Places for Best Street Food in Chennai For Your Hostel Life

Places for Best Street Food in Chennai For Your Hostel Life

You think you know what street food in Chennai is all about, don’t you? Dosas, Idlis, Sambar, maybe some rasam, right? Wrong. If you plan to cover all the food streets in Chennai, you will be going to lots of places within the city. And your taste buds will be traveling to places outside it.

Now, we don’t advise eating from Chennai’s famous food joints on a regular basis. It’s why we offer healthy, homelike meals in all our residences in Chennai. But a few bhajjis or a plate of pani-puri on weekends is never a bad idea. That is why we’ve dug deep into the food scene in Chennai and gathered these gems for you. So whenever you need a break from hostel or PG food, you can visit these places that serve the best food in Chennai to spice things up (sometimes, quite literally)

Which are the Best Street Food Places in Chennai?

List of 16 best street food places in Chennai:

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George Town Sowcarpet

One of Chennai’s special food zones is its busiest area, George Town. And one of the reasons it’s so busy is that people flock to its line of Chat Houses and sweet shops. If you’re a North Indian who recently got transferred to Chennai, this will become your favourite hotspot in the city. Their kachori, lassi, and all the different types of mithai will make you forget you’re in South India for a while.

Anna Nagar

Anna Nagar is one of the best places to enjoy Chennai’s famous food items. Be it idli at Murugan Idli Shop, Pongal at Kartik Idli Shop in the morning and kurma-paratha at night. Or Chennai’s famous beverage, Jigarthanda. Famous enough to have it’s own wikipedia page
(check it out, we’re not kidding).

Mount Road

Mount Road is best known for its piping hot samosas at super cheap prices. And if those samosas are a bit too hot for you, you can follow it with a tall, cool glass of lassi to go along with it.

Burma Bazaar

If you’re moving to Chennai, the one thing that’s probably not on your to-do list is eating Burmese food. But this city will serve up surprises. Like a plate of Atho (noodles with vegetables) at Burma Bazaar. And if you feel like experimenting further, here are some other suggestions – Bejo, Mohinga5, stuffed egg masala.

East Mada Road

Bhajjis, Chennai’s version of pakoras, is the best snack you can munch on when it’s raining. And many roadside stalls on East Mada road serve the best spicy ones paired. With an equally spicy chutney. Pro tip: the Bhajjis at Makk Bhajji Shop are the ones to look out for.

Besant Nagar

If you’re in Besant Nagar beach, do not, we repeat, do not miss out on the Sundal from the beach stalls. Sundal is boiled chickpeas topped with chopped onions and coconut. For the non-veg lovers, the fish fry here is to die for.

Vepery Road

If you come to Vepery Road, you might forget for a little while that you’re standing in a food street in Chennai. With multiple eateries serving chats and panipuri, you might almost feel like you’re eating street food in Delhi. Well, at least till someone addresses you as “Anna” instead of “bhaiyya”.

Marina Beach

Not only famous as India’s longest beach, Marina Beach has one more feather in its cap. Or shell on its shore. You get it. We’re talking about Titanic, the famous Chinese fast food joint that serves steaming hot noodles under the moonlight. For all the old-school romantics, they’ll even provide you with a blanket to sit on the beach and enjoy their mouthwatering food.

T Nagar

T Nagar has the best of both worlds when it comes to street food Chennai has. On one hand, Chennai’s local dish Iddiyapam (visit T Nagar to find out what it is). And on the other, Rajasthani and Gujarati snacks at Mansuk’s, for all the North Indians missing home.

Monteith Road Egmore

Also known as the food street in Chennai, Monteith Road has some really cool options. Especially around Alsa Mall. We recommend Balaji Sandwich Stall’s Chilli Cheese Toast and Chicken Cheese Toast. Or if you’re broke their cheapest veg sandwich. It’s just 8 rupees. You can probably gulp three of those down, even if you don’t have space.


Thiruvanmiyur is the place-to-be if you love the beach. And more so, if you love pigging out at the beach. From kachoris, vada pav, spring rolls, dhoklas at Chaat Adyar to beach-speciality, Sundal, in the shacks, they sell everything at this beach locality.


It’s a great place for some of the best food in Chennai. But Nungambakkam is extra special for the chat-lovers. Karishma Pani Puri and Nungambakkam Chat Shop are two places you shouldn’t miss if you’re here. And it’s okay if you have an extra plate of aloo chat, too. You can keep your diet plan aside for a day.


This joint for street food in Chennai is for all the vegetarians, vegans and Jains. Shops in Kilpauk serve dishes without onions and garlic. And after you’re done with your meal, don’t forget to stop at Feasting for some yummy jalebis. 


Mylapore is one of the top places to check out for Chennai’s special food, especially snacks. A glass of rose milk with an assortment of Bhajjis, Bondas, Samosas – your plate will be filled. And so will your tummy. 

Pondy Bazaar

If you like all things spicy, head over to Pondy Bazaar. And order yourself a Podi Dosa. It’s a normal steamed dosa, but with a healthy dose of spice powder called Podi. It’s definitely one for all the spice-lovers. And yes, it even beats the masala Mysore dosa.

Mint Street

We know we’ve already talked about many Chat and pani puri joints in this article, but hear us out. Vishnu’s pani puris are said to be the best in the city. And we would be surprised if they weren’t. The man has been doing this for 40 years. In the exact same spot. Both in terms of address, and the spot on the list of best chat spots in Chennai.

FAQs on Street Foods in Chennai

What is the most famous Street Food in Chennai?

True to the stereotypes, Idli sambar is Chennai’s no.1 sold food item. With Dosa or Dosai at a close second.

Where is the best food street in Chennai?

Monteith Road in Egmore is heaven for street food lovers. It has so many food joints that it’s now known as the food street in Chennai.

What is a famous sweet in Chennai?

If you’re in Chennai, definitely try Kozhukkatta. It’s made from rice flour, grated coconut, and jaggery. Basically, a sweet momo.

Which is the most famous Biryani in Chennai?

Chennai and biryani go hand in hand. Try Ambur Star Briyani and Dindigul Biryani in Hosur, and thank us later.

What is the Best Veg Street Food in Chennai?

Wait, Chennai’s veg food options are not just idli and dosa. Two things you must try would be Bhajji – the South Indian version of pakora, and Sundal – a spicy chickpea salad.

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