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November 03, 2020

How to Personalize a Co-Living Space?

Did you know that your room can talk?

It speaks about who you are. Every nook and cranny reveals your likes, your dislikes, who you care for, who you admire. It’s a bit like a real-world social media profile if you come to think of it.

And we believe it deserves as much effort (if not more) as those social media profiles even if you’re living in a pre-designed co-living space. 

So, First Thing’s First, Mark Your Territory.

When you’re sharing a space with roommates, a lot of that space becomes the common ground.

But you’re still allowed to set some boundaries. One corner of the room can be ‘your corner’. Or one of the walls can be ‘your wall’. And you’re all free to do it up however you like. 

Next Up – Photo Frames

Maybe you’re a family kind of person. Or perhaps you call your friends your family. Then, you could be the one who finds a little brother who is your pet golden retriever.  

The people (yes, we think dogs are also people) most close to you shape who you are the most. And that’s why they deserve a place in your corner of the room.

They could reside in an elegant photo frame on your study table. Or they could be within the white borders of a polaroid photo, hanging on your pin-up board. 

Also Remember, Your Study Table Is Not Just For Studying

In fact, it plays a double role in your room. Of course, it’s where you’ll sit many hours in the night before important exams and presentations. But it can also be an extraordinary glimpse into your personality.

A small table plant on your study table will reveal your love for nature. A vintage table lamp will show your love for everything old-school. A bobble-head your favourite superhero will display that no matter what the age on your ID card might be, the child inside you is still alive. 

You Should Also Show Off Your Hobbies 

If you like reading, put your favourite books on full display. If you play the guitar, it deserves to be hung on the wall, not tucked away under your bed. If you like sketching, then your artworks should immediately be on the wall, if they aren’t already. 

Don’t be shy about your hobbies. Nothing makes you more unique than the things you are passionate about. 

Don’t Forget To Bring Your Culture With You

Let’s say you live in Bangalore. But your home is miles and miles away in Shillong, Meghalaya. 

In that case, your corner of the room can be your mini-Shillong. Or wherever else your home may be. It could be a prayer flag, a tribal print scarf, or a banner of your local football team. 

Everyone who visits your rooms should know where you come from. And you should never forget it. 

But There Are Some Things To Consider

Living in a co-living space like Stanza Living, you meet people who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. It’s an opportunity to learn something other than the course material your college has prescribed.

So while it’s essential to have your room feel like your room, it’s also important to be sensitive to the feelings of others. Don’t put up any photos, posters or banners that might offend your roomies or any visitor to your room.

And that’s how your room will talk about how you care for the feelings of others.

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