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Organizational Tips | How to Make a Tiny Closet Feel Bigger

Organizational Tips | How to Make a Tiny Closet Feel Bigger

Oct 26, 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice if our closets also had a form of expandable memory?

“So you don’t have space for your tenth pair of shoes? No problems, for fifty bucks, you can get an additional shelf on your shoe rack.”

“No place to hang your brand new fleece jacket? Why not pay twenty rupees to get an additional two inches on the hanging bar in your wardrobe?”

*Sigh*. Such technology is a distant dream (for now at least). These days, if you have to make do with a tiny closet, you’ll just have to follow some of these space optimisation tips.

Exploit your hangers

If you’re using your hangers to hang just one pair of jeans you’re seriously underestimating its strength. Hang a t-shirt on it as well, it can take the extra burden. Put a jacket on it as well, use it for an entire outfit. Squeeze every last bit out of that hanger. 

Get hook-ed

This is a great tip for those who’re into belts and scarves. Get yourself some hooks with double-sided tape from the local supermarket. Then stick them on the inner side of your closet door. And they become designated holders for your belts, scarves, wrist bands, bangles or even bowties and suspenders (if you’re going for that 1920s look, by all means, go for that 1920s look). 

Stuff your shoes

Some people do it to give themselves an additional half an inch or so in height. We’re suggesting you do it to get a few more inches of space in your closet. Take your socks, roll them up and stuff them inside the pair of shoes you’re most likely to pair them with.

Unless you like going sockless. In which case, we suggest you use that space to keep your foot deodorant. 

Go seasonal

Say, you like the winters. And not just because you can’t stand summer heat. Winters are also a great time to show off your jackets, coats, sweaters and mufflers. 

But if it’s mid-July, you don’t want those woolens in your closet reminding you that winters are still a long time away. So stuff them away in sealed compact bags and store them under your bed. 

When the weather does get chilly, you can pull them out and refill those bags with your summer shorts, tank tops and tees.

Sacrifices have to be made

We know you have some great memories associated with that t-shirt from ten years ago. You’ve also had some good times with that pair of jeans from tenth grade. But in all cherished relationships, there comes a time when you need your space. Especially when it’s the closet space we’re talking about.

Get hold of a cardboard box. Put all your old clothes inside them. Then take them to your nearest NGO or charity and donate them. It’s a better idea than making mops or dusting rags out of them, at least. 

And lastly, don’t ever assume you have enough space.

You might be staying in a smartly designed accommodation, where the room has a dedicated space for all your belongings. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use any of these hacks.. 

These are not just ways to save space, they’re also useful in getting all your stuff organised. And the peace of mind you get every time you open your closet and find things in order… aah, let’s just an ‘uncluttered’ closet is an ‘uncluttered’ mind.