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January 26, 2022

Go karting in Pune

Are you looking for go-karting in Pune? That’s awesome. Coz we got it all figured out for you. We’ll tell you which tracks are the best, and where to find them. Because like you, we get the importance of taking a breather. The importance of having fun. And enjoying a laugh with your buddies too. So karting in Pune will help you unwind for sure, at full throttle.

And how are we so sure? Because we know a thing or two about chilling as well. It’s why the word ‘boring’ is missing in our dictionary at Stanza Living residences. Our common area has foosball, table tennis, and pool tables along with wide-screen television and gaming consoles. And the fun doesn’t end there. We organise gaming tournaments and shell out quirky contests through our community programme. And yup, we give out prizes too. The only thing we haven’t got is a go-karting track. But till the day we can fit one in our premises you can turn to our list of the best go-karting places in Pune and put the pedal to the metal.

Best Places for Go-Karting in Pune

The best places for go-karting in Pune are:

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Indikarting, Kharadi

Indikarting Pune deserves to be at the top of this list. Why? Because they have a kickass track and you can go for professional go karting lessons as well. Plus, they organise go-karting tournaments on weekends. So, racing enthusiasts, if your mom says you waste too much time by go-karting, tell her, “Maa, I’m working on my career.”

Go Karting Arena, Hadapsar

Go Karting Arena is known as the smoothest track in Pune. It’s why you’ll always find it crowded. And perhaps also because it’s located on a rooftop. Yup, you heard it right. So forget first dates on a rooftop cafe and invite them over for a rooftop race. We promise you, you’ll never drift apart. Except around those bends in the track.

Go Karting Royal Heritage Mall, NIBM Extension

Yup, it’s located in a mall. But when they say ‘go-karting’, they don’t mean the tiny toy cars that you see kids driving around in malls. You’ll find a proper go-karting facility in its basement. And even though the track is not too long, it has several curvy corners that’ll make you feel like you’re making a guest appearance in some fast-and-the-furious movie.

Circuit 77

If you search for ‘go karting in Pune Koregaon Park’, this name will pop up for sure. The track is 500 metres long, the longest in Pune. Unlike other tracks which end the moment you step on the gas, this one gets you extra driving time. So even that friend who always drives like he’s running late for a flight, will have a good time here.

Govinda Resorts, Lonavala

If you have a weekend to spare, and adrenaline to be pumped, make your way to Govinda Resorts. It’s located in Lonavala along the Mumbai-Pune highway .Any one above the age of 12 years can drive here. It’ll cost you 400 bucks for a double-seater and 200 bucks for a single-seater kart. And since it is located on the outskirts of Pune, it’s like the inception of road trips – you get to have a road trip within a road trip. Geddit?

Velocity Entertainmentz, Mahabaleshwar Road

It’s easy to find a go-karting track in the city. But what about one on a mountain? Yup, Velocity Entertainmentz lies on the road between Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani. So it’s chill weather no matter what time of the year you visit. Also, the track is freakishly long (450 metres) and features one speed curve along with a bazillion sharp bends. That’s more twists and turns than in your love life, bro.

DownTown Racing, Kharadi

DownTown Racing claims to have India’s ‘most sophisticated go-karting track’. That’s probably true given the track looks like a maze from a bird’s eye view. Plus, it’s not the only attraction here. It features a ‘Bungee ejection’ ride that catapults people 45 metres into the air. And it doesn’t end there. The park offers camping facilities too. Which makes sense. You’ll need to spend the night here, since there’s too much here to fit in one day.

FAQs on Go Karting in Pune

Q. Which are the Best Places to Go Karting in Pune?

These are the top 3 places for go karting in Pune:

  • Indikarting
  • Circuit 77
  • Go Karting Arena

Q. How much Does a Go-Kart Cost in India?

  • The average cost of a go-kart in India is around 1.5 lakh rupees. So yup, it’s expensive. But to your relief, go-karting in any of the arenas around Pune will most probably fit your budget.
  • Q. What is Pune Famous for?

  • Pune is known as the second major IT hub in India. Moreover, it’s a major hub for automobile manufacturing.
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