Restaurants in Coimbatore

Restaurants in Coimbatore

Enjoying a fine evening at the restaurants in Coimbatore will become your go-to excuse. Excuse for cancelling plans involving loud nightclubs and cringe cafes, that is. Coz enough is enough. We’re done with dancing dudebros spilling our food in nightclubs and loud teens destroying our conversations in hip cafes. Just desperate for a few quiet hours with delicious food, a soothing vibe and our closest people, please. And the top restaurants in Coimbatore offer plenty of that and much, much more.

Because hey, we get it. Everyone needs a change of scene. No matter how hot and happening it might be. Even if it’s as hot and happening as life at one of our Stanza Living residences. Yes, our common areas with entertainment zones and gaming corners might be uber cool. Our pocket-friendly and delish cafe menu might be hard to resist. And our packed community events calendar might always give you something to look forward to. But we’re not too proud to admit that even the 70,000+ Stanzens who live with us would from time to time like to explore life outside Stanza Living. That’s why we’ve prepared this list of the top 15 restaurants in Coimbatore. So all they, and you, need to do is bookmark this page, write these names down and let no noisy roomies convince you to go club-hopping every weekend!

Best Restaurants in Coimbatore

The Top 15 Restaurants in Coimbatore are:

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Kove, RS Puram

The word ‘Kove’ is a mix of Kovai (vernacular name of Coimbatore) and love. And that’s exactly what you’ll find on their menu. A beautiful amalgamation of local culture and the love for a fine-dining meal. For example, try ordering their curd rice. If you thought curd rice was something your mum served when she was not in the mood for a full-blown dinner, the super chefs at Kove will prove you wrong in no time.

Must-Try: Tom Yum Wonton Soup, Almond Broccoli Soup

Address: 75, East Arokiyasamy Road, RS Puram, Coimbatore

Timings: Mon-Sun:12noon – 3pm, 7pm – 11pm

Cost for Two (INR): ₹1,500/-

The French Door, RS Puram

Few places can make bread like The French Door in RS Puram. Designed like one of those French quarters in Pondicherry, the retro-cafe will instantly lift your mood with their refreshing interiors and decor. And they really do have a gorgeous door as a restaurant front. Probably why it’s known as the second-most Instagrammed door in Coimbatore, narrowly beaten by the entrances to the city’s many jaw-dropping temples.

Must Try: Gnocchi, Chicken Roulade

Address: 102, West Bashyakaralu Road, RS Puram, Coimbatore

Timings: 12noon – 9 pm

Cost for Two (INR): ₹1,500/-

WelcomCafe, Race Course Road

The WelcomCafe is an upscale restaurant at the ITC Hotel. It’s a 24×7 diner with loads of flavour-popping dishes on its menu. Also, the restaurant was conceptualized to showcase the rich textile heritage of the city. So you’ll find plenty of abstract prints and props in their decor. Basically, if a FabIndia outlet had a 5-star restaurant too, the WelcomCafe would look exactly like it but better.

Must-Try: Greek Salad

Address: 1266/14 West Club Road, Race Course, Coimbatore

Timings: 7am – 11:30pm

Cost for Two (INR):₹900/-

Annapoorna, Peelamedu-Padur Street

One of the best restaurants in Coimbatore, the Annapoorna has been around since the 1960’s. Their menu offers the signature ghee roast dosa. And a soul warming cup of special filter coffee. But the reason why it’s been a fan-favourite for decades is their Annapoorna sambar. One spoon of it, and you’ll start worshipping the food goddess (Annapoorna) during your entire stay at Coimbatore. Even if you’re a hardcore atheist.

Must-Try: Thali

Address: VK Road, Peelamedu, Coimbatore

Timings: Mon-Sun:7am – 10:30am, 11:30am – 2:30pm, 7pm – 10:30pm

Cost for Two (INR):₹100/-

La Cabana, Ram Nagar

Located in the luxury Park Elanza Hotel, the La Cabana is equally elegant with their choice of menu. Our favourite among the lot is the paan and gulkand cheesecake. Sure, eating paan might not have been on your bucket list for a fine-dining dessert. But the moment you taste their paan-flavoured cheesecake, you’d wonder why those aren’t available for sale at every paanwari out there. Ideas for a startup 101.

Must-Try: Cabana Lamb Chops

Address: Park Elanza, 412, Dr. Nanjappa Road, Nehru Stadium, Coimbatore

Timings: Mon-Sun: 5pm – 11pm

Cost for Two (INR):₹2,000/-

Shree Andhaas, Puliakulam Road

The folks at Shree Anandhaas are known for their crossover recipes. Like they make their sheera with chikoo, cook their pongal with coriander, and use palm jaggery for their Mysore pak. Basically, the chefs at this place gave South Indian food what Anurag Kashyap gave to the gangster genre. A whole new ‘direction’.

Must-Try: Sambar Idly, Pongal

Address: 67, Malaviya Street, Ramnagar, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore

Timings: 6am – 10:30pm

Cost for Two (INR):₹300/-

Bird on Tree, Race Course Road

Bird on Tree is one of the top rooftop restaurants in Coimbatore. And for good reason. They offer big portions of European and North Indian fare. That too with a long list of chill beverages to wash them down. Also, you’ll have a calming experience when you’re seated on their comfy chairs and singing praises for the good food. Exactly like a bird on a tree chirping away beside their terrace.

