Places to Party in Bangalore

Places to Party in Bangalore

The best party places in Bangalore are always jam-packed. Especially on weekends. So if you’re hoping to get entry into a good weekend party in Bangalore, you better put your name on the guestlist a week ago. (Or even better, make the manager your friend). But even if you’re unable to do these things, worry not. There are a lot of happening parties in Bangalore that you and your friends can enjoy.

Since we know how important it is for a place to match your vibe (courtesy of our 150+ vibrant Stanza Living residences around the country), we have picked out a few clubs for night party in Bangalore that we think will match yours. With more than 50,000 people like you liking our vibe, we have a good feeling about this. Just like you will, when you visit an awesome party place in Bangalore.

Best Places to Party In Bangalore

15 best places to party in Bangalore with friends are:

How nice it feels to sleep in your own bed after a night of dancing! Especially if it’s a fully-furnished, well-maintained room in our residences in Bangalore.

Cloudnyn, The Sterlings Mac Hotel

This unique club is easily one of the best party places in Bangalore. Be it their sci-fi-inspired ambiance, bouncers dressed like military persons, basement dance floor – everything about this nightclub is different from what you’ll see in any other night party in Bangalore. Whoever mocked Scifi nerds for not being “cool enough”, let’s see what they have to say now.

Skyee, UB City

While house parties in Bangalore today are really popular among students, you would miss out if you don’t check this fancy rooftop club out. Firstly, this club is in UB City, which in itself is a beautiful and posh area. Secondly, the view of the city from the top. Even though it’s an expensive place, it’s almost always full so make sure you’ve booked a table before heading there. Especially if you’re attending their New Year’s party. We’ve heard it’s the best party in all of Bangalore.

LOft38, Indiranagar

Some groovy music, Chinese food, purple lighting – what else do you need to make your weekend party in Bangalore a blast? Visit Loft38 in Indiranagar to step into the weekend with some of your best moves. The place has a rustic vibe and except for the trippy neon lights, it looks a lot like……a loft (um, what else were you expecting?)

High Ultra Lounge, Malleswaram

This party place in Bangalore boasts of being the highest lounge in South India. Needless to say, the view of the city from here is A+. From the Oriental dishes served here to the global blockbusters in the background, High Ultra Lounge is a great place to unwind your midweek blues with your best friends. A night of dancing here will surely make you “high” on some much-needed happy hormones.

No Limits Lounge and Club, Brigade Road

A bougie club on Brigade Road, this one is an amazing place to throw private party places in Bangalore. The club has two dance floors, both playing different genres of music, so you can shake your body to whichever beats you like. They also have themed parties on weekends, so make sure you don’t miss out on those too. You’ll experience some unlimited energy when you visit No Limmits, we swear.

Prost, Koramangala

Prost is a club you must check out if you love going to themed party places in Bangalore. This one is designed like a wrecked ship, with menus and quirky quotes written on a chalkboard. Once inside, you’ll feel like you’re in a different era, thanks to the industrial decor and dim lighting. So put on your dancing shoes and party like a pirate at this nightclub in Bangalore.

Pebble The Jungle Lounge, Palace Grounds

This Jungle Lounge is set inside a literal forest. That’s some unique stuff. It is also one of the major hubs for techno parties in Bangalore. The whole place has an earthy vibe and the music ranges from EDM to psychedelic trance to dubstep to techno – all of these genres will make you feel like you’re inside a jungle. And since there’s it’s far away from the main road, no one has to even worry about the music getting too loud after midnight.

The 13th Floor, MG Road

The 13th Floor is should be a top option on your list if you’re in search of pubs to celebrate birthday in Bangalore with a special someone. It’s a rooftop pub located on the 13th floor (duh) of the Barton Center, offering a panoramic view of the city. Drop-in here between 4-7 pm for a 30% discount on your bill. The Happy Hours here will make you and your wallet very very happy.

Xtreme Sports Bar, Kasavanahalli

Not just another sports bar in town, Xtreme is one of the best party places in Bangalore. You won’t run out of options if you come here for a party in Bangalore today. With a pool table, gaming zone and live match screenings, you can have a chill evening with your bros while cheering for your favourite team. Or dance the night away to some catchy EDM music with the girls. Or even better, mess up your favourite songs on their Karaoke nights.

The Warehouse, Indiranagar

Known for playing mashups of both Bollywood and English songs, DJs at The Warehouse will make sure your feet are never at the same place. The interiors here are similar to a warehouse, with bare walls and metal furniture, doing complete justice to the club’s name. Here, the dance floor is quite far from the bar, so that no one spills their drinks. And no one trips while dancing.

The Byg Brewsky, Sarjapur Road

Another place you can check out for a pool party in Bangalore is this pub in Sarjapur. Especially if a romantic night is what you have in mind. It is a spacious pub, has a beautiful pool and a koi pond for you to relax in between songs. The Big Brewsky is a big hit with partyholics, and we think we know why.

Indigo XP, Koramangala

Who doesn’t love an open-air night party in Bangalore? Well, we sure do. That’s why we’re telling you to head out to Indigo XP for an amazing experience. The place has two floors – one for live gigs and the other for DJs and rock nights. Whichever floor you go to, one thing is for sure. You’ll have a blast. The place also has really cool blue (indigo) lighting, so you know what that means. Time for some party pictures, yes.

Boho, Koramangala

Whether you like to enjoy a chilled drink watching movies on a big screen or dance the night away at a weekend party in Bangalore, Boho is perfect for both. This place also organises Salsa nights so keep an eye out for that, for you and your (dance) partner. Floral patterns, pop-up posters, 70s decor – the decor of this place screams Boho. We mean, they warned us.

I-Bar, MG Road

I-Bar hosts some of the coolest pool parties in Bangalore so if you’re a water baby, definitely check this place out. It’s a luxury nightclub and also a great option for private party places in Bangalore. If you got the cash, you can book the whole place and enjoy their in-house DJ playing Bollywood music the entire night, as you chill with your homies in the pool. If you’re not a fan of getting your clothes wet, you can still enjoy some food and cocktails by the poolside patio.

Social, Koramangala

Social is one of the most popular party places in Bangalore and its Koramangala branch is no less. The place has a lot of greenery and wooden tables, which give it a very tropical vibe. It is the perfect place for everything – work meetings, dates, dinner with friends, clubbing. It’s known for serving many varieties of Long Island Ice Tea. And you can come here the next day and avail yourself 25% off on their Hungover Breakfast if you’re hungover from last night’s LIITs and Socialising.

FAQs on Party Places in Bangalore

Which City in India has the Best Nightlife?

Bangalore has a super active nightlife, with over 800 clubs and bars lighting up the city. Well, it’s called the “Pub Capital of India” for a reason.

Is Bangalore Safe at Night?

While most Indian cities are far from being really safe, Bangalore still lies on the better end of the safety scale. Try not to travel alone at night and make sure your PG or hostel has a multi-tier security system, like our residences in Bangalore do.

What are the Best Night-out Places for Couples in Bangalore?

For couples who love a nice night party in Bangalore, you can visit these places for a gala time:

  • High Ultra Lounge
  • Skyye
  • The Tao Terraces

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