COVID Preparedness at Stanza Living

COVID Preparedness at Stanza Living

We lied. We told you that the doors at Stanza Living are open for all. But in one particular case, we have a strict no-entry policy. And it’s for the coronavirus.

Ever since the news broke, we have implemented our best-in-class ‘COVID-19 Combat-ready Framework’ to protect our residents.

Now, we know that you’re already bored of reading jargon-heavy pieces about COVID-19. So we have another idea.

Imagine we are a nightclub, the coronavirus is the rowdy group outside trying to get in without access, and our safety measures are the bouncers told explicitly to not let it in. 

But who are these bouncers at the entrance a.k.a. What are our safety measures? Let us show you.

Bouncer 1: Ustaad Tracker  

Task: Track the health and status of our residents

Does a resident have a temperature? Are they showing any symptoms? Have they been to a hotspot? This and more is what our team is always on the lookout for. Yep, we always have our eye out to spot the coronavirus.

Bouncer 2: Hygiene Bhai

Task: Keep every inch of the residence sanitised

Besides our existing cleaning services, we have incorporated every possible hygiene measure, from regular disinfection to keeping hand sanitisers handy. To put it bluntly, we’re eliminating that sneaky coronavirus every time it tries to get in.

Bouncer 3: Social Distance-Singh

Task: Implement COVID-proof measures

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. At Stanza Living, we’re all about bringing people together. And social distancing doesn’t seem like an ideal fit. But we’ve found ways to balance the interaction and precautions. It might have disrupted life elsewhere, but we’re not letting COVID-19 do that to the Stanza Living life.

Bouncer 4: Mr. Expert

Task: Use best-in-class practices

What did countries that successfully defeated COVID-19 do? They listened to the experts. So have we. We used their suggested precautions, got our staff trained by them and even got ourselves audited by them. So if the coronavirus thinks we’re not entirely prepared for it, well, it’s in for a surprise.

Bouncer 5: Business-as-usual

Task: Provide continuous services 

Even if the coronavirus does not enter one’s house, it can still bring the day-to-day functioning inside to a standstill. However, at Stanza Living, food, internet and more are provided uninterrupted. Basically, COVID-19 is not a roadblock for us in the way of delivering essential services. It’s not even a speed bump.

Now, while these safety measures (or bouncers) are tough to get by, you are always welcome at our residences.

And if you’re looking for a safe place where life is stress-free, just like home, there’s no option better than your second one – Stanza Living. 

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