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Sep 17, 2020

Don’t we all have that friend we can’t trust with our personal information because they just can’t keep a secret? You can’t tell about your latest crush. You can’t tell them what you really think about someone else in your group. You can’t tell them anything, basically.

Those friends should learn a thing or two from Nizampet, Hyderabad, about keeping secrets. Where the yum cakes, burgers, pastries and sandwiches of Pooja Bangalore Iyengar Bakery still remain something most people yet haven’t heard much about.

And it’s not hard to see why. The place has no bright coloured walls, no framed movie posters, or even Pinterst-worthy furniture. And with a name like ‘Pooja Bangalore Iyengar Bakery’ you don’t exactly turn a lot of heads, do you?

Yet Chandariah Goud, the owner, is not particularly bothered by all that. When he started dishing out his treats from his bakery in 2015, he knew they were delicious enough to bring people back for more, again and again.

He’s incredibly proud of his pastries. And once you take a bite of one of his fluffy, creamy, sugary delights, you’ll agree with him.

He doesn’t use any elaborate French or Belgian recipe to prepare those pastries. But there is a secret ingredient – nostalgia. The flavours will take you back to birthday parties back in your hometown, where these kind of pastries were always on the menu.

But before the pastries, you ought to treat yourself to one of his burgers. The perfectly seasoned veg patty, snug between fresh, soft home-made buns will leave you speechless. Like, literally. You’ll be too busy stuffing your mouth with them to talk. And once you finally gulp down every last bit of that burger, you can take a break. So that you can make room for one of his crispy puffs. 

Also, remember those friends we talked about at the beginning? Well, they might be great secret keepers, but they’re still your friends. So when their birthdays come around, Mr. Goud can prepare a special cake for them as well. Chocolatey, fruity, creamy

And if you’re a resident at Guangzhou House by Stanza Living, you are only a short walk away from all these lovely treats. So besides the beautiful rooms, vibrant culture, modern living experience and more on offer here, you now have another reason to book yourself a room in Guangzhou House. 

And that’ll be our little secret.