February 24, 2022

List of Best Online Grocery Stores in India

Looking to order groceries online? Good decision, bro. Because the best online grocery stores will solve a ton of problems. The ones that involve running out of chawal just before you decide to cook dinner and all the local shops have closed. Or when you wanna make a dessert and you have to travel all the way to that special market to find a rare ingredient. Or simply, when you wanna skip the taxing ordeal of bargaining with vegetable vendors. So making a habit out of doing your grocery shopping online will save you plenty of time, effort, and of course, monies.

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Best Online Grocery Stores in India

Top 10 online grocery stores in India that’ll make your life easier for sure:

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BigBasket is perhaps the most famous online grocery store in India. They offer all grocery items ranging from rice and wheat to dairy products and home essentials. Plus, they operate in 20+ cities. So even if you have a job that requires you to travel pan India, you could very well use your cashback and coupon codes to make your life easier, in more cities than one.

Jio Mart

Jio Mart is present in all major cities. You can use their app to order groceries online or visit one of their 100 physical outlets. Also, it’s widely appreciated for capturing the market in a short time. Though, with all things Jio, it doesn’t take too much time for them to hijack users from their competitors. Just ask Vodafone and your Idea about it.


Grofers is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the county with over 5 million downloads on their app. Also, the online grocery app provides cashback for shipment slots. That means, if you can afford to wait and unavail quick delivery, you get cashback as a reward. In short, this is the UNO reverse to Dominoes promising to give out a free coke if they fail to deliver under 30 minutes. Pretty smart, innit?

Amazon Pantry

The best thing about Amazon Pantry is that they deliver groceries throughout India, unlike any other app. Also, for every item that’s sold on the online supermarket, there are loads of sellers or brands selling that item. And that means you don’t have to bid farewell to that one brand of rice that you like to eat just because you ordered online. Amazon Pantry will most likely have that one on display. Promise.

Flipkart Supermarket

Shopping from Flipkart Supermarket is always exciting. Thanks to the mind-boggling discounts they offer every day. Believe it or not, prices on items in Flipkart Supermarket go as low as just 1 rupee. Basically, when you order a grocery item that cheap, you’d feel like you’ve just won that after throwing a ring at the right place in one of those meals that we used to visit back in our childhood.


ZopNow is the fastest-growing online grocery store at the moment. And for good reason. They’re known for delivering even big orders to your doorstep lightning fast. Some customers even say that their deliveries come sooner than your bestie’s DM the moment you like someone’s picture on Instagram.

Natures Basket

Nature’s Basket is known for its straightforward and easy navigation on the app. In fact, even your technologically-challenged folks can easily use the app to order groceries online. Plus, Nature’s Basket is owned by Godrej. So it’s one grocery delivery app your mum won’t be hesitant about trusting. Cuz we all know there’s something about Godrej that makes Indians feel safe.


If you google home delivery grocery near me’, Spencer’s website will pop up for sure. And apart from regular grocery items, you’ll also find farm-fresh fruits and vegetables on their app. So the next time you’re looking to make a juice for yourself in the morning, you don’t have to get bummed out and go all the way down to the market. Just open Spencer’s and you’ll be sorted.

PayTM Mall

Most people prefer PayTM because of its gazillion cashback and gift vouchers. And that’s exactly the reason why you should start using PayTM Mall for all your grocery shopping needs. Because you might have ordered a kilo of rice from the app, but the chances are, you might just get a mind-boggling discount on a bomber jacket or maybe a pair of cool sneakers. So there’s that.


Another Sureshot member of this list of the top apps for online grocery shopping is DMart. And yes, it does sound like one of those early E-commerce websites from the early 2000s that delivered stones instead of what you ordered. But unlike them, DMart never fails to deliver your desired product with top-notch customer service. 100% guaranteed.

FAQs on Online Grocery Stores in India

Which are the Best Online Grocery Stores in India?

Well, these are the best online grocery stores in India right now:

  • BigBasket
  • Grofers
  • Jio Mart

Which is the Most Downloaded Online Grocery App in India?

BigBasket is the king of all the online grocery stores right now with more than 1 million downloads in Google Playstore.

Can I Order Perishable Items like Dairy Products from Online Grocery Stores?

Yup, you can pretty much order everything from online grocery apps including perishable items as well.

Where can I Order Fresh Fish, Meat, and Poultry Items Online?

Many online grocery stores like BigBasket and Licious have fresh meat, fish, and poultry section where you can order fresh cuts for all your protein needs.

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