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Essential Tips For New Remote Workers

Essential Tips For New Remote Workers

Nov 3, 2020

When you start your career, you expect a lot of firsts. Your first work desk. Your first boss. Your first big project. Your first promotion. Eventually, your first job switch.

But one ‘first’ you probably didn’t expect has been this first work-from-home experience. That’s why you might be finding it hard to navigate this phase. 

Don’t worry, though. There are many other remote workers like yourself struggling to be efficient while also maintaining the right balance between work and life outside it. 

And these are some of the ways they are coping.

A Strong Internet Connection

When you’re on a video call with your friends, and the connection gets lost, it’s frustrating. But it’s not the end of the world. It’s not even close.

But if that happens on a video conference with your colleagues or clients, it feels much closer. So if your wifi has been giving you trouble, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade.

Keep That Morning Routine

When you don’t have to wake up early every morning and get ready for a day at the office, it’s tempting not to wake up early every morning to get ready at all.

But it’s essential to get yourself a routine. To kill the urge to hit the snooze button. To not get lazy with brushing your teeth, showering and changing into a new set of clothes. And then to open up that laptop for a day at work. 

Make An Office In Your Home

Nothing matches the comfort of your bed. But let’s leave that only for your binge-watching days. While it’s essential to have a comfortable space to work in, it should not be so comfortable that it makes you want to sleep. The best place is your study table. If you don’t have one, then working on your dining table also works.

Make A To-do List

The thing you miss the most about your office will be your colleagues. Not because they’re great people (which we’re sure they are), but also because they become your makeshift to-do list. They will remind you of all deadlines, meetings and more. Without them around, you’ll just have to pull out that pen and paper, and prepare a list of jobs for the day every morning. 

Communicate With Your Team

We’re sure you all already have a chat group. But now you’ll have to use it for more than just birthday and festival greetings. Send regular updates to your team members about the status of your jobs and keep track of the updates they send to you. It’s important not to let social distancing also create a communication gap.

Take Breaks When Needed

Though you spent nine hours every day in the office, we bet not all of it was spent at your desk, right? Now, we’re not judging you for “wasting time” and “being unproductive”. It’s essential to take breaks during work.

In fact, we recommend it while working from home as well. Take a chai break. Walk around the house for ten minutes. Maybe sneak in a game of Ludo on your phone also. 

Remember To Log Off Work

Even when you have submitted the work for the day, your mind can still remain in office mode.

That’s something you have to avoid consciously. You’re not a wifi router that can be left on 24X7. It would be best if you had your mind to be absolutely free from work so you can recharge for the next day.

Remember, it’s called work from home. Not overwork from home.