Packers and Movers in Marathahalli, Bangalore

Packers and Movers in Marathahalli, Bangalore

Top packers and movers services in the Marathahalli are equipped with professional teams and high-end technology, these moving services in Marathahalli show us that moving to a new place is not just about tying up your clothes in a bedsheet and boarding a train. It needs much more planning and skill than that. What you need is a professional packers and movers service in Marathahalli, that will leave no stone unturned (or in this case, no sofa unturned) to make your move a pleasant experience.

Top Packers and Movers in Marathahalli Bangalore

Top 5 packers and movers in Marathahalli are:

  • Apex Movers And Packers
  • Supreme Movers and Packers
  • Safe Home Relocation Packers Movers
  • Infant Packers & Movers
  • Residential Packers and Movers
  • Cost of Packers and Movers in Marathahalli, Bangalore

    Type of Move Size

    Up to 10 km

    11-30 km

    31-50 km

    1 RK

    ₹ 2,600 – 5,800

    ₹ 2,900 – 6,400

    ₹ 3,200 – 8,700

    1 BHK

    ₹ 3,400 – 8,800

    ₹ 3,700 – 9,200

    ₹ 4,000 – 9,600

    2 BHK

    ₹ 5,200 – 13,700

    ₹ 5,600 – 14,400

    ₹ 6,000 – 15,600

    3 BHK

    ₹ 6,400 – 18,600

    ₹ 6,600 – 19,000

    ₹ 7,100 – 19,600

    4 BHK / Villa

    ₹ 8,600 – 21,400

    ₹ 8,800 – 22,200

    ₹ 9,400 – 23,500

    Have recently shifted to Bangalore and want a cozy place to live? Check out Stanza Living’s fully furnished PGs in Bangalore and make your stay a breeze.

    Apex Movers And Packers

    Not all packing services in Marathahalli offer warehousing services, but Apex Movers and Packers do. If you’re going to a new city and are still looking for a new apartment, you can keep your things in their warehouse until your new home is ready. And thank god, because your hotel isn’t gonna let you keep your bed and wardrobe in their lobby, right?

    Supreme Movers and Packers

    Another local packers and movers of Marathahalli, Bangalore that has five-star reviews from its customers. Their motto is “tension-free shifting” that their staff follows well, by constantly keeping in touch with you and taking care of your belongings in the best way they can. If you own a pair of expensive jeans from the clothing brand of the same name, Supreme Movers and Packers will ensure that it’s delivered to you without a single crease or tear.

    Safe Home Relocation Packers Movers

    Packers and movers in Marathahalli, Bangalore cost pretty decent prices for their services, but without proper planning, there’s a chance that you might end up spending way more than your budget. Maybe even cut down on some basic amenities. That’s why it’s really important to find a packer and mover service that shows you a proper breakdown of the costs and offers the best deals at affordable prices. Safe Home Relocation Services, for example, has budget plans and offers all-year-round, so you don’t have to live in a curtain-less house, especially with nosy neighbours lurking around.

    Infant Packers & Movers

    They provide full insurance for your belongings and are available for you 24*7, whether you have a question, complaint or just want an update. When it comes to packing and moving services in Marathahalli, Bangalore, the level of responsibility that Infant Packers and Movers shows, makes them a full-fledged adult.

    Residential Packers and Movers

    Residential Packers and Movers in Marathahalli, Bangalore has a unique service that others usually don’t. Before the actual moving day, they come to your house to do a pre-move survey – differentiating between your regular plates and delicate cutlery, taking exact measurements, estimating how many workers will be needed and scheduling packing and moving dates. Basically, they prepare for your move well in advance – just like a class topper would. They will also explain any kind of moving query you have, no matter how silly. Just like a class teacher would not.

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    FAQs on Packers and Movers in Marathahalli, Bangalore

    Which are the Best Packers and Movers in Marathahalli, Bangalore?

    The best packers and movers in Marathahalli are the ones that listen to all your requests (sometimes even the weird ones) and help your things reach your new home. Since, you are searching for a new home why don’t try our Stanza Living PG in Marathahalli.

    Which are the Safest Packers and Movers Marathahalli, Bangalore?

    The safest packing services in Marathahalli are reliable and offer you full insurance coverage. That way, if there’s a scratch on your bike or a wire is torn, you can ask them for some kind of refund.

    Which are the most affordable Packers and Movers in Marathahalli, Bangalore?

    We’ve curated the most budget-friendly moving services in Marathahalli so you can refer to our list and decide which one’s most suited for your needs.

    How much do packers and movers charge in Marathahalli, Bangalore?

    You can refer to the table for the breakdown of costs that local packers and movers in Marathahalli charge. But of course, you’ll need to pay extra if you have unnecessary junk. So, make a quick edit of your needs, wants and can-let-gos before you give them a call.

    What are the things in mind you need to keep while selecting Packers and Movers in Marathahalli, Bangalore?

    Before hiring a packing and moving service, it’s best to read their insurance policy in detail – if they have full insurance or only on specific items. Moreover, a credible company should have a valid license.

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