts is their USP. In short, it’s the ideal place for some sugar-therapy. So if anyone in your gang is feeling low, you know where you’re taking them after classes.

Close by, right under Naples House by Stanza Living, there’s the Sassy House – All Day Cafe.

This one is also for the midnight owls who are up for a meal any time of the day (or night). It serves burgers, pizzas, parathas, sizzlers and more till 5 in the morning. So if you stay in Naples House, or any of the other Stanza Living residences, and the munchies strike at night, when you least expect it, you and your buddies know the good folks at Sassy House have got your back.

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