night clubs in Indore

night clubs in Indore

Pubs in Indore are just the best. They are fun, safe and serve the most pleasant experiences. And they’re perfect for when you’ve just had a break up. Or if you’d like to take a break from your hectic life. The best clubs in Indore will always have your back.

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Top 15 Pubs in Indore

The 15 best Pubs in Indore are:

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Four More Shots, New Palasia

We’re not talking about the Amazon Prime show. Nope. But the Four More Shots Pub Indore gives off the same vibes tbh. Moreover, their tables are placed far apart. So you and your girl gang can brew all the gossip you want. And without 50-year-old uncles interrupting you with their conversation about cricket (yes, we’ve all been there).

Trance Pub, Vijay Nagar

The interiors at the Trance Pub are mostly trippy and have psychedelic graffiti. And the music is very loud and, well, trance. So no surprises there!

Ethyl Bar, Vijay Nagar

The Ethyl Bar in Vijay Nagar is a lounge and fine-dining bar. Moreover, they don’t play their music too loud. So you can actually hear what your friends across the table are saying. And won’t have to laugh a fake laugh, pretending you heard their joke.

OPM Bar and Lounge, VIjay Nagar

If you’re looking for a nightclub that’s a little classy, and not frequented by drunk teenagers screaming their whole life story to everyone, then this is the place for you. You can sip a glass of internationally acclaimed wine while gazing at the city skyline. With no interruption, we promise.

Sky Blue Sports Bar, Vijay Nagar

Sky Blue Sports Bar is one of the best nightclubs in Indore. You can indulge in board games, snooker or fuss ball. Moreover, they screen regular football matches. So you can bring your gang to watch Messi playing for his new team. Or boo loudly if you are a Ronaldo fanboi.

Quorum, Vijay Nagar

Do you see the pattern as well? It seems Vijay Nagar can put any nightlife place to shame (Hauz Khas, we’re looking at you!). Anyway, the Quorum knows how to get a crowd rolling. The DJ plays out your favourite Bollywood numbers with a touch of Hip-hop and R&B. So you can say goodbye to all your stress!

Vidora Pub, Old Palasia

The Vidora Pub Indore is the perfect rooftop bar and dining experience. They serve some of the best drinks in town. And the drinks taste even better when you’re gazing across the sky high buildings. Or when you’re ‘high’ yourself.

Shosha Cafebar, Vijay Nagar

The Shosha Pub Indore is gorgeous and quite quirky. Why? Their famous chicken tikka pizza is called ‘dishkiyaoon!’. So yeah, you can keep ordering more ‘rounds’ through the night.

10 Downing Street, Malhar Mega Mall

The 10 Downing Street looks like an old cow-boy pub. But their music isn’t anywhere close to it. They have retro nights on Mondays and rock nights on Tuesdays. However, if western music doesn’t cut it for you, you can visit this place on Bollywood nights. See, even pubs are inclusive nowadays. We hope our institutions can learn a thing or two as well?

Calypso, C21 Mall

Calypso features some of the best DJs in the country. It features a gigantic dance floor, a cozy lounge area and loads of laser lights. Not the kind of lasers you’d have in your toys as a kid. But the make-them-even-more-dazed-with-sensory-overload kind. Proud of being an adult, are you?

Bollywood Theka, Infiniti Hotel

If you search for ‘Indore best pub’ on Google, Bollywood Theka will turn up at the top. It’s really popular for its themed experience. The walls are lined up with Bollywood posters and their drinks have the funniest names. Like, one of them is called – wait for it – ‘Gangs of Nashepur’. Lol.

Kyro, Bhawar Kuan

Kyro is most popular for its live music scenes. They bring some of the best Indie artists in the country. Moreover, they have a poolside bar. So if your roomie gets into a bar fight, you can shove them directly into it. To cool em down, you know.

Level 3, Vijay Nagar

The Level 3 nightclub is crowded by youngsters. It features an awesome collection of whiskey blends and international wines. So if you’re a lightweight, we suggest you keep the number of glasses down to your ‘level’.

F Bar & Kitchen, Vijay Nagar

F Bar & Kitchen is said to be the best pub in Indore by boomers and zoomers alike. It features a luxurious ambience and popular DJs spinning out the best music. We’re sure you can dance your heart out with your male friends here. Or should we say, with your ‘Brown Mundes’?

Victoria Club and Lounge, South Tukoganj

If you’re in your early 20s and looking for a pub, you’ll probably search for ‘pub in indore with price’. And we get it. So do the folks at Victoria Club and Lounge, with their reasonable prices. So your gang can turn up here and enjoy a night to remember. And not one your bank account would want to forget.

FAQs on Pubs in Indore

Which are the Top Pubs in Indore?

Here are few of the top clubs in Indore:

  • Four More Shots
  • Trance Pub
  • Bollywood Theka

Does Pune have Nightlife?

Yes, for sure. Pune has over a hundred pubs and nightclubs. And among the very few cities in India that stretch their shutdown time till 4 AM.

Is Pune Safe for Girls at Night?

Pune has a low crime rate and is one of the safest states in the country.

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