Posh Areas in Bangalore

Posh Areas in Bangalore

Posh areas in Bangalore are plentiful. It makes sense given the city’s progress. And the rise of top tech companies and educational institutions. So you might need a lot of budgeting to make life in Bangalore. Because of the rising cost of living. And even then, there are posh areas of Bangalore that you just can’t afford.

But hey, that’s okay. It makes the city aspirational. And you need aspiration in life if you want to make it to the top. Meanwhile, you can stay over at our Stanza Living residences in Bangalore. We might not have a helipad or a million-dollar supercar waiting for you, but we’ve got the next best thing – TIME. Yup, we save a lot of your time. We take care of your meals, your laundry and clean your rooms too. Because we believe you deserve the time to achieve heights equal to the Bangalore skyline. And about the list of the 10 most expensive posh areas in Bangalore (that we’ve compiled for you) – one of them might end up being your postal address one day. You never know.

Most Expensive Posh Areas in Bangalore

10 most expensive posh areas in Bangalore are:

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Koramangala has everything that a posh area should have – up-scale residences, good connectivity and shopping malls. And not just any shopping mall but the Forum Mall. So when the most high-end brands and restaurants are right across the street, it only makes sense for property prices to be high.


Indiranagar is one of the poshest localities in Bangalore. And it’s got the best pubs and breweries. But don’t think the residents spend too much of their time there. You don’t get bank figures like theirs by being high on beer all the time.


Sadashivangar is an affluent neighborhood. And it’s home to film stars, former diplomats and royals. Yup, royals. But don’t go up borrowing sugar or spices from the king next door. They’re usually very private, we’ve heard.

Shanthala Nagar

Shanthala Nagar is close to the luxurious skyscraper ‘UB City’ owned by bad boy billionaire Vijay Mallaya. Think about it. Where else would you find the presence of ‘the king of good times, but one of the poshest areas of Bangalore.

Vasanth Nagar

Something about Vasanth Nagar feels like you’re in Old Victorian England. Probably because of the name of the lanes (Queens Road, Infantry Road) or the colonial architecture. So you’ll have a good time being the Duke or Duchess of Vasanth Nagar. (Cue in Royal music)

CBD Areas

CBD Areas has got two major places – Brigade Road and M.G Road. And the former is the 6th most expensive place in the world. Moreover, staying here would be a ‘rocking’ experience. Why? Coz there’s a ‘Hard Rock Cafe’ nearby. Lol.


Malleswaram is a Bangalore posh area. And it’s known for its heritage hotels like the CTR and Janatha Hotel. So that’s good news, right? Even if you can’t rent a place here, at least you get to spend a night with good room service. Although this won’t be too cheap either.


Given the number of up-scale shopping malls it has (like Phoenix Market City), White field is surely one of the poshest residential areas in Bangalore. There are no actual white fields here tho. But you’ll find plenty of gorgeous white bungalows.

HSR Layout

HSR Layout is said to be the commercial hotspot in Bangalore. It’s home to some of the biggest start-ups in the country. If you ever live here, and your Myntra or Flipkart packages take too long to arrive, you can directly knock on the CEO’s door.


Banashankari is another one of the posh areas in Bangalore. Probably because of its close proximity to parks. We mean, some truly calming and relaxing parks. But then again, if you have a lawn bigger than a football field (like the celebrities living here), why go out to the park?

FAQs on Most Expensive Posh Areas in Bangalore

Which are the Most Expensive Posh Areas in Bangalore?

The posh areas in Bangalore are well, really posh. Some of the most affluent areas are:

  • Koramangala
  • Brigade Road
  • Whitefield

Where do Celebrities Live in Bangalore?

A large chunk of celebrities lives in the Sadashivanagar area. Probably because of its quiet and scenic neighborhood.

Which is the Most Expensive Street in Bangalore?

Lavelle road is one of the most expensive streets in Bangalore

What is the Costliest Apartment in Bangalore?

The costliest apartment in Bangalore is said to be the ‘Kingfisher Towers’ by Prestige Group.

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