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Big On Juices, Bangalore – 5 Go To In Koramangala

Big On Juices, Bangalore – 5 Go To In Koramangala

Sep 3, 2020

Look, life has many disappointments. The first job that you’re so excited about; disappoints. Your favourite singer, when you catch them live for the first time, disappoints. That new web series, with a 9.2 rating, can also often disappoint.

But you know what doesn’t disappoint? A glass of fresh fruit juice. 

We know, it’s not much in the big picture of life. But when the let downs you face give you trust issues, you can bet a chilled glass of watermelon/lime/apple/pomegranate juice will meet all expectations.

Especially if it’s from one of these 5 go-to spots in Koramangala, Bengaluru.

1. Juicy Juice

This is a tiny little juice corner that likes to keep things simple (just look at their name, they’ve left no room for misinterpretation). Head over to the outlet in Koramangala 6th Block for some fresh juice, or a smoothie, milkshake and even protein shake, if you’re going after some heavy weightlifting session.

2. Yogisthaan

For the conventional, Yogi-sthaan has the usual sweet-lime, pineapple, orange and other varieties. For the experimental, this hangout-spot opposite Amity School is a wheat-grass shot, carrot juice and the inventive juice cocktails like the multivitamin juice, the detox juice and the interestingly-named Virtuous Juice.

3. Juice Maker

The folks at Juicemaker are obviously proud of the juices they make, hence the name. But besides the delicious and exciting juice blends (Pulpy Thamasa, Underground Sparkle, Beat it), they also have great smoothies, yoghurts, and eatables like sandwiches, burritos and salads. 

4. Cane Crush

No list of juices is complete with one of India’s favourites – sugar cane. Cane Crush in Koramangala 6th Block offers sugar cane juice per glass as well as large bottles, other fruit juices like that of watermelon, pomegranate, muskmelon, and the best of both worlds – combinations of those fruit juices along with cane juice. Simply put, the juice game here is super strong.

5. Refresh Juice Shop

When you’re feeling low on energy, there’s nothing better than a refreshing glass of juice, right? And the people at ReFresh Juice Shop make some of the best juices to recharge your batteries. Of course, they make the standard watermelon, pineapple, apple and others. But they also serve pure juices (no water, no ice, only pulp). And they also serve Roohafza. Now, people will say, “Hey, that’s not technically juice.”, but we say that you don’t have time for such negative people in your life. 

What you need in life is more and more time for juice (and other refreshing drinks). So head out, gulp those juices down, and remember, stay thirsty.