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September 29, 2022

Co-living Spaces Are Gaining Popularity Among Couples In Pune

If you tell any of your boomer uncles that staying in a PG for couples in Pune is pretty common, they’ll probably freak out and not believe a word of it. But that’s understandable tho. Because not long ago, when you heard the word ‘PG’, the next word that came to your mind was ‘students’. But no more. Now, co-living hostels in Pune are the first choice of accommodation for not just students but working couples too. And we’re here with all the reasons to explain you why.

And hey, we know about this phenomenon in detail because we’re a big part of the reason that caused it. We mean, at Stanza Living, we’re the leading co-living network in the entire country with Bangalore being one of our top markets. So we know exactly why, how, and what made more and more young folks like you to accept co-living spaces as a place to stay. Now, let’s read on. So when you go looking for a rental place with your special someone, you don’t have to answer the annoying questions that landlords usually ask. Yep, we can have nice things, bros.

Top Reasons Behind the Rising Demand for Couple-friendly Co-living Spaces in Pune

Top 4 reasons why co-living spaces have become popular in Pune:

Looking for tech-enabled residences that cover all your daily chores? Just check out our co-living spaces in Pune.

Move in No Questions Asked

Let’s face it, we don’t wanna face those weird questions that most landlords ask whenever a couple goes looking for a place to stay. All we really want is a comfortable place to stay – with good connectivity – that lets us move in without any judgment or hassle. Now, that thought itself is too ideal to even imagine, no? Well, not really. Because ideal is what you get when you move into a co-living space. With zero hassle, zero judgemental eyes, and zero brokerage too.

Less Chores Less Teamwork

Not everyone has the time to manage their relationships, their fast-paced jobs, and their own well-being, all at once. Actually, most of us don’t. Because while you’re filling up those pending excel sheets, your partner’s out there hoping for some quality time to spend with you. And that’s the reason why co-living spaces are the best. They cover your daily meals, your dirty pile of laundry, and they professionally clean your room every day. So as your chores are reduced, you get more time to watch Netflix with your partner. Or plan a night out on the weekend. Or simply stare at the ceiling while talking about the weirdest things you find common ground on. So there’s that.

Find a Community to Lean on

The best part about staying in a couple-friendly PG in Pune is Ummm, well, couples. What we mean is this. When you’re new to a city, it’s hard to make a new circle of friends, innit? Yes. But when you move into a co-living space, mostly preferred by youngsters like you, it just gets that much easier to make new friends who’ve got similar interests as you. Basically, co-living spaces are what Facebook groups were during the time when we were growing up.

Flexible Terms of Stay

Don’t you feel hesitant the moment you think about a 3-year rental tenure? Well, of course, we all do. That’s because you never know when your next job – or your partner’s – will come calling and you suddenly have to change localities or worse, even cities. So why would anyone want to be tied to a long tenure period and move in by paying a lakh in just security deposits? Well, you won’t need to, after you and your special someone choose co-living over everything else.

FAQs on Best Co-living Spaces in Pune

Which are the Top Reasons Behind the Popularity of Couple PGs in Pune?

If you think about it, the reasons are not very surprising. Just read them below and you’ll know:

  • Effortless move-ins
  • Less household chores to manage
  • Finding a community to lean on
  • Flexible terms of stay

Which are the Top Areas to stay in Pune on Rent?

The top areas to stay in Pune on rent:

  • Hinjawadi
  • Balewadi
  • Viman Nagar

Are Co-living Spaces the Best Option for Working Professionals?

Yep, co-living spaces are the best option when it comes to young professionals. And here are the reasons why:

  • Saves time on commute
  • Personalised amenities
  • Being part of a community
  • Greater flexibility
  • Zero living hassles

Which are Some of the Commuting Tips I Can Follow in Pune?

No matter which mode of transportation you choose for daily commutes, these are some of the tips you can follow to make that journey easier.

  • Learn about all the options and compare costs
  • Go for online bookings over offline
  • Search for a commuting partner
  • Carry essentials

What is the Average Monthly Rent of Co-living Spaces in Pune?

Note down the average monthly rents of co-living spaces in Pune. After that, you just need to make your budgets and start your PG-hunting from there:

Type of occupancy

Average monthly rent (INR)

Single room

Rs. 9,000/- to Rs. 14,400/-

Double sharing

Rs. 6,000/- to Rs. 12,500/-

Triple sharing

Rs. 6,700/- to Rs. 12,000/-

Managed apartments

Rs. 11,299/- to Rs. 21,099/-

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