September 30, 2022

Co-living Spaces Are Gaining Popularity Among Couples In Chennai

Each and every co-living PG for couples in Chennai is filling up lighting fast. And for good reason. Because where else can a couple expect to move in without answering a dozen annoying questions? Well, not your local PGs for sure. But that’s not all. A couple friendly PG in Chennai offers a lot more than just effortless move-ins. Things we’re gonna talk about right here on this page.

And don’t think we’re writing this just to pass our time. In fact, helping out young migrants like you to find your footing in a new city is our full-time job at our Stanza Living residences. At our co-living spaces, we make your rental-life a whole lot easier. By taking care of your household tasks and letting you manage your entire living experience through our Stanza Living – Resident App. But enough about us already. Now, please read on. So you and your partner don’t end up in a make-do couple PG in Chennai that just tests your collective patience. Just sayin’.

Major Reasons Behind the Popularity of Couple-friendly Co-living Spaces in Chennai

Top reasons why co-living spaces are becoming the preferred choice of accommodation for couples in Chennai:

Looking for spacious rooms with daily housekeeping? Just move over to our residences in Chennai.

Effortless Move-ins

Imagine not having to purchase or rent furniture when you move in. Imagine not having to pay a hefty security deposit. And imagine completing your entire move-in process just through your smartphone. Well, when you live in a co-living space, you don’t have to imagine. You can just live your best possible life – with your partner – without having to discuss a million things and then trying to come to an agreement on things. In short, by the time you change your mind about moving in together, you’d have already moved in together. It’s that quick and easy, you know.

Less Chores to Cover

No arguments about who’s gonna do dishes. No passive-aggressive remarks after having to cook an extra meal. And definitely no canceling of your Sunday morning date to wash your Mt. Everest of dirty clothes. So once again, all this sounds too good to actually happen, no? Well, maybe not. If you move into a co-living space like Stanza Living where you get professional housekeeping, laundry facilities, and yum daily meals. In fact, the only downside of living here would be that you and your partner will have too much time on your hands to order pizzas and spend a quarter of your salaries just on weekends. So…

Flexible Terms of Stay

Long term commitment is fine. But not when it comes to your lease period. Because in today’s day and age, you can’t really predict when you’d need to move to another city. Maybe because you’ve been asked to transfer. Or a big opportunity pops up just from one Instagram DM. Or simply when you’re in the mood to try another place. Because there’s no one more moody than us young millennials and Gen-Zs, innit? Hell yea.

Being Part of a Community

Sure, you’ve got your partner with you. But in a new city, you sure need a new circle of friends, won’t you? Like c’mon, don’t lie. We know you guys might be soulmates, but do you both like following football? Or visiting museums? Or going out to eat waffles? Okay, everybody loves waffles. But our point is you’ll need new friends. And that’s what you’ll get as a paying guest in Chennai for couples. Given most of the residents will be more or less of the same age and with similar mindsets. So there’s that.

FAQs on Co-living Spaces in Chennai

Which are the Major Reasons Behind the Rising Demand of Co-living Spaces for Couples?

If you’re a young couple thinking about moving in together, then these are the reasons you should consider moving into a co-living space.

  • Effortless move-ins
  • Less chores to cover
  • Flexible terms of stay
  • Being part of a community

What are the Money Saving Tips I Can Follow With My Partner While Living Together?

Well, these are the money saving tips you can follow with your partner while living in a couple PG, Chennai:

  • Shop for the whole month at once
  • Order less, cook more
  • Plan your daily commutes together
  • Share stuff with each other
  • Keep a coin jar at home

What is the average monthly rent of co-living in Chennai?

Here are the average monthly rents of co-living spaces in Chennai:

Type of occupancy

Average monthly rent

Single room

Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 16,000/-

Double sharing

Rs. 9,600/- to Rs. 13,500/-

Triple sharing

Rs. 9,000/- to Rs. 12,000/-

Managed apartment

Rs. 14,299/- to Rs. 22,099/-

Are Co-living Spaces the Best Options for Working Professionals?

Here’s why co-living spaces are the best accommodation option for working professionals:

  • Saves time on commute
  • Personalised amenities
  • Being part of a community
  • Greater flexibility
  • Zero living hassles

Is Chennai an Ideal City for Students and Working Professionals?

Of course, yes. What else do you expect from a city that’s got top companies as well as beaches? But that’s not the only reason, don’t worry. Others are written below.

  • Affordable accommodation
  • Plenty of opportunities
  • Good connectivity
  • Delicious food
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