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Sep 17, 2020

Once upon a time, you could get off at a metro station in Bangalore and try to find a way to get to your final destination. Then you had to wait till the end of time.

Thankfully, last mile connectivity in Bangalore is no longer the pain it once was. Inexpensive options for e-cycle rentals and bike-taxis have been added to the list of things Bangaloreans can brag about (besides the weather and the live music scene!)

So the next time you hop off your metro or bus in Namma Bengaluru, you can opt for one of these options to cover that last stretch.

Bicycles by Yulu

Hipsters in New York aren’t the only ones riding a bicycle to work these days. With Yulu docks all over town, you can always take out your app, log on to the Yulu app and book yourself a bicycle ride. It’s only ten bucks for 30 minutes, and it’s also eco-friendly. But if just the thought of pedalling gives your thighs nightmares, don’t worry. You can instead book an e-scooter. And that rides like a dream.


If there are no Yulu bikes in the neighborhood, you can always get yourself a bicycle by PEDL. The app will show you all the docks nearby, you can book one from your app, unlock it with the app as well, and pedal away. The app also lets you give feedback at the end of the ride. Wasn’t the chain smooth enough? Were the brakes not strong enough? The seat hurt your… err… you-know-what? Complain away.

Scooters by Vogo

If you want to hold on to the school-feeling of riding around on your scooty, Vogo is the option for you. These scooters don’t need keys to start. IoT-enabled sensors allow you to unlock and start them with just your app. Ride them to your destination – for only ₹5/km – and simply leave it there for some other Bangalorean in need for a ride to pick it up.

Bike-taxis by Rapido

You know what’s worse than being stuck in your car in the slow-moving Bangalore traffic? Watching folks on bikes zipping by. Thanks to Rapido, India’s largest bike-taxi service, you could be one of those people on the bikes. Book your ride when you’re ready to leave, and the closest Rapido bike will come over to pick you up and drop you off to your destination.

So there you have it. Bangalore is giving some countries some serious last-mile connectivity #goals. If you live in that city, you should seriously consider opting for one of the bicycles, scooties and bike-taxis. And don’t worry about missing the air-conditioning of the car. Thanks to the Bangalore weather, the ride is going to be a breeze, literally.