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Living Away From Home During The Times of COVID-19: A Safety Guide

Living Away From Home During The Times of COVID-19: A Safety Guide

Aug 11, 2020

Ironic, isn’t it? When you leave your parents’ home to live far away, you expect a life of freedom. You expect to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Then, a pandemic happens, and you are stuck indoors. All the time, all by yourself.

Now, you probably wish to go back to your parents’ asap. Life would be more comfortable, and way safer, there. 

We get what you’re feeling. A hundred percent. But till that day comes, here’s what you can do to stay safe. 

1. No Gatherings

No house parties. No rooftop barbecues. No watching football matches together. We know getting to spend more time with your friends is a big perk of living independently, but it’s for your own and their good. So maybe scratch these gatherings off your calendars for now.

2. Sanitise. Sanitise. Sanitise.

And not just your hands. Sanitise the groceries and other items that get delivered to your home as well. A sanitiser spray will be extra useful in such situations. When that new pair of jeans arrives, disinfect it and let it be for 24 hours at least before you open the box up. It’s not like you have to wear them to any social occasion anytime soon (lol).

3. Brush Up Your Skills in the Kitchen 

Ordering in is easy. But you’ll also be making it easy for the coronavirus to sneak into your house. Delivery persons have no choice but to be out all day, delivering food. And even if they take every precaution possible, there is still a risk of them carrying the virus from another home to yours. So make yourself your meals, even if it’s a simple curd-rice or aloo ka paratha. 

4. Open Up those Windows

And let some fresh air in. We don’t talk about it enough, but proper ventilation is one of the easiest ways to keep your home environment safer. If you have an air purifier, that’s even better. Just make sure that your home has good airflow.

5. Don’t Ignore Your Mental Health

Our minds are not immune to stress and depression. And being isolated, as we are in this pandemic, makes it even harder. Take out time every day for things you love to do (dancing, working out, singing, whatever). Have that long-overdue video call with your buddies. Meditate. Keep the laptop aside and take a break from work whenever required. And if you feel the need to call a professional counsellor for help, please do.

Above all, keep faith. At times, it will get super tough, and you’ll be tempted to break a safety rule or two. But don’t forget that we’re not taking these precautions for our individual selves. We’re doing it so that all of us can collectively overcome COVID-19. 

Remember that things will only get better if we’re #InItTogether.