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September 28, 2020


The Hostels and PGs of the good old days were definitely old, and not necessarily good.

Whenever you wanted to stay out beyond curfew time, you would have to have an awkward phone conversation with your parents, who would then call up your PG warden to grant you permission.

This is just one of the many out-of-date processes that make living in old-school hostels and PGs so frustrating.

But in a modern co-living space, your parents can grant you that permission for a night out through an app on their phones. 

You see, things are changing. Actually, upgrading is the right word. Technology has made its way through the doors of co-living residences and revolutionized life inside them. 

Now, you might be thinking – technology is great, but is it enough to add weight in favor of co-living on a scale with a standard hostel or PG? 

We say you should decide. Which of these choices would you prefer?

Pen And Paper Registrations V/S Paperless KYCs

You could fill up lengthy forms, provide multiple passport-sized photos, and submit hard copies of your IDs and other documents. Or you could opt for the paperless registration and KYC at a tech-enabled co-living space. The choice is as simple as the paperless KYC itself.

Cribbing About The Food v/s Giving Online Feedback

You could call up your mom and go on a long rant about how much the food at your PG is making you miss home-cooked food. Or you could log on to your resident app and give feedback on your meal so that the management team can create a more satisfying menu for you.

A Lock And Key v/s Smart Security Solutions

Do you want to stand at the gate, in the sun, waiting for a security guard to unlock the entrance gate every time you wish to get into your PG? Or would you instead eliminate all that waiting by using your own access card? 

Running After The Staff To Clean Your Room v/s Make An In-app Housekeeping Request

Your room is on the 5th floor. The cleaning guy is the first. You could go climb all the way down, ask him to clean your room, and climb all the way back up. Or, if you’re in a co-living space, you could just put in a request on your resident app. It will spare you time and will also spare your knees the stair climbing.

A Standard Experience v/s An Ever-improving Lifestyle

You know it’s tough for old people to change their habits and beliefs? It’s pretty much the same for old hostels and PGs. They are set in their ways. Co-living spaces, on the other hand, are just at the beginning of their revolution. And that’s thanks to the potential of technology. Artificial intelligence is already in use to study your preferences and to craft a better experience for you on a daily basis. Plus, technology is itself changing at a rapid pace. Who knows what new innovation it will bring to your style of living. 

Simply put, old school hostels and PGs are the past, while co-living is the future. And if you’re looking for a place to stay right now, a co-living space – like Stanza Living – should definitely be your present. 

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