Must-Try: Mud Pie, Sizzlers

Address: 28, Kamaraj Road, Opposite Circuit House, Race Course, Coimbatore

Timings: Mon-Sun:12noon – 3:30pm, 7pm – 10pm

Cost for Two (INR): ₹1,200/-

Eat Alley, Trichy Road

Eat Alley (or ‘Italy’) offers exactly what it says, finger-lickin’ Italian food. And here’s a fun fact, the place was formerly known as ‘Little Italy’. We’ve got no reason why they changed it tho. Maybe because everyone sounds way smarter when they use slightly clever language for no reason. Or maybe they just wanted a funkier insta handle.

Must-Try: Tortilla Chips, Ravioli Pasta

Address: 1678, Trichy Road, Ramanathapuram, Behind Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Coimbatore

Timings: 10 AM-11 PM

Cost for Two (INR): ₹500/-

Afghan Grill, Avinashi Road

The Afghan Grill is one of the best non veg restaurants in Coimbatore. Located in the Residency Hotel, the place has a soothing atmosphere with plenty of privacy offered to couples. Also, the waitstaff is quite attentive. So you won’t have to look in their direction for 20 minutes, hoping they’d turn and lock eyes with you. Like SRK saying ‘palat’ in DDLJ.

Must-Try: Green Herbs Salad, Salad Shirazee

Address: The Residency Hotel, 1075/1076, Avinashi Road, Race Course, Coimbatore

Timings: Mon-Sun:7pm – 11:30pm

Cost for Two (INR): ₹2,000/-

Peking, Gopalapuram

If you’re looking for the best Chinese restaurant in Coimbatore, then look no further than Peking. They offer a whole lot of mouth-watering dishes like kung pao prawns, red sun chicken, and dragon pork. Plus, the staff will teach you how to use chopsticks. Perfect for people who buy ceramic chopsticks and end up using them for just decoration.

Must-Try: Chilly Fish

Address: 49, A2 Complex, Father Randy Street, RS Puram, Coimbatore

Timings: Mon:Closed Tue-Sun:12noon – 3:30pm, 7pm – 10:30pm

Cost for Two (INR):₹900/-

Dindigul Venu Biryani, Saibaba Colony

Everyone who’s ever been to Coimbatore sings praises for Dindigul Venu Biryani for sure. Probably why it’s almost always packed with a huge crowd. The most ordered dishes on their menu are venu biryani, egg curry and mutton kola. These are mostly ordered together tho. Apparently, they match better than even Seema aunty’s clients on Indian matchmaking.

Must-Try: Mutton Balls, Mutton Biryani

Address: 205, 11th Street, Tatabad, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore

Timings: 11am – 5:59 pm, 6 pm – 11 pm

Cost for Two (INR):₹400/-

Haribhavanam, Peelamedu

The Haribhavanam is always filled with hungry crowds. Try ordering their chicken chintamani – or their mutton biryani – and you’ll know why 9 out of 10 people will point you towards Haribhavnam for savoury dishes in Coimbatore. That’s also when you’ll realise the importance of talking to locals when learning your way in a new city.

Must-Try: Hot Pepper Chicken

Address: 193-194, 4th Street, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore

Timings: 11 am – 9 pm

Cost for Two (INR):₹500/-

My Place, Annamalai Colony

My Place is known for its charming ambience. The main seating area is set in a gorgeous garden. And the music playing on their speakers would make you wanna grab a pillow and go day dreamin’. In short, this is one of those ‘fine-dining’ experiences – where you’d want to get your feet on the chair – and replace all the cutlery with your greedy little fingers.

Must-Try: Dragon Chicken, Butter Chicken

Address: 744/2, New Damu Nagar, Puliakulam, Near Ramanathapuram, Lakshmi Mills Coimbatore

Timings: Mon-Sun:11am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm

Cost for Two (INR):₹800/-

Ammayi Veedu Pot Cook, New Siddhapudur

Ammayi Veedu is regarded as the ‘best non veg hotel in Coimbatore’. They cook their items in earthen vessels that produce a signature smoky flavour. Combine that with their food being served on banana leaves, and you’d see the most justified use of the word ‘authentic’. The one adjective that’s carelessly thrown around by every personal care brand pretending to be “100% clean” right now. Tsk Tsk.

Must-Try: Biryani

Address:142/1, Sarojini Naidu Road, New Sidhapudur, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore

Timings:7am – 11pm 

Cost for Two (INR): ₹400/-

Junior Kuppanna, Ram Nagar

Mr Kupanna and his wife started the Junior Kupanna back in the 1960s with the sole aim of creating delicious and unique food. We know what you’re thinking. That’s more commitment than buying a million house plants and promising yourself to take care of them. But in Mr and Mrs In Kupanna’s case, they’ve clearly been successful at keeping their word. Just taste their thalis for proof.

Must-Try: Nattu Koli Soup, Sweet Corn Veg Soup

Address: 185/1, Trichy Road, Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore

Timings: Mon-Sun:11am – 3:30pm, 6:30pm – 10:30pm

Cost for Two (INR):₹600/-

FAQs on Restaurants in Coimbatore

Which are the Best Restaurants Near me in Coimbatore?

Well, these are the Best Restaurants near me in Coimbatore:

  • Kove
  • Welcom Cafe
  • Annapoorna

Are there any Good Cafes in Coimbatore?

For sure! Here are some of the best cafes in Coimbatore:

  • Rolling Dough
  • Lalgudi Restaurant
  • Ancient Village Restaurant

Which are the Famous Food Items of Coimbatore?

If you happen to be in Coimbatore, you must try these local delicacies for sure:

  • Murukku
  • Jigarthanda
  • Kozhi Urundai

